Friday 5/12/00 Update


Young and the Restless Friday, May 12, 2000--Canada, or Monday May 15, 2000--USA

by Stephanie

The Ranch (Tree House)

Victoria “Gary.” Gary “Shut up.” Victoria “Talk to me please.” Gary “Shut up, Gabby.” Victoria “It’s me, Gary, Victoria.” “Look at me.” “Can you hear me?” Gary stares at Victoria as her image becomes blurred and then becomes Gabrielle “I will tell everyone you couldn’t do it.” “You are a wimp.” Victoria “Nothing will happen.” “I will tell everyone we went on a trip.” Gabrielle “You aren’t a man, you are a wimp.” “You are pathetic.” “I can’t understand how I was ever interested in you.” Gary “Shut up.” He lunges at her; Victoria grabs the lamp and hits him over the head, knocking him out. She tries to undo the tape around her ankles. Victoria gets the tape off her ankles and runs for the door. Gary grabs her by the ankle knocking her to the floor.

Later, Victoria is bound hand and foot on the chair. Victoria “Let me go.” Gary “I didn’t mean to lunge at you. I don’t know what came over me.” “I couldn’t stop myself.” “I have to get out of here.” “It’s too dangerous.” “I can’t stay here but I can’t leave you alone.” “You will get away.” “You will turn me in, so I will have to do something to be sure you can’t turn me in.” He takes a piece of tape and puts it over her mouth. He leaves the tree house.

The Ranch (Main House)

Helicopters can be heard overhead. Nikki is alone.  Sharon comes in and says she left the children with the babysitter and came right over. Nikki asks about Nick.  Sharon says he went to the office to see Victor. Nikki says it is nice the family can pull together in times of crisis.

Victor’s Office/The Ranch (Tack Room)
Paul calls Victor and tells him the latest on the search.  He explains they have helicopters covering up to 40 miles surrounding Genoa City. Victor asks if that is enough? Paul says they are covering two states with the rest.  Victor says he has every confidence in Paul. Victor asks Paul to please keep him informed. (Victor hangs up.) Nick comes into Victor’s office. Victor is glad to see him. Nick tells him Sharon is at the ranch. Nick asks if there has been a ransom demand? Victor says no, nothing. Victor says the search for Gary Dawson continues. Nick wonders how this happened? Victor says Paul figured it out, went to Gary’s apartment to get Victoria, but it was too late, they were gone. Nick asks about the bodyguard? Victor says Victoria told him to wait downstairs. Gary was able to get her out through another door. Nick says he saw Gary that day, he was carrying a bag of hardware supplies.  He said he was having Victoria over for dinner and wanted to fix the place up for her. “If I could get my hands on him..” Victor “Stand in line, Nicholas.”

The Ranch (Tack Room)

Paul and Lynn are talking.  Paul feels that Gary may have taken refuge near by. Lynn suggests family or a cottage? She says she will check on it right away by calling the ad agency. A security officer comes to the door and tells Paul that there is someone who insists on seeing him. Paul asks who it is? The door opens. Ross walks in. Paul asks what he can do for him? Ross says he wanted to stop by and congratulate Paul for flushing out the real stalker. Paul wonders how Ross knew he was there? Ross says he called the police station and they told him Paul was in charge of the search. Ross says since he is out of a job, thanks to Gary, he wants to help find “the little bastard!” Paul says he doesn’t need the help but would like to ask some questions.  Ross agrees. Paul says that as far as he knows, no one besides Victoria and him (Ross), spent time with Gary outside of work. Ross says Gary was a real loner. Paul asks if he is certain? Ross says “If you hadn’t wasted so much time going after me, you might have caught onto Gary sooner!” “You have only yourself to blame!” (Ross walks out.) Lynn “Don’t let him get to you.” Paul “He’s right, I was barking up the wrong tree.” “If anything happens to Victoria, it will be on my head.”

