Monday 5/15/00 Update


Young and the Restless Monday, May 15, 2000--Canada, Tuesday May 16, 2000--USA

by Stephanie

The Ranch (Main House)
Nikki and Sharon are waiting for news.  Nick arrives; Nikki is so relieved to see him, (Nick embraces his mother).  He asks if there is any news on Victoria? Nikki says Lynn called Paul; he went flying out of here for the tack house. Nick wants to go and talk to him.

Suddenly, the door opens; Paul comes in “There has been a break in the case.”

The Tree House

Victoria is bound at the feet and ankles. Gary comes in carrying rope. He takes the tape off her mouth. She notices the knife in his pocket. Victoria “Gary, what are you doing with that knife?” Gary “I need to secure you better.” Victoria “Why?” Gary “Because last time you got out.”  He prepares to untie her feet. He says, “If you do anything…” Victoria promises she won’t.  Victoria “You can’t leave me here by myself.”  “With no food, you have to tell someone where to find me.” Gary “I can’t do that.” “If it happens again, I don’t know what I might do.” Gary freaks out and hears Gabrielle in his head again “You can’t do it, Gary.”

Victoria “It’s not Gabrielle, Gary, it’s me Victoria.” “You are safe.” “Talk to me about Gabrielle.” Gary “I can’t talk about her!”

Crimson Lights

Nina and Tomas are talking. Tomas says Ryan is not in good shape. Nina says every time they are tighter, it seems something happens. Tomas doesn’t want her to feel she can’t help her friends. Nina calls Ryan over to the table and asks how things are going? Ryan says Megan left for Boston. He doesn’t know what to do about Tricia. 

Ryan’s Apartment

The apartment is dark, all the blinds are drawn, and the lights are off, Tricia is sitting on the floor, looking pale, staring into space. The doorbell rings.  “Who is it?” she calls. “Tricia, it’s your father.” “Just a minute, dad.” she says.  She opens the blinds, turns on the light and opens the door. Tricia “Hi.” Keith “I called, left messages, why didn’t you call me back?” Tricia “Dad.” (She dissolves into tears and he holds her as she cries.)

Victor’s Office

Victor is looking at a picture of himself and Victoria. Neil arrives. Victor asks if he has heard from Forsythe. Neil says not yet. Victor tells him he wants to talk to Forsythe before he goes to see the Abbott’s. Neil goes to call his office. Jack arrives “I want to talk to you, Victor.” Victor “Neil, kindly tell him I want to see him as soon as his meeting is finished.” Neil “I will get right on it.” (He leaves) Victor “So, what can I do for you, Jack?”

Credits Roll

Jack ‘s Office

Ashley is getting ready for the meeting.  Jill comes in and asks if she has heard from Forsythe yet? Ashley says no, and she should relax. Jill says she can’t because they have all of their “eggs in one basket.” Ashley says no one stopped her from getting additional financing. Forsythe agreed to the meeting. Jill says because of that we can expect an extension? Ashley says she has no reason to doubt it. Jill does not like Ashley accusing her of doing nothing! At least she tried, Brad Carlton. Jill says it was better than her idea of Victor Newman. Ashley says Jack tried Katherine Chancellor, but you wouldn’t hear of it. Jill tells Ashley it was Kay who killed the deal, not her, thanks to Nikki Newman. Ashley is surprised it was Nikki. Jill says perhaps Nikki and Brad will do it after all. Ashley says she doubts it given what is going on with her daughter. Jill says she knows how important the Newman’s are to her these days! Ashley says she is leaving before she says something she regrets (She walks out). Jack arrives, and Jill asks where he has been? She thought he would be there preparing for the meeting. (Ashley arrives a minute later.) Jack says his secretary will tell him when Mr. Forsythe arrives. Jill says they are on the brink of disaster. Ashley says they are not desperate. Jill says they are! Jack says if Forsythe comes through, then everything is all set.

