Monday 5/22/00 Update


Young and the Restless Monday, May 22, 2000--Canada, Tuesday May 23, 2000--USA

by Stephanie

Victor’s Office

Brian Forsythe and Victor are talking. Forsythe tells Victor that JABOT paid off the entire loan in full.  Victor wonders where the money came from? Victor asks Forsythe to contact him tomorrow morning with all the details of how the JABOT loan was paid in full. Forsythe agrees and leaves. Victor “Where did they get $70 million?

Gina’s Restaurant

Nikki and Brad are talking. Nikki is glad they are part of JABOT. Brad is not convinced it was a good idea. Nikki knows it won’t be easy; she knows Jill is pragmatic and was surprised at how easy going Ashley was. Brad says he thinks something is bothering Ashley, she didn’t seem herself. He is determined to figure out what is bothering Ashley.


Jill tells Jack that bringing in Brad and Nikki may not have been the best solution but it is done now. She felt something had to be done and they brought in $70 million. Jill says they still have a huge debt and an expansion to look after. Jack tells her to shut up; he is in no mood for one of her pep talks!


(Waiting Room)
Dru arrives, Malcolm fills her in on Olivia’s illness, and she has a plastic anemia. Malcolm says he and Olivia were talking and Olivia collapsed. When Malcolm says a plastic anemia, Dru knows it is serious. She is surprised Olivia didn’t say anything to any one. Dru doesn’t understand why Olivia didn’t tell her, her own sister!

Credits Roll

Abbott Residence (Pool)

Brittany, Raul, Billy and Mac have finished their swim. Raul and Mac are getting ready to leave. Brittany offers to make popcorn, watch a movie. Raul tells her they can’t stay, since they have a math test tomorrow. Raul and Brittany leave to get changed. Mac and Billy talk. Mac says tonight was fun but it could have been better. Billy looks surprised. Mac says she knows he would have preferred to be alone with Brittany. Billy says just like Mac would have preferred to be alone with Raul. (Raul and Brittany come back). Raul says they had better be going, he tells Billy they had a great time and Raul and Mac leave. Brittany follows them out (but not before kissing Billy and whispering in his her “I will be right back.”)

Neil’s Home

Neil is getting the barbeque ready. Mamie thanks Neil for letting them have the barbeque at his house instead of the Abbott’s. Mamie says with John away, it just didn’t seem right. Neil says it is ok. Lily comes in and asks when Dinner will be ready? Neil says it will be soon. He tells her that her mommy is in town. Neil tells her she will be going back to Paris tomorrow. Lily doesn’t want to go. Mamie is surprised that Dru is back. Neil explains that they needed to talk, they have reached a decision, and it will never work. Mamie is clearly disappointed.

Nate comes in and asks where his mom is? Neil says she was with a patient when he called the hospital. Mamie says that Olivia was cutting back on her hours but she still seems very busy.

Later Neil tells Lily he has loved every moment they have spent together. Lily says she will miss him and doesn’t want to leave.

The phone rings, it is Malcolm telling Neil that Olivia has been admitted to hospital. She is in the ICU. Neil hangs up, tells Lily he has to go to the office and will be back as soon as he can. (Neil tells Mamie what happened to Olivia, asks her to look after the kids and leaves.)


(Waiting Room)
Dr Walker comes out of Olivia’s room and talks to Dru and Malcolm. He tells them that the drug therapy she was on, is not working.  Malcolm asks what’s next? Dr Walker says a bone marrow transplant may be necessary. Dru asks if she is a potential candidate? Dr. Walker says she may be, but she will have to be tested. Dru is anxious to be tested as soon as possible.  Dru and Dr Walker leave to have her tested. 