Paris France (Dru’s Dressing Room)

Malcolm tells Dru he was on his way to the airport, when Sid begged him to stay, to help her deal with her problems. Dru wonders why everyone thinks she has problems? Dru says she was distracted during the showing, but she doesn’t want to lose her career and agrees to talk to him. Malcolm wonders if she thinks she left everything behind? He says there was a time when she and Neil couldn’t stand to be in the same room with each other. He knows she believes it was only physical. Dru insists that is all it was! She goes to speak with the designers. When she comes back, Malcolm asks if she is ready to talk to him now? She asks what he is still doing there? Malcolm says he knows she spoke to Neil at least once. Dru wonders if he knows this because he is psychic? Malcolm says Neil has feelings for her. He loves her, but he doesn’t want to get hurt. She comes to town, they make love and then she leaves.  Of course he was angry, his feelings were hurt. Dru says he is just supposing all of this, he doesn’t know anything for sure. Malcolm says he spoke to Neil. Dru asks if Neil told him all of this? Malcolm says not in so many words but the meaning was clear. Dru “I appreciate you coming all this way just to help me.” Malcolm “Really?” “How’s that?” Dru “I don’t want things to be tense between Neil and I.”  “We have a child together.” “Now that I have some clarity, we can move on.” Malcolm “That’s it?” Dru “What did you expect me to say?” “That I was ready to pick up my marriage?” “I expect him to be supportive of my career.” “If he can’t then there is no point.” “Can you guarantee that?” Malcolm “I can’t and you know it.” “I came here hoping to open a dialogue between you and Neil.” “The longer this drags on, there will be more pressure on your work and yourself.” “Just think about it.” (He leaves)

Olivia’s Office

Olivia is reading over a patient file, Neil arrives because he got her message. She says Aunt Mamie would like them (Neil and Lily) to come for dinner at the Abbott’s tonight. Neil says Lily would love it. Olivia knows it won’t be easy for Neil to say goodbye to her (Lily). Neil says he never knows how to let go. Olivia says she knows things have been difficult lately. She says she and Malcolm were talking about he and Dru, and their unfinished business.  Neil says he is well aware of what Malcolm thinks! Olivia says Malcolm is right that he and Dru didn’t really have a chance to talk. Neil says Dru booked a job and he knows how she feels about things. Olivia “Still it might have helped.” Neil “Do me a favor and mind your own business.” Olivia says she is sorry, he thinks she is trying to meddle in his business. She says she doesn’t agree with Malcolm, she feels he has done everything he could. Neil says he is sorry too, but he is a little sensitive on the subject. He says it is his own fault. He sees his daughter and wonders how he can be a part of her life. Then he hooks up with her mother; well you see the lesson I have learned.  Olivia “no comment.” Neil says she looks a little “peaked.” She says, thanks just what a girl wants to hear. He says if there is anything he can do to help, let him know. She asks if he would like to do these case files? He says no, he has enough of his own work. He says he will see her at dinner. She wants him to think about what she has said regarding Dru and him. He thinks Olivia and Malcolm should get together and sort out his relationship with Dru.  They seem far more interested in it than either he or Dru is. He leaves. Olivia “Nice try Neil, but you can’t fool me, you can’t hide your feelings they are too strong.” Olivia isn’t feeling well. A nurse comes in to speak with her and asks if she is ok? She says she is tired and looking forward to going home.  Her pager goes off.  She dials the number and is given a message that Mr. Horowitz is a code blue.  She runs off.

Ryan’s Apartment

Tricia is sitting alone, looking very pale, staring into space.  Ryan comes in and says he left a file behind. She says he used that excuse yesterday. He has been coming home at different times during the past few days to see how she is. She wonders if it is because he thinks she might try to harm herself? Ryan doesn’t think she will harm herself. Tricia says she will try really hard to get better. She apologizes for missing the therapy appointment. Ryan says it’s ok, Megan had just left. Tricia says she is worried about Meg, she hasn’t heard from her. Ryan says she called him at work, but he didn’t want to say anything. Tricia asks how she is? He says she is settling in with her friend in Boston. Tricia says she isn’t surprised Meg wouldn’t want to talk to her; after all, she did destroy Meg’s life. Ryan says Megan is angry but given time the hurt will go away. Ryan asks her to go out for lunch? Tricia says she doesn’t want to. Ryan asks why? Ryan thinks it will do her some good to get out. Tricia says she can’t go out because ½ the people think she is a killer. Ryan says that isn’t true. Tricia says even her own sister believed it.  She believed it so much, she had to get away. She wonders who will give her the benefit of the doubt? Ryan says he doesn’t like it when she talks that way. Tricia says if he thinks she is paranoid, she isn’t.  She is afraid she might run into Sharon or Nina.  They have probably told their families and friends of their suspicions by now. Ryan asks if she is just going to stay in the house? Tricia says she is not ready to face anyone. Ryan asks when she will be? She says she doesn’t know.  He says ok, and goes to pick up some lunch.  Once he leaves, Tricia breaks down in tears.