The Ranch (Main House)

Nikki “Someone spotted the car?” Paul “Yes, at a general store, I sent a man over with pictures of Gary and Victoria.” “He recognized Gary but not Victoria.” Nikki “What does that mean?” Paul “Victoria wasn’t with him.” Sharon “What was he buying?” Paul “He didn’t remember.” Nick “He doesn’t remember!” “Who the hell goes to a store and doesn’t remember…”(Paul motions for him to be quiet, since Nikki is becoming upset.) Sharon “Maybe he shopped here because Victoria got him lost and he didn’t know where they were.” Nikki “Well, this would be the last place, we would search.” Nick “I think I know where they are.” Nikki “Where?” “You think you know where they are?” Nick “The tree house.” Nikki “What?” Paul “What tree house?” Nick “Jack and I built it when I was a kid.” Nikki “No one has used it in years.” Nick “Victoria took Gary there last week for a picnic.” Paul “Ok, show me how to get there, but no heroics.” Nick “Ok, let’s go.” (Nick and Paul leave).

Victor’s Office

Victor says as far as he knows they have no business to discuss. Jack says this is not about business. This is about family.  He was once Victoria’s stepfather and he is concerned for her.  If there is anything he can do to help, he would like to.  He is extending a helping hand.  Victor says he will take Jack’s offer at face value.  Right now there is nothing more to be done but if the circumstances change he will let him know. Jack says he is making the offer not just for himself, but also on behalf of the whole family.  Jack says he will be praying for Victoria.  He leaves.

Ryan’s Apartment

Tricia apologizes to her father for crying. He says not to worry about it. He says with her sister leaving, they have always been close.  Tricia says it is more than that, she is scared. Keith asks what she is scared of? She says she is scared of leaving the apartment, people looking at her, thinking she is a murderer. Keith says there may be some people she wants to avoid but she can’t stay here forever. He says there is another reason he came by, he wants her to come to London with him. Tricia says she would like to but Ryan can’t get the time off. Keith says Ryan doesn’t have to come. Tricia says she couldn’t go without him. He stuck by her even when she wouldn’t stick by him. Keith asks if Ryan has pressured her into anything? Tricia says he hasn’t. She feels if she left now it would hurt him badly. Keith says Ryan wants what is best for her. Tricia doesn’t think that is running away. Keith says she won’t be running away, he would be going to London to be with her father. He feels she needs a break from all of this, away from Genoa City. Tricia thinks it doesn’t seem right after everything Ryan has done for her. Keith wonders if that is all it is? The last time she wanted to go to London, he threatened not to be here when she came back. Tricia says he had every right. Keith feels he didn’t, Ryan was only thinking of himself. He thinks she needs to get away from Genoa City and away from Ryan. He says when Ryan comes home; he is going to talk to him. Tricia begs him not too. Keith agrees but he tells her everything is arranged for his trip to London, and he will stop by the travel agent to get her ticket. He tells her it is for the best, and leaves.

Crimson Lights

Ryan says all of this has taken the life out of her. Nina says it is good she admits there is a problem and wants to get better. Ryan hopes it is not too late. She spends her time, locked up in the apartment.  Nina is surprised to hear that. Ryan says she is afraid to leave in case she runs into someone who might say something. Ryan says he should have done something about all of this months ago. Nina says he shouldn’t beat himself up over it.

He wonders what his future holds, he worries Tricia will be lost to him forever. Tomas says if there is anything he can do to help…  Nina says he knows where to find her, if he needs her. Ryan says he does love Tricia, and hopes it is enough (He leaves) Nina says this thing with Ryan has her worried. Tomas says things happen. Nina says that is a pessimistic attitude. Tomas says when bad things happen it makes the good ones, all the sweeter.

(Nina hugs Tomas, saying he is very sweet.)

Neil’s Office

Mr. Forsythe arrives. Neil says this will be Mr. Forsythe’s office for the next little while.

