Thursday 5/18/00 Update


Young and the Restless Thursday, May 18, 2000--Canada, or Friday, May 19, 2000--USA

by Stephanie

Jack’s Office

Jack tells Ashley she is scaring him. Ashley says she has been such a fool. Jack says that doesn’t tell him anything. He asks what happened? Ashley says she should have known, I feel so stupid, she says. Jack holds her. Ashley refuses to give Jack details but does tell him Forsythe is a fraud and there will be no loan extension.

Later, Jill comes in and tells them Nikki and Brad are waiting in the boardroom. Jack refuses to deal with them.  Ashley says they must or risk losing the company.

Jack wants details, Ashley’s cell phone rings, it is Victor, and she is curt with him, tells him she can’t talk and hangs up.

Jack beginning to sense something is wrong, slowly figures out, that “Forsythe is Victor’s man.” Ashley says he deceived us both.

They head for the boardroom to meet with Nikki and Brad.

Jabot Boardroom

Brad and Nikki arrive, Jill is surprised to see them. Jill tells Nikki she was relieved to hear that Victoria is ok. She is surprised to hear that Ashley called them in. Brad doesn’t want any of her “bs” and they are not “yo-yos”. Jill leaves telling them to stay put.

Brad tells Nikki she has no pride. She tells him to keep his eyes on the prize. Jill comes back to stall them for time, and confirms they are no longer a back up plan but a necessity.

Ashley comes in with Jack and tells them “We need $70 million by the middle of next week.” Brad asks if Jack is in? Jack says he is (reluctantly). Nikki agrees, but Brad says he won’t back Jack. As much as he cares for Ashley and their father, and the company he won’t be a part of it.

Crimson Lights

At the coffee house, Warton confronts Nick, saying he wrongly accused him and wants an apology. He also wants the freedom to come and go as he chooses. Sharon tries to keep things calm and Nick admits he made a mistake but doesn’t believe Warton’s innocent act. Nick will never forget what he tried to do to him in prison.

Warton goes to get a drink; Sharon hopes it will be the last they see of him

Later, Warton is on a “cloned” cell phone.  Telling his buddy he is in Genoa City, his buddy needs to stay cool, and then they can get “reacquainted with our old mutual friend.” (Looking at Nick as he says this.)

Neil’s Office

Neil is stunned when Dru arrives; Malcolm leaves them alone to talk. Dru wants to get this settled now. They argue about her career. She says they were ‘high at the time.” and that was why they slept together. So now she has him out of her system, she heads for the door to leave, Neil asks her to wait.

Olivia’s Office

Olivia tells the Nurse that Mr. Horowitz is doing better, the nurse comments she looks exhausted and should go to home. Olivia says she is leaving.  Malcolm arrives, and tells her things might be working out between Neil and Dru.  Dru is back in town. As they talk, Olivia becomes weaker and finally collapses on the floor. Malcolm calls for help.

Victor’s Office

Diane denies seeing Ashley, Victor ignores her as he is working. She tells him how disappointed she was that their living arrangements didn’t work out. She wishes he and Ashley all the best “from the bottom of her heart.” If he ever needs her, she will be there. She tells him “You will always be a part of me.” (She smiles and pats her stomach as she leaves.)

Later, Mr. Forsythe arrives. Forsythe asks when the perfect moment for Victor to make his move will be? Victor says he is “re-evaluating things as there is now much to lose.”

Ryan’s Apartment

Ryan and Tricia are arguing. Tricia feels he is giving her an ultimatum. Ryan says she has to make a choice but their marriage can’t survive when they are 8 000 miles apart. He wants her to go to Seattle with him. Finally she agrees and he goes to take care of a few things before they leave.

Nina’s Apartment

Philip is surly and rude to Tomas. Nina says she won’t have it; he should stay and talk to them. Philip argues that Tomas has his coat and is ready to leave. Ryan arrives, to tell them he is going out of town for a while. “He needs to get Tricia away for awhile.” Philip spends a few minutes alone with his father and tells him he wishes he had never married Tricia. After Philip heads for his room, Nina says she thinks he is doing the right thing and will say a prayer for both of them. She hugs him and he leaves.

Ryan’s Apartment

Keith returns ready to pick up Tricia for the airport.  Ryan comes in and says she is going to Seattle with him. Keith isn’t sure this is a good idea.  Tricia says she is confused enough and doesn’t want any more arguments.  Keith tells her if things don’t work out she will always have a place with him “No strings attached.” He tells Ryan to take care of his daughter or he will have him to deal with. He leaves.

Tricia is crying, as Ryan holds her.