Wednesday 5/24/00 Update


Young and the Restless Wednesday, May 24, 2000--Canada, or Thursday, May 25, 2000--USA

by Stephanie  

Crimson Lights

Sharon is cleaning up, Paul arrives. He asks if Nick is around? Sharon says he is at the police station filing his report. Sharon wonders if Gary would get bail? With everything Victoria has been through, the last thing she needs is Gary running around on the loose. Paul says he will do everything he can to prevent that from happening. Sharon asks if he and Christine will come to their party? She tells him it is for finalizing Cassie’s adoption. Nick arrives, he tells Paul he went and gave his statement for Victoria. Sharon hopes that this will be the end of it now.

Newman Ranch

Victoria is sitting on the floor in front of the door, crying. She gets up and goes into the living room. Nikki comes downstairs and sees Victoria crying. She asks Victoria what’s wrong? Victoria says she is fine. Nikki know she isn’t. Victoria says she is going upstairs to lie down. She heads for the stairs but can’t make herself go up. Nikki asks if she is afraid to be alone? Victoria (Crying) says she is. Nikki says she doesn’t have to go up if she doesn’t want to. Victoria sits crying in Nikki’s arms.

Brad’s House

Brad is working.  The doorbell rings. He answers the door, it is Jill. She says she was in the neighborhood and wanted to pop in. He lets her in, offers her coffee. She proposes a toast “To old times.” Brad “Absolutely.” Jill asks if he would like an escort on his first day at work? “Welcome back to Jabot” she says.

Nina’s Apartment

Nina has finished shaving Tomas. She kisses him. She says this has been strange, it’s as though she was kissing three different people, one with the beard, one with the mustache and a different one now. Tomas teases her; he thought it was his cooking that she liked. He asks if he can take a look at her manuscript? She says that wasn’t part of the deal. Tomas says the longer she prevents him from reading it, the more intrigued he becomes. Nina says that is what a good storyteller does. (She kisses Tomas.) The phone rings. Nina answers it, it’s Philip, and he has forgotten some of his homework and asks her to bring it by school for him. 

Walnut Grove Academy

Mac is quickly walking away from Billy. He chases after her. He says he is sorry. She can’t believe that he thinks she wants him to be on probation for life. He has really hurt her, she says. Mac says sometimes she thinks she has him figured out, and then he says something like that… Billy tells her she has done a little flip-flopping herself. He says there are times where he thinks he has her figured out too. Mac says, “Well, I think we should stop seeing each other period.” Billy asks how she will manage that, since they go to the same school. She asks him to “Stay out of my face.” “Just leave me alone” she says. (She walks off, crying.)

Credits Roll

Brad’s House

Brad asks why Jill came by? He knows there is another reason. She says she wanted to know where he stands. She tells him they are both pragmatists and want the best for the company. Brad says she gained her share of the company from her divorce (from John), Jack tolerates her and Ashley grudgeling accepts her. Now Nikki is thrown in the mix too, he says. Jill reminds him that she gave him his start. Brad says he started as her gardener. She wants to know if he is interested in forming an alliance? Brad says he will see what happens. Jill feels that is too vague. Brad says it will have to do for now. She offers to escort him to work. He turns her down, feeling it would be better to go in separately. (Jill leaves.)

The Ranch

Victoria is on the phone with the office, she wants to talk to Ryan. She is told Ryan is away in Seattle. She is upset she wasn’t consulted. Nikki comes in with blankets and pillows. Victoria hangs up the phone, Nikki tells her to get some rest. Victoria says she has to work or she will dwell on things too much. (The phone rings.) Nikki answers, it’s Brad. He wants to talk before the board meeting. Nikki tells him she won’t do anything rash. He is glad to hear it as she has a lot to learn. Brad tells her he will see her before the meeting. She hangs up. Victoria asks if it is Katherine, to take her shopping? Nikki says she will stay and take care of her. Victoria says it isn’t necessary and to go and “buy yourself a new dress.” Nikki asks Victoria if she thinks that is all Nikki does? Victoria says “of course not.” Nikki says “one of these days, your mother may surprise you.”  Nikki leaves.

