Tuesday 5/23/00 Update


Young and the Restless Tuesday, May 23, 2000--Canada, or Wednesday, May 24, 2000--USA

by Stephanie

Abbott Residence (Pool)

Ashley has finished her swim and is toweling off.  Jack comes outside and asks how she is? She says she feels like a new woman now that she has had a swim. She says she is ready to do battle. He thought she might want a break. She says no, she is not going to hide. She says she is still upset with him for his comments last night about Victor.  She feels he was out of line. She admits he did try to warn her that Victor would do anything to exact his revenge on him (Jack) but she didn’t realize how much he truly despises Jack. She says Victor almost got his revenge because of him (Jack), not her!

Victor’s Office

Victor comes in with Connie right behind him. He asks if that was all the messages? She says it was, and wonders if he was expecting a call from someone? He says he hoped Ashley would have called. Connie says she didn’t. Neil arrives, Connie excuses herself. Neil can’t believe that the loan has been paid in full on JABOT. Victor says it is true. Neil says all that planning and hard work, for nothing but nevertheless; they still hold the rest of the debt. Victor agrees but wants to find out where they got the money. Neil wonders if they sold their assets? If they sold off what was used as collateral then he is entitled to see a proper documentation of payment as the holder of the debt. Victor says he doesn’t want them to know that he holds their debt. He also knows they didn’t sell anything to pay off the debt. Neil wonders where they got that kind of cash, they were desperate. He wonders if it was an act? If they figured out what they were up to?

Walnut Grove Academy

Billy and Raul arrive at school. Raul says he and Mac had a good time last night. Billy says he and Brit did as well. Raul asks Billy if he is having sex with Brittany? Before Billy can answer, Raul says it is none of his business and apologizes for asking. Billy says there has been no opportunity. Raul says he doesn’t think Brittany would make it that difficult if Billy wanted it. Billy says girls are throwing themselves at him. Raul says he won’t ask again, after all it is none of his business. Billy wonders if this has something to do with Mac?

Chancellor Estate
Mac comes down the stairs and goes into the living room to collect her book. She sees the picture of Billy and talks to it.  She says, “it was just a daydream and it didn’t mean anything!” The doorbell rings. Mac opens the door and Brittany is standing there. Mac asks why she came? Jill comes along and says it’s ok, I asked her to stop by. Mac says ok and leaves for school. Jill thanks Brittany for stopping by. Brittany says she can’t help wondering why you (Jill) would want me too?

Genoa City Hospital

Nick arrives and heads straight for Victoria’s room. She says she is so glad to see him; she needs his help, now!

Credits Roll

Genoa City Hospital

Nick asks what’s wrong? She says she knows Nikki sent over some clothes for her, but no one will give them to her, plus she wants her release papers, she wants to go home. Nick says he will speak to the doctor and see what he can do. He says he expected to come and find her “out of it.” He knew nothing would keep her down.

Nick comes back with her clothes. Nick says he spoke to the nurse, she told him that they were waiting on the results of the tests she (Victoria) took this morning. Victoria is anxious to leave.  Nick tells her to relax. She apologizes for ordering him around.  She tells him she is grateful to him for rescuing her. She wonders how she will ever repay him? Nick says seeing her like this is payment enough. He holds her.

Nina’s Apartment

Tomas arrives with a bag of groceries.  He wanted to make an omelet for Philip so they could spend time together. Nina says it sounds like a good idea, but Phillip has already gone to school. But she is sure Phillip would have enjoyed it. She wonders if he will make her an omelet? He says he will, as payment for a favor. She asks him what it is? He says he will tell her later, after breakfast.

Later, she tells him it was a wonderful breakfast but she wants to know what the rest of her surprise is? He tells her to close her eyes and hold out her hands.  He puts a mug in her hand; she opens her eyes and sees it. He tells her it is his grandfather’s. He also gives her a bar of soap, a shaving brush and finally a straight razor. She asks if he plans to shave? He says he has decided it is time he was clean-shaven and he wants her to shave off his mustache. Nina asks if he is sure? Tomas says he is. She asks if he arranged to have the blood bank standing by with a transfusion? He says he is not afraid. She says he should be very afraid as she waves the razor in front of him. Nina puts the shaving cream on Tomas’s face. She asks him to take his shirt off so she won’t get hair and shaving cream all over it. He takes it off and she sits on his lap to shave his face. He offers a prayer to his soon to be dearly departed mustache.  She starts shaving it off.