Forsythe wants to meet with Victor. Neil explains there has been a change in plans, so he will be taking the briefing from him.  Forsythe agrees and they get started.
Later, Neil asks if everything is clear? Forsythe says it is and thanks him for filling him in. Neil says if he wants to get on Victor’s good side, then he will handle this Abbott business well. Forsythe “Be encouraging but non committal.” Neil “Exactly.” Forsythe “Ok, I should be going.” (He leaves for the meeting.)

Later, Ryan arrives. Neil says between work and this Victoria situation, there is a lot going on. Ryan has no idea what he is talking about “Victoria situation.” Neil wonders where Ryan has been all this time, under a rock? Ryan says he has been with this wife. Neil tells Ryan, Victoria has been abducted. Ryan “Abducted?” “How?” Neil “By her greatest fan, Gary Dawson!” Ryan is stunned. Ryan “Gary Dawson!” “He’s the stalker!” Neil “So it would appear.” Ryan “Is there anything I can do?” Neil “The Newman’s are doing everything they an.” Ryan “I can’t believe this, Victoria is kidnapped, Tricia is going through hell.” Neil “All you can do, is pray everything turns out all right.” Ryan “What did you want to see me about?” Neil “We are having some union trouble.” Ryan “In Seattle?” Neil “Exactly, now I am going to send Frannie, she has some mediation experience.” “I was hoping you could talk to her.” Ryan “I have a better idea, that will make things simpler all around.”

Tree House (outside)

Nick and Paul are making their way towards the tree house, Paul talks into his phone, he wants back up and an ambulance (but no siren). Gary can be heard “Don’t say another word.” Paul hangs up “Anything?” Nick says he heard voices from the tree house. Nick wants to go in but Paul wants to wait for back up.

Tree House (Inside)

Victoria “I know that is must be difficult for you to talk about Gabrielle but you will take away the power she has over you, if you do.” Gary “We were never really a couple, we were only together one night, one horrible night.” Victoria “Tell me.” Gary “You will think I am crazy.” Victoria “I don’t think you are crazy, you just have problems.” “Everyone has problems.” Gary “We met at school.’ “In comparative literature.” “I wouldn’t even talk to her, I was too shy.” “One night, at a party, my friends, set us up.” “We ended up in a bedroom.” “But I was so nervous, I couldn’t do it.”  “The more we tried, the worse it got.” “Finally, she left, laughing at me.” “When I came out, she was there, along with all my friends, laughing at me.” “She had told everyone.” “The look on her face…”

He hears her saying “couldn’t do it.” He says, “Stop it.”

Gary is preparing a concoction for Victoria to drink; he has poured sleeping pills in a glass of water. She says it is enough to kill her.  He tries to force the drink down her throat. She screams “No, Gary, no!”

Tree House (outside)
Nick wants to go in. Paul says they will wait for the police. Nick thinks there is something Paul is not telling him. Paul says when Gary was at the store, he bought, rope, sleeping pills and a knife. Nick is shocked.

Nick and Paul hear Victoria scream and rush up the ladder for the tree house door.  They force the door open Nick “Let go of my sister, now!!” Gary has his arm around Victoria’s throat; he is holding a knife to her. Paul wants Gary to look him in the eyes! Gary says, “Get away from me!” Gary backs up and they disappear from view.

Jack’s Office

(Forsythe arrives). Jack introduces him to Jill and Ashley. He says he has been looking forward to this meeting. Forsythe says he was impressed with the Jabot after they spoke on the phone. Jack gives him a package of material. He explains that they are 50% ahead of their competition (Brash and Sassy.) He believes they will be #1 by the end of the year. Forsythe knows they are deeply in debt. Jack explains they have never missed a payment nor been late on a payment and they don’t intend to! Jack wants to know if they have a deal? He has drawn up an agreement for them to sign with the new higher interest rate. Forsythe says he is a smart businessman but he must clear it with his board. They will have a board meeting on May 22. Jill says that is the day before the balloon payment is due. (Forsythe thanks them for their time.) Jack thanks him for coming and he leaves.

Victor’s Office/Neil’s Office

Neil calls Victor and tells him that by this time next week Jabot will be his, he congratulates him. Victor wants to see Forsythe after the meeting.