Later, Victoria is on the phone. She asks why Ryan was sent to Seattle without her knowledge? Her other line rings, she hangs up, answers it, it’s Ryan. She is surprised to hear from him. He explains she came to Seattle for this labor situation and also to help Tricia, he needed to get her out of Genoa City. He asks how she is doing? He says he checked on her with the hospital and spoke to her dad. Victoria tells him she is doing ok. He doesn’t believe her. Victoria “I feel so stupid.” “How could I have let Gary get so close and not seen him for the sick person he is?” “What did I do wrong?”

Nina’s Apartment

Tomas is alone, since Nina has taken Phillip’s homework to school. Christine arrives, wanting to take Nina out for breakfast. Tomas explains she isn’t there, but she can wait for her, if she likes. Christine asks Tomas if he has met Philip yet? Tomas says he has but things did not go well. Christine says she is sure things will work out once they get to know each other. Tomas says he doesn’t want to push Philip. Now that Ryan is away, things are hard for him. Tomas says Philip is lucky to have Nina for a mother. Christine says she is a terrific mother and a great lady too. Tomas asks about their friendship? Christine says they have been friends for a long time. She says she will tell him more another time. He asks about being a lawyer? She says being a lawyer means making a commitment. She thinks her partner would say commitment too but mean aggression. Tomas asks how she met her partner? Christine says they have a long history and says she must be going.  Tomas says he is “not letting her off the hook.” Christine says, “I know” and leaves.

Walnut Grove Academy

Billy slams his book on the table; Brittany comes up to him and says she can tell he has been talking to Mac. He asks how her “chat” with his mom went? She says it is good news. Billy is surprised to hear that. He wants to know what happened. (Mac sees them together, becomes upset and heads for the Faculty Lounge.) Billy is upset that Brittany didn’t tell him she was going to see his mother. Brittany defends herself, saying his mother asked to see her, what was she going to do, refuse? Billy wonders what they talked about? Brittany says they talked about him, her feelings for him, 1st love and all that. Billy is surprised Brittany told his mother she was in love with him? Brittany says she didn’t say that, at least not in so many words. Billy says, “This blows me away.” Brittany “It blows me away too.” Billy “So how did she react?” Brittany “I think she likes me now.” Billy “Did you talk about anything else?” Brittany “Yes, your drinking.” (Billy is stunned.) Brittany says Jill is afraid that she will lead him astray. Brittany says she told Jill that she wouldn’t. Billy thinks Brittany has conned his mother, since she offered him a drink the other night. Brittany apologizes for that, but she says, she did mean it and won’t let him drink. Billy wonders what brought on this change of attitude? Brittany “I realized how close I came to losing you, because of alcohol.” “It shook me up.” Billy “It did?” Brittany “I realized how much you mean to me and I don’t want to go through something like that again.” (Brittany takes Billy’s hand.) Billy “Neither do I and it won’t happen again.” “You are pretty amazing.” Brittany “You sound like you are just realizing that?” Billy “Maybe I am.” (He kisses her.)