Abbott Residence (Pool)
Ashley thinks Victor has been planning this for months, not to mention the fact that their relationship was personal, never business. Jack tells her Victor has been plotting behind her back all this time. He says he is glad she is away from him now. Ashley agrees.  Nikki arrives. She asks if she has interrupted something? Ashley says no, she has to get ready to go to the office. Nikki says she will see Ashley there. Ashley says she can’t wait and leaves to get ready for work. Nikki talks to Jack, she wonders if she interrupted something? He says he doesn’t want to discuss it. Nikki says if Ashley continues to act like she doesn’t exist then there will be problems. Jack asks about Victoria? Nikki says she is on her way to the hospital to see how she is doing.  She may be coming home today and depending on how she is, Nikki may not be back at work today. Jack doesn’t see a problem with that. Nikki is concerned people will think she is being lax on her first day. Jack says no one will think that. Nikki is concerned what Ashley will think. Jack says she and Ashley may be equals socially but not in the boardroom.  Ashley is the president of the company and Nikki is a neophyte. Nikki says that is true but the least Ashley could do is be grateful. They did save the company. Jack says she is. Nikki wonders why she is so snippy? Jack says Nikki is the least of Ashley’s problems. Nikki wonders if this has something to do with the relationship she was in? Jack thinks she should head for the hospital.  Nikki knows she is right; the relationship has “Blown up.” Jack just stares at her.  Nikki says, “Ok, I am going.” (She leaves.)

Walnut Grove Academy

Raul says Brittany and Mac are two very different people. He says there is no way Mac is ready for “it” and he wouldn’t want to pressure her. Billy says Mac is lucky to have him. Raul says Brittany is lucky to have Billy. Billy hopes they didn’t blow it last night. Raul asks what happened. Billy tells him that Brit came back last night, after they left. She was only there a few minutes, when who shows up, his mom. Raul asks what happened? Billy says she said it was more proof he was bending the rules.  If they give him an inch, he will take a mile. He says if his mom pulls the plug on Brit coming over, he doesn’t know what he will do.

Later, Raul is talking to Mac. Raul tells her what happened between Billy and Brittany last night when Jill arrived home. Mac says, “So that explains it.” Raul “What?” Mac “Why Brittany was over at the house this morning.” “Jill must have asked her over to talk.” Raul says things are still tense between Billy and his parents. Billy will be really “messed up” if he can’t see her any more. Raul wonders if they should talk to Jill? They could put in a good word for Brittany. Mac is not sure. Raul asks if they should give it a try? Mac agrees it might work. Billy comes along and asks if they have seen Brittany? Raul says Mac saw her this morning at her house. Billy is worried about that. Raul says if things don’t go well between Brittany and Jill then he and Mac will try to help. Raul “Won’t we Mac?” Mac “Sure.” “We know how much she means to you.” (Billy stares at Mac). Raul says he has to go to class. He gives Mac a kiss on the cheek and leaves. Billy “Brit does mean a lot to me.” Mac “Well then the two of you shouldn’t be kept apart.” Billy “You would do that for me?” “I thought you would disapprove of us being alone in the pool house together.” “Then mom comes home, so it’s perfect right?” Mac “No matter what you may think of me, I am not a total prude.” Billy “You would like to see me punished for good wouldn’t you?” Mac (stares at him) “That is so stupid.” “You don’t have a clue do you?” (She walks away.) (Billy is left looking confused.)

Chancellor Estate

Jill asks Brittany if she knows why she (Jill) wanted to see her? Brittany thinks it has something to do with last night.  Jill says, “My son is involved with you.” Brittany “Well, I wish he would say that to me.” Jill “Well he did tell me but it was not in the most pleasant of circumstances.” Brittany “Why?” Jill “Because I was denying him permission to see you!” Brittany “Just because I came back to get my bag and spent a few minutes alone with him?” Jill “My questions about you go well beyond you spending more time at the house with him.” Jill feels this chat is long over due. Brittany knows Jill is upset with her. And it’s not just about last night. Jill says Brittany made a good first impression on her, since she was from a good family, she thought she could trust her. Brittany says she doesn’t blame Jill at all for feeling that way. Brittany admits she was selfish, wanting Billy’s punishment to be over and asking Jill to end it.  Jill wonders if she is changing her strategy? Brittany says no, she is saying it because it is true. She says she never looked at things from Jill’s point of view. Jill is surprised she would admit it. Brittany says she has learned a lot from this and allowing her to spend time with Billy has helped too. Jill says, “You are saying all the right things, but how do I know I can trust you?” Brittany says they don’t know each other that well so she will try to explain to Jill how she feels about Billy. Jill says she is listening. Brittany says all of this has helped her get her priorities straight. She says she will never allow herself to be in a position like that again. She knows she had a part in what happened and it will be with her for the rest of her life. Jill says Billy won’t give her a straight answer on something.  She wants Brittany to tell her about Billy’s drinking. Brittany says she has not seen Billy take a drink since that night. Jill asks if that is the truth? Brittany says it is and she can ask Mac and Raul if Jill doesn’t believe her. She knows they are in high school and right now their relationship seems important.  In a few years they will go to different colleges and will probably never see each other again. She says Billy means a lot to her, they have a great time together, even though he is grounded. Jill says she doesn’t agree with parents who try to control their children’s relationships. She wants Brittany to help Billy conquer his drinking problem. Brittany says that is a pretty big request but she will do her best. Jill asks if she can count on Brittany? Brittany says she can (The two shake hands in agreement.)