Crimson Lights

Nina comes in and sees Tomas; she kisses him on the cheek.  She sits down at the table.  Tomas says, “Today is the day.” Nina says Phillip will be stopping by on his way to practice. Tomas says he is a good kid and she has nothing to worry about. Nina “I guess not.” (She takes Tomas’s hand; Phillip comes in and sees them holding hands) Nina sees Phillip; he comes over and sits down.  Tomas and Phillip shake hands and Tomas says it is nice to meet him.  Nina asks Phillip if he would like something to drink? Phillip would so they go to the coffee bar to get it. Phillip “Tomas is more than a friend, isn’t he mom?” “You two are seeing each other?” Nina admits it is true. She asks if it bothers Phillip? Phillip says he should be used to it by now. They go back to the table, Tomas asks Phillip about the baseball game. Phillip says it is one of his favorite sports, he also likes soccer. Tomas says he enjoys playing, a little pick up soccer with some friends.  Nina says he didn’t know that. Nina thinks they should go watch Tomas play some time. She asks Phillip if he would like to go? He says he might, if he can find the time. Phillip’s friend Joey arrives, his mom is outside ready to take them to the game.  Nina says it is a little early and offers to drive Phillip later.  Phillips says no, that’s ok, and leaves with Joey. He says bye to Tomas on his way out the door. Tomas says Phillip figured out we are more than friends, right? Nina says he has not offered Phillip much stability the past few years. Tomas says she has loved him, she hasn’t moved him from place to place so he would have to go to a new school and make new friends. She has also kept a good relationship with the man that Phillip considers his father. Nina thanks him for his support.  She kisses him.  As she looks over she sees Ryan sitting alone at a table. Tomas says, “There is a man who is at the end of his rope.”

The Ranch (Main House)

Later, Nikki “So that explains the helicopter.” Paul “Regarding the search, it is a real possibility Gary has decided to stay put for awhile.” Sharon “So you are looking closer to home.” Nikki “IF your theory is correct, do you feel strongly?” Paul “I don’t know, I hope so.” Sharon “I saw Ross being detained at the gate.” Paul “I spoke to him, I hoped he would have some information that would be useful.” Nikki “Did you learn anything new?” Paul “His information was not as enlightening as I had hoped.” “He said they didn’t really talk that much.” (Nikki goes to make coffee) Sharon “I got the feeling you were hesitating.” Paul “Ross said Gary was a longer, and that fits the profile perfectly.” “He could be a very dangerous man.” Sharon “Dear God.” Paul “I am very concerned for Victoria, now more than ever.” Sharon asks Nikki if she has eaten? Nikki says that is the last thing on her mind right now. The phone rings, Paul answers “Paul Williams.” “Hey, boss, it’s Lynn, we have some news and I think you should come down here and listen to it.” Paul “Ok, I will be right there.” (Paul leaves)

Victor’s Office

Nick and Victor are talking; Neil arrives and says he has some things regarding the meeting to go over with him.  Victor asks if he could come back in about ½ hour? Neil agrees and leaves. Victor tells Nick to go to the Ranch and be with his mother, he will be along as soon as he can. Nick asks if Paul is there? Victor says he is coordinating the search from the Tack Room. Victor “This thing with your sister has me very worried.” “When this is all over I want to hear bout your trip to Milwaukee.” Nick “When this is over we will talk about it!” Victor “Nick, take care of yourself and drive carefully.” Nick “ok” he leaves.

The Ranch (Tack Room)

Paul comes in and asks what the news is. Hal says a tentative sighting of Gary’s car was made. Lynn tells him it was spotted at a store not too far from here. Hal says the helicopter made a pass and the car was there, when it came back over again, it was gone. Paul “Well, if it was Gary Dawson, then he’s mine!”

The Ranch (Tree House)

Victoria tries to undo her bound hands. Gary comes back. Gary “First it was a small plane and now a damn helicopter.” He takes the tape off her mouth. Victoria “My hands are numb.” Gary (who has blood on one side of his face) “You hurt me.” Victoria “I never meant to hurt you.” Gary “I’m so screwed.” Victoria “Not if you let me go.” Gary “Stop lying to me.” “I have to think.” “Only one way to do this…” Victoria “Where did you go before?” Gary “I went to get something.” Victoria “What?” Gary “Something to be sure you are no longer a threat to me.” (He puts the tape back on her mouth and leaves.) Victoria is left helpless.