Faculty Lounge

Mac “Why do I have to feel like this, about him?” (Nina sees her through the window and goes inside.) Mac is surprised to see her. Nina tells her she was bringing by some of Phillip’s homework. She asks Mac if she is ok? Mac says she is fine and just to forget about it.  Nina asks if she would like to talk? Nina says when she (Mac) ran away and stayed with her for a while, they had some good talks. Mac says those were about her father, this is different. Nina asks if it is about a boy? Mac says it is. Nina says, “Boy troubles, I have been there.” Mac “I can’t seem for forget him.” Nina “Been there too.” Mac says she is dating the best guy in the world. He is loyal and kind, so what’s the problem? Nina “You think you should feel more for him?” Mac “I wish I could feel for him, what I feel for…” Nina “Billy?” Mac “It was easier when we hated each other.” Nina asks when this started? Mac tells her when Billy was in the hospital, he almost died.  She was holding his hand, willing him to get better. Mac “I got up to leave, he squeezed my hand and the feeling was so intense, I can’t describe it.” Nina “Sounds like love.” Mac “Don’t say that!” Mac says she doesn’t know what to do? Nina says they must get it out in the open. Mac says they did talk. She doesn’t want to hurt Raul. Nina says if they don’t do something they will end up hurting Raul. Mac “I have to talk to Billy.” “We have to tell each other the truth.” Nina “That sounds like a good plan.” “It will be hard.” “But then next time when a problem arises, you will be able to talk about it.” Mac thanks her for her help, Nina leaves to see Philip’s teacher. Mac leaves the lounge. Billy sees her and tells her he has been looking for her. She says she was looking for him too. Billy tells her he doesn’t want to have another argument like that again.  She says she doesn’t either. He suggests going into the lounge to talk.  Billy “Ok, it got ugly.” “I don’t want it to be like this.” Mac “Neither do I.” Billy “I can’t pretend you don’t exist.” Mac “I can’t either.” Billy “We need to talk.” Mac “I was just thinking the same thing.” “Talk for real?” Billy “Yes.” “I am ready if you are.”

Crimson Lights

Sharon is talking about the Party. Lynn arrives with a briefcase full of work. Sharon tells her they are celebrating. Paul says now that the case is wrapped up. Lynn says there is plenty more work for him. Paul teasingly calls her a slave driver.  Paul and Lynn take a table to get started.

Sharon tells Nick she invited Christine and Paul to the party. Nick is glad to hear it, because if it weren’t for Christine, they would not have Cassie. Sharon says the social worker’s final report has been entered with the court and they can start finalizing the adoption. Nick is glad, he can’t wait to make it official. He says he wants the papers, signed, sealed and delivered. Sharon kisses Nick. Christine arrives; she sits with Paul and Lynn. Paul teases Lynn about being a work aholic. Lynn makes her excuses and leaves. Sharon asks Christine if she will be coming to the party? Christine asks what party? Sharon tells her about the one they have planned to celebrate Cassie’s adoption. Christine says she would love to come. She tells Sharon to file the paper, she suggested. Christine tells Sharon she won’t be able to represent them for the adoption.  She explains she has left legal aid; she has her own firm and a new partner. Sharon asks who the partner is? Christine “Michael Baldwin.” Nick is shocked.

JABOT Board room

Brad arrives for the meeting, the room is empty. He is leaning on the chair at the head of the table. Nikki comes in and asks if he is planning to take that seat? Brad says maybe some day, you never know. Brad asks after Victoria? Nikki says she wanted some time alone, but she is doing well. Brad says a lot has happened since he was last in this room. He knows this is a big moment for Nikki.  Nikki tells him she is very excited. But she is ready. “We did it”, she says (she kisses Brad on the cheek.) Jill comes in and apologizes for interrupting “their love fest.” “We usually confine our kissing to after the board meetings.” “Nikki, just to remind you, this is a boardroom, not a bedroom.” Nikki “Well, I understand that you carved out most of your career on your back.” Jill “Well, the only job you ever held was as a stripper, so I don’t think you have a lot to offer.” Nikki “I know I have a lot to learn but I will be an asset to this company.” Jill “I don’t like people forging alliances behind my back.” Brad “No, one is forming alliances behind your back.” “If you come to me with good ideas, then I will back them.” Jill “Well, it sounds like you are on a high horse, there Brad, let’s see how long you stay there.” (She walks out.) Nikki “Amazing.” Brad “Hurricane Jill.” Nikki “She was the only one that supported us backing Jabot.” Brad “See how quickly the winds change.” “Welcome to the big leagues.”

Nina’s Apartment

Nina arrives home, Tomas is working. She asks if she can see what he is working on? He says no, it is just a rough outline. He tells her Christine came by to take her to breakfast. Nina is sorry she missed her. Nina asks Tomas what he would tell a young girl who is lovesick? Tomas asks if it is she? Nina says it isn’t, it’s MacKenzie. Nina says they talked but she isn’t sure if she did any good. Tomas is sure Nina helped her. Nina says she may have just said that for her (Nina’s) benefit.