Friday 5/19/00 Update


Young and the Restless Friday, May 19, 2000--Canada, or Monday May 22, 2000--USA

by Stephanie

Crimson Lights

Nick and Sharon are talking.  Nick can barely contain his contempt for Warton.  Paul arrives with Christine and is greeted with a warm round of applause as a hero, for rescuing Victoria.  Paul humbly accepts and offers his services if Nick should need them again.  Nick hopes he won’t but you never know what the future may hold, he adds. 


After Paul and Christine leave, Nick tells Sharon he hopes Warton leaves for good.  HE feels Warton doesn’t deserve a second chance. Sharon suggests Nick try to get him a job in another State or country. Nick says he will consider it. While outside, Warton watches Nick and Sharon together and tells them to enjoy it, soon they will be dancing to his tune,


Paul’s Apartment

Christine tells Paul he is a hero. She has a gift for him.  He unwraps a framed photo of her. She says everyone needs a pretty blonde watching them while they work.  She says she will love him forever.


Genoa City Hospital

Reese tells Malcolm about Olivia’s illness, how she wanted it kept a secret while they were treating it with drugs.  But the she has a plastic anemia and the drugs are not working.  A bone marrow transplant may be her only hope.  Dru is a prime candidate but not a guaranteed match for Olivia.  If not, then the databank will have to be used.  A prayer in that case will be needed, as there is a shortage of African American donors.


Neil’s Office

Dru is ready to leave, Neil asks her to stay to talk.  He wonders if there is a way to work things out.  She suggests he relocate to Paris. He doesn’t want to give up his position as Victor’s right hand man.  Dru feels it is ok to place limits on her career by his suggestion she model in the US but he won’t consider doing the same for her by working in Paris.  She says it will never work out! Neil leaves to spend one last night with his daughter. The phone rings, Dru answers, it is Malcolm telling her to come to the hospital right away, Olivia has collapsed, she is in the ICU and he thinks Dru should get there right away.


Victor’s Office

Forsythe asks if Victor has a way to hit the Abbott’s harder? Victor says he has had a change in plans. Ryan interrupts and Victor asks Forsythe to step out for a few minutes


Ryan tells Victor he is going to Seattle not only for the Union issue but also to salvage his marriage.  Victor feels Ryan should not be going he has a position of stature here at NE.  He has a change of heart when Ryan gives him the details about his wife. Victor feels his wife is lucky to have him and wishes Ryan well.  He tells him his job will be save when he returns to Genoa City.  With that, Ryan leaves, Forsythe returns to continue the discussion.



Nikki tries to persuade Brad but he is adamant about not giving them the money.  He doesn’t need the hassle of working with Jack! Brad says he will bail them out if Jack leaves.  Jack tells him to forget it and walks out! Nikki follows him to talk to him about a compromise.


Ashley and Jill both talk to Brad. Jill tells him he will have a desirable position. Brad says it doesn’t mater how many goodies they offer him, his mind is made up. Ashley wonders if he will be happy in the Czech republic making widgets? Brad says he will be in charge of his own destiny. Ashley says Brad owes his start to John Abbott. 


Jack and Nikki talk, each blaming the other. Nikki says she is risking a lot (Victoria and Victor), for what she is doing.  Jack tries to call Katherine but she is out of town and can’t be reached.  He wonders if Nikki sent her away? Nikki denies it, but asks Jack if he wants to risk losing his fathers company again?


Victor’s Office

Victor thinks about Ashley, and then thinks about crushing Jack.  He tells Forsythe to make the deal, sign the papers and give the Abbott’s the money.  Forsythe calls Jack on the speakerphone.  Jack tells him thanks but no thanks, the money is being wired as we speak. 

Afterwards, Victor wonders where they got the money?



Jack looks unhappy.  Jill welcomes Nikki and Brad to Jabot!