Tuesday 5/16/00 Update


Young and the Restless Tuesday, May 16, 2000--Canada, or Wednesday, May 17, 2000--USA

by Stephanie

The Ranch (Main House)

Nikki tells Sharon she can’t stand waiting any more, why haven’t they heard something? She calls Paul, but Lynn has not heard from him. Nikki asks her to have him call her as soon as he can. Nikki goes to call Nick, but Sharon remembers his cell phone battery is dead. Nikki is concerned that the storeowner saw Gary but not Victoria. Sharon says Victoria is a celebrity and he wouldn’t want to take her anywhere she would be recognized. Nikki prays she is right.

Gina’s Restaurant

Neil is dining alone. Jack comes in; Gina seats him at a table. She asks if there has been any news on Victoria? Jack says no, but as soon as he hears anything, he will let her know. Jack says he would like champagne but it might be premature to celebrate, he settles for a scotch. Jill joins him and asks to make it two. Jill doesn’t think he has anything to celebrate, nothing at all. She says they are not out of the woods yet.

Victor’s Office

Victor is trying to work but can’t concentrate. Victor “Where are you my sweet girl?” His intercom goes off. Connie tells him Ashley Abbott is here to see him. Ashley comes in and asks if there has been any news? Victor says he spoke to Paul about ½ an hour ago but there was nothing. Ashley asks about the search? Victor says Paul feels they are close to Genoa City. Ashley “This must be tearing you up.” Victor “Yes.” Ashley “I know she will be all right.”

The Ranch (Tree House)
Gary is preparing a drink of sleeping pills for Victoria.  He wants her to drink it so he can get the voice of Gabrielle out of his head. She refuses, saying it is enough to kill her. He tries to force her to drink it. She screams, Paul and Nick climb the ladder to the tree house, force in the door.  Gary grabs Victoria and holds a knife to her throat, he tells Paul to stay back. Gary steps back. He and Victoria disappear from view Nick “Vikki!”

Credits Roll

Ryan’s Apartment

Tricia is looking at her wedding photo. Ryan comes in. He says he is sorry he took so long; he had to stop by the office. He asks if everything is ok? She says it is. She says they need to talk. He tells her has an idea, he suggests going to Seattle. He has to go to negotiate the new contract and she could come too. Tricia doesn’t think so. Ryan says she needs a break. She says she does need a break but she is not going to Seattle, she is going to London. Ryan can’t believe she would want to go to London. He says it would take time for him to arrange a temporary transfer. She says she is going with her father. He is surprised to hear it. She says she will have therapy. Ryan feels going away with her dad isn’t an answer. He says she is going with him. She says she can’t go to Seattle with him.  She says she doesn’t want him sacrificing his career for her. He says he wouldn’t be sacrificing his career for her; he is doing it because he loves her. Ryan “We are going to Seattle!”

The doorbell rings. Tricia answers Keith “Hi sweetheart, all ready to go?” Keith “Where are your bags?” Ryan “This is a private matter between my wife and myself.” Keith “Not where the welfare of my daughter is concerned.” “Tricia, your bags.” Ryan “Get out of my house before I throw you out!” Tricia “Stop it!” Tricia “I have to go to London.” “It’s best for all of us.” “We can keep in touch by phone.” “I have to go and pack.” (She leaves to pack.) Ryan “What do you think you are doing?” Keith “Taking care of my little girl.” Ryan “She is not a little girl.” Keith “I am doing what is best for her.” Ryan “You are helping her to escape her problems,” Keith “I am not pressuring her into anything.” “She is not happy Ryan.” “She told me she does not feel she is fulfilling her wifely duties.” Ryan “She said that?” Keith “Yes, she did.” Ryan “This is none of your business.” Keith “You remind her of everything, the miscarriage, the accident, her sister leaving.” “You are a constant reminder of why she wants to go to London.” Ryan admits he may remind her she has problems but they will be with her the minute she gets off the plane. Keith says she will be much better once she gets away, a change of scenery. Ryan says she will have to face her problems eventually. She can’t rely on “daddy.” she has to face her problems as an adult. Tricia comes back and asks what the weather is like in London? Keith says it changes a great deal this time of year. Tricia says she won’t pack much they can always pick up some new things at Harrods. She says she will just be a few minutes.

Victor’s Office

Ashley tells Victor, that Victoria is strong, she is a survivor and she will get through this. Victor asks where she gets this faith? Ashley says it comes from a higher power. Victor says he doesn’t believe in miracles. He tells her Jack came by to offer his help with this situation. Ashley says he can be a nice guy sometimes. Ashley says she didn’t want to say anything with everything he was going through. But Jabot had been facing a crisis but now it is resolved and she is sure everything will work out for his family as it has worked out for hers.

Victor’s Apartment

Marissa is asking Diane about the new apartment, does she want to sign the contract. Diane refuses, saying she is not going anywhere. Marissa asks about the hotel but Diane rejects that idea as well, she will not give up on Victor. The doorbell rings. Marissa answers it. Michael asks how the boss is? Marissa says she is just great, come see for yourself (this is said with sarcasm) Diane asks Michael why he came? He says he was concerned for her. He wonders if she is playing it cool? She says she is concentrating on Victor and nothing else.  She says all of this has been very frustrating.  There was an opportunity and she “blew it.” Michael asks if this opportunity is the abduction of Victoria? Diane says it is, she has wanted to console Victor in his time of need but she has not seen him. Michael says only she would see an opportunity in this tragedy. Diane says she has no control over what happens to Victoria but she is focusing on herself and what she wants! Michael says she has not had any luck with Victor so far. Diane says he sounds almost happy about it. She wonders if it is sour grapes. He says he is not used to losing but is over it. He tells her to keep her chin up. He is sure she can exploit this tragedy. Diane feels that is a cold thing to say. Michael says it is a cold thing to do. Michael asks about the other issue they were discussing. Diane “Ashley, and that smug look on her face!” Michael “Just steer clear of her.” Diane “Because things will blow up for her.” Michael’s cell phone rings. Michael tells Diane that Victoria has been rescued. Diane “The crisis is over.” Michael “So now you are going to go to Victor to express your concern for his daughter’s welfare?” Diane “Why not, it’s perfect.” Michael “It is a lost cause.” Diane “I am sorry, I have to go now.” “I am going to get what I want!” (She leaves.)

