Thursday 5/11/00 Update


Young and the Restless Thursday, May 11, 2000--Canada, or Friday, May 12, 2000--USA

by Stephanie

The Ranch:

Nikki asks Paul if Victor’s appearance on TV was a good idea? Paul says it was because it means people will see it.  Nikki is sure someone will see them.  Paul assures her that everything that can be done is being done. He asks if they can use the Tack House as a command center for the air search? She agrees. The doorbell rings. Paul answers it, expecting it to be Hal (The air search coordinator).  It’s Jack. He came by to see Nikki. He heard what happened and wanted to see how she was? Paul heads out. Jack tells Nikki he saw Victor on TV. He holds her as she begins to cry.

Newman Enterprises (Victor’s Office):

Victor tells Connie if there are any calls regarding his daughter to put them through.  Victor tells Neil that the Harrington agreement is signed.  Neil feels this will be a good acquisition.  Victor asks about the Jabot deal? Neil says everything is in order.  Neil asks if he has spoken to Forsythe yet? Victor nods in agreement. (Victor turns and sees Ashley standing in the doorway). Victor “How long have you been standing there?”

The Ranch (Tree house):

Gary “You are a liar!” Victoria “I will make something up.” Gary “I don’t believe you.” “I know there is something wrong with me.” “But that doesn’t make me crazy.” Victoria “I never said you were crazy.” “I don’t hold any grudges.” “I just want to go home.” Gary “I need time to think.” (Victoria looks at Gary.) Gary “Why are you looking at me like that?” Victoria “You were so nice to me…and now…I am so scared.”

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Walnut Grove Academy:

Billy asks Mac if it bothered her, that he spent all of his time with Brittany at the pool house? Mac says no, should it? Billy asks her again, if it bothered her? (Brittany comes along and kisses Billy). Brittany says things went well last night. Mac thinks it was ok. Brittany is surprised, she thought it was better than ok.  Brittany “You guys had time alone, we had time alone, it was perfect.” “I know someone else who enjoyed it too.”

(Mac looks uncomfortable) Brittany “Mac, what’s wrong?” Mac says there is nothing wrong. Brittany suggests doing it again tonight? Billy is surprised to hear it. Raul comes along. Raul tells Brittany he and Mac are working tonight. He suggests tomorrow night? Billy says that would be good.  (Brittany and Billy leave for class). Raul asks Mac to wait while he gets his book. On their way to class, Brittany asks Billy if he thinks Mac has a “thing” for him?

Paris, France (Dru’s dressing room):

Dru comes in along with Patrice, her assistant, to get changed.  She asks Patrice how things went? Patrice says she was beautiful as always.  Dru wonders what Rene thought?
Rene (the designer) comes in “did someone mention my name?” Rene tells Dru she was lovely tonight. (Rene and Patrice excuse themselves and leave) Dru tells Sid she thought things went well.  Sid says, “Dru, you don’t know how much I would love to agree with you, but I can’t.” Dru looks surprised.

Olivia’s Office:

Olivia is speaking with Mr. Horowitz; she wants to readmit him, after his quadruple bypass surgery.  He doesn’t really want to, but finally agrees.  Dr Reese Walker arrives, asks Mr. Horowitz how he is doing? Horowitz says “Like