Victor’s Office

Neil feels none of this makes sense. Forsythe told them, “They were sweating.” Victor agrees. He thinks the money was arranged last minute. Neil wonders by whom? “That kind of money.” “Where would they get the leverage?” Victor doesn’t know but they must find out.

The phone rings, Victor speaks to someone for a few minutes, he listens to what they have to say and then hangs up. Victor tells Neil that one piece of the puzzle has been solved. He tells Neil that there were two sources for the money. One was Genoa City Federal. The other was Genoa City Bank and Trust. Neil is surprised because they both knew the financial position of JABOT. Victor says it may not have been the banks; it may have been clients at those banks. Neil “Private money?” Victor “This situation is becoming more and more interesting.” Victor tells Neil he has to go to the hospital to see Victoria. He wants Neil to make this his #1 priority. Neil says he will and asks Victor to give his regards to Victoria.  Victor leaves.

Genoa City Hospital

Nikki arrives and is glad to see Victoria up and around. Victoria wants her release papers, she is anxious to go home. (Victor arrives).  He tells Victoria he is so glad to see her (he holds her.) He tells her that the Doctor has signed her release papers, and they are waiting on the wheelchair. Victoria says she doesn’t need it. Nick says it is hospital procedure. Nick says he has to go to the police station to file his report. He offers to stay. Victoria says it isn’t necessary and he leaves.

The nurse comes in with the wheelchair and Victoria is released from the hospital.


Ashley “I believed every word you said, Victor.” Jack comes in and asks if everything is ok? She says she is not sure. She says she was thinking about what happened and Victor never takes ½ measures. She says they got the loan because of Jack’s relationship with Frank Applegate. Then suddenly the loan is sold to Cheyenne Partners. Brian Forsythe is in Victor’s pocket.  We pay off the debt. She wonders how Victor got his hooks into Forsythe? “Something is wrong.” Jack asks if she is concerned about Forsythe specifically? Ashley wonders how Victor could control Forsythe? Jack says Victor prefers to own people rather then rent them. Ashley says that is true. Jack says if Victor owns Cheyenne Partners then Newman bought his own loan. He was trying to get the company back for himself. Ashley “Did he just control that loan?” Jack “Maybe a bigger piece?” “Suppose he bought all of the loans?” Ashley “We need to find out and fast.”  Jack “Oh God.”

The Ranch

Victor, Nikki and Victoria arrive home. Miguel tells her it is wonderful to see her and gives her a hug.  Miguel asks if she would like breakfast? She does and goes with him to have it in the kitchen.

Nikki asks Victor if he believes this mood she is in? Victor says it is almost too good to be true.

Later Victor is on the phone “Ok, that’s all for now.”  “That’s all the information?” “Keep me informed.” (He hangs up.) Victoria comes back and tells them that was a wonderful breakfast. Nikki and Victor are just staring at Victoria. She asks what’s wrong? Nikki says she has been through quite an ordeal and she may be ok physically but what about emotionally? Victor says no one expects her to bounce right back. Victoria says she is fine, but she does have feelings, she is angry with Gary. She is angry with herself for not seeing him for the creep he was! She says she has a lot to sort through, but for now she wants to put it behind her. She doesn’t want to think about it. She tells Victor to go to the office. He says he is glad she is home. He doesn’t want her to overdue things.  He holds her and leaves.

Nikki says she wants to make some coffee she will be right back. Nikki leaves.  Victoria is alone and not sure what to do. She decides to go for a walk.  She heads for the door but can’t bring herself to open it. She begins to cry and has flashbacks. She thinks about having Gary over for dinner, kissing him. She thinks about him pulling away and just staring at her after he kissed her. She thinks about him holding her prisoner in the tree house and trying to force the sleeping pill concoction down her throat. She sinks to the floor, crying hysterically.