The Ranch (Tree House)

Nick grabs Victoria, Paul tells Gary to put down the knife. Gary can hear Gabrielle laughing in his head. He is debating whether or not to jump. He tells Victoria he is sorry, he has lost everything. Paul tells Gary they can fix it. Gary goes to jump; Paul grabs the knife and wrestles Gary to the floor.

Later, Gary is arrested, Nick holds Victoria. Nick asks her if she is ok? She says her head hurts. Paul asks if Gary hit her? She says he did, that was how he got her out of the apartment. Paul wants her to go to the hospital to be checked over. She doesn’t want to go. She says she is fine. Nick insists and she eventually agrees to go. Paul says he will talk to her family. She says to tell them she is ok. (Nick holds her as she cries.) Nick “It’s over.”

Gina’s Restaurant

Jill tells Jack she is concerned since they have nothing in writing. How do they know Forsythe will do as he said he would? Jack tells Jill to calm down. Jill wanted him to sign something. She says they need a back up plan. Jack says she should not worry. Jill says if they don’t do something they could end up trying to raise $70 million on their own. Jack does not want the money from Brad and Nikki! Jill notices Forsythe sit down and tells Jack. She wants to go and talk to him. Jack tells her to sit down. Jill insists on going to speak with Forsythe. Jill “I want something in writing.” “I am going over there to get it.” She goes over to speak to Forsythe, but he is gone. Jill says if Jack hadn’t kept her she would have been able to talk to him. Jill wants to go to Nikki for the money. Jack says under the circumstances she won’t want to think about it. Gina comes over and tells them she heard Victoria has been rescued. Jill says she is going to see Nikki; after all they have nothing to lose and everything to gain (She leaves.)

The bar

Forsythe is at the bar, having a drink. He calls Victor, Connie tells him he is in a conference. Forsythe says to tell him the meeting with Jack Abbott went according to plan.

Forsythe sees Neil at the table and goes over to him. Neil asks him what he is doing there?  Neil says Victor would not be happy about this. Forsythe “Why?” Neil “Jack Abbott is sitting over there and we should not be seen together.”

The Ranch (Main House)

Nikki says she can’t stand this any more; she is going to talk to Paul. The phone rings, Sharon answers, it is Lynn to say that Paul and Nick were at the tree house an hour ago and thought they had found Victoria. Nikki is ready to head out, the door opens, and Paul comes in and says they found her, she is ok. Nikki is so relieved to know Victoria is safe. Paul tells her Gary has been arrested; Victoria is on her way to hospital. Nikki is surprised to hear this; Paul explains she needed to be checked out. Nikki calls Victor’s office  After she hangs up, she hugs Paul and thanks him for everything.

She leaves for the hospital, Sharon goes with her.

Victor is kissing Ashley, the phone rings. Victor answers, Nikki tells him that Victoria has been found, she is all right and is on her way to the hospital to see her. Victor thanks her and hangs up. Connie comes in, Connie “Any news of Victoria?” Victor “She is all right.” “You can tell everyone.” Connie “I sure will.” (She leaves).

Ashley “I am so happy for you.” Victor “Your support and love mean so much to me.” Ashley “It has been a long time since I heard you say those words to me.” Victor “I will say it again, I love you.” Ashley “I love you too.” (Ashley kisses Victor.) Ashley “I would love to be there when you go to see her, but under the circumstances…” Victor “It will not be for long.” Ashley “Jack coming over, shows that love really can break down barriers.” (Victor thanks her and leaves.)

Genoa City Hospital

Nick is pacing the floor of the waiting room.  Nikki and Sharon arrive, Nikki wants to see Victoria. Nick says she is with the Doctor. Sharon asks how they found her? Nick says he and Paul got to the tree house, they heard Victoria scream and they ran inside to rescue her. Sharon says they got there just in time. Nikki asks how she was? Nick says she was wiped out. He didn’t want to press her. Victor arrives; the doctor comes out of Victoria’s room. They ask how she? He says he wants to keep her in over night or observation. She may have a concussion. Victor asks if they can see her? The doctor agrees but tells them not to tire her out. Victor, Nikki, Sharon and Nick go into Victoria’s room. She is almost asleep. Nikki hugs Victoria. Nikki says she is so grateful she is ok. Victoria says she didn’t think she would see them again. Victor hugs her.

Victor’s Office

Ashley “I can’t believe Victor and I are together again.” Diane comes in. Ashley “Diane you are good at ruining a perfect day.” Diane “Well, I am sorry to hear that.” Ashley “Victoria has been found, so if you are here to give him a message, I will make sure he gets it.” Diane “Thank you but I don’t need you to deliver my messages.” “So where are you off to?” Ashley “Work, a purpose in life.” “Something you wouldn’t know anything about.”  Diane “What is your purpose?” Ashley “To leave now.” (Ashley is about to leave) Diane “Oh don’t go yet, I have something I want to tell you and I really think you should stay and listen, it will lead to disillusionment and heartbreak for you though.”  “Unless you are afraid.”