Neil arrives and Malcolm fills him in on what happened to Olivia.  Dru comes back and is surprised to see him. He tells her that the children are with Mamie. Malcolm says this will be hard on Nate, going through it again. Neil says since the drug therapy isn’t working, something else will have to be done. Malcolm wonders how he knew about the drug therapy since he didn’t say anything to Neil about it. Dru realizes that Neil knew all this time and never said anything. Neil defends himself, saying he tried to get Olivia to tell them but she refused. She didn’t want to disrupt Dru’s life. Dru says Olivia is her sister and she had the right to know. Neil says Dru left to start a new life and can’t have it both ways! Malcolm tells them to stop arguing, this is not the time or place, he says. Dr Walker comes back and they ask if Dru is a match. Dr Walker tells them it will be 5 days before they know. He tells them that Olivia is responding well to the transfusion. Dru asks if they can go in and see her? Dr Walker says they can, but just briefly and not to upset her. They agree and follow him into Olivia’s room.


(Olivia’s Room)

Olivia looks pale and drawn, she is hooked up to an IV. She is surprised to see them. Olivia chastises Dr Walker for saying anything. Neil says it was time, they knew. Dru says she knows what is going on, and she doesn’t want to hear another word about disrupting her life for Olivia. This is a done deal; she will be a donor if she can. Dru tells Olivia to get some rest. Malcolm says he and Neil will be outside. Dru asks Dr Walker, if she can have some time with Olivia? Dr Walker agrees but just a few minutes. Dr Walker, Neil and Malcolm leave. Dru starts to cry; she tells Olivia that if she had known, she would have been there, sooner. Dru holds Olivia and tells her that she loves her. She tells Olivia to get some rest.

(Waiting Room.)

Malcolm, Neil and Dr Walker are talking. Dr Walker says since it will take up to 5 days to find out if Dru is a match, all they can really do is pray.


Jill wants Jack to listen to her. Jack says he knows she is going to say he has to have a positive attitude. Jill says John needs to be told. Jack says he will tell him when he is ready. Jill asks if Jack wants John to return home to his first board meeting and find Brad and Nikki sitting across the table? Jill says John must be told, now! Jack asks if he is supposed to tell John that “Their ex-gardener and the former Mrs. Newman are now working for JABOT?” Jill says Jack should tell him or she will! Jack says he will “handle his father.” Jill “Oh, like you handled Forsythe?” (She walks out.)

Later Jack says Ashley is quiet.  She says she has a lot on her mind. Jack asks if it is Jill? Ashley says Jill has been right more often than she has been wrong. Jack asks what they should do about John? Ashley says John has to be told. Jack says it will be hard telling him the money came from Nikki and Brad. He thinks about calling New York. Ashley says if he does that, John will worry. Jack says it won’t be easy telling him. Jack wonders how Victor knew about the balloon payment. He wonders if Ashley may have let something slip.  Ashley assures him she didn’t! Jack says he doesn’t like the idea of their fiscal matters being discussed. Ashley says no one learned anything from her! Jack says, “I told you to stay away from him.” “But you told me to mind my own business.” “You were a grown woman.” “Well, now you are paying the price.” “I had no idea how many people would be hurt.” (Ashley has her back to him so he can’t see her crying.) Jack walks out.

Gina’s Restaurant

Nikki knows Brad is concerned about Ashley. She says this whole situation has been stressful. Nikki is worried about telling Victoria, what has happened. Brad asks how Victoria is doing? Nikki says Victoria will be coming home tomorrow. Brad thinks Nikki should wait to tell Victoria, because Victoria will run straight to Victor and he will go ballistic! Nikki says working at JABOT will be wonderful, but now she is a board member and she won’t be anyone’s rubber stamp. Brad asks what happened to the shy insecure woman he knew? Nikki says she is a $70 million dollar investor! Brad says she is inexperienced and needs to learn things. Nikki understand she has a lot to learn but she has ideas. Brad says her ambitions are growing. Nikki says there is nothing wrong with having ambition. Brad says he doesn’t want her going overboard. Nikki assures him she won’t. She finds it all fascinating. Brad says flying a plane can be fascinating but a license helps. Nikki says she has some ideas she wants to run past him. Brad asks if they can do it tomorrow? She asks if he has plans? He says he does, pays the check and leaves.

Victor’s Apartment

Victor arrives home. He is thinking to himself, “Did the JABOT loan have something to do with Ashley’s distance on the phone?”

Diane comes in and asks if she can fix him some dinner? Victor turns her down. She offers to leave him alone. He says it doesn’t matter.

Diane asks how his day was? He doesn’t want to talk about it. Diane says she knows he is upset over something and if he would like to talk, she would be more than willing to listen. Victor thanks her but turns her down. She offers to leave him alone and says if he needs her, she will be there. She is his friend. She leaves for her room, leaving him lost in thought.

Abbott Residence (Pool)

Billy is cleaning up.  Brittany returns. She says she is glad no one is around.  She kisses him. Brittany “We have the whole place to ourselves.” (Billy and Brittany kiss.) Jill arrives “William Foster Abbott!” (Billy turns around and sees Jill standing there.) Billy “What’s going on?” Jill “Since your father was out of town, I thought I would check on you.” “It looks like a it was a good idea.” “Where are Raul and Mac?” Billy “They left a little while ago.” Jill “You are all supposed to be together.” Brittany “We were, but I came back to get my bag.” (She picks up her bag, says good night and leaves.) Jill “Billy, what is going on?” “And you had better tell me the truth!”  Billy says he is telling the truth, Raul and Mac were here and she can call them if she wants to. Jill says they had an agreement it would be all four of them. Billy assures her it was. Jill is concerned he was alone with Brittany; He says all they did was kiss. Jill wonders what would have happened if she hadn’t come home? Billy says they would have gone on making out and then Brittany would have left. Billy thought Jill liked Brittany. Jill says she did until Brittany left Billy to die in the snow. Billy says Brittany apologized over and over again, what else is she supposed to do? Billy says this punishment has been really difficult but having Brittany around has really made things bearable. He asks Jill not to take it away from him, because he doesn’t know what he will do if she does. Jill asks if Brittany means that much to him? Billy says she does. Jill says she will think about it, but no promises. Billy thanks her and leaves. Jill “Well, Miss Brittany, since you are so important to my son, I think it is time we had a little talk!”

Chancellor Estate

Raul brings Mac home. She says she had a nice time and was glad he was getting along well with Brittany. Raul says he is cutting her some slack. Raul says he is glad he could spend some time alone with Mac. Mac says she is too. He kisses her. He says he has to go and study for the test. He leaves, Mac heads inside.

Mac has made herself a snack of chocolate Chip cookies and a glass of milk.  She sits at the dining room table and starts to study. There is a tapping at the glass door, she looks up, and Billy is standing there. She opens the door and asks why he is here, especially since he is grounded? Billy says he had to see her. Every time he tries to talk to her, the words come out wrong. Mac asks what words? Billy says how he feels about her. Billy “I can’t stop thinking about you.” (Billy kisses Mac.) Suddenly Billy disappears; Mac has imagined the whole thing. She is sitting at the dining room table with a smile on her face. 


Brad arrives, he was looking for Ashley, and she wasn’t in the lab. He wanted to know how she was doing? Especially since she is pregnant. He asks about the baby. Ashley says the baby is fine. Brad asks how she is doing? Ashley says it has been a difficult day. Brad knows that them working together won’t be easy, but JABOT has been saved. Ashley doesn’t seem very happy. Brad asks if there is anything he can do? She says she just needs some time alone. Brad tells her he will be here if she needs him. He leaves, Ashley begins to cry.

Victor’s Apartment/JABOT

Victor “What is wrong Ashley?” “Why are you so distant?” (Diane has come out of her room and is listening.) The phone rings Victor answers “Hello.”  (No answer.) “Hello, is anyone there?” “Ashley is this you?”

The phone is hung up in his ear; Ashley hangs up the phone at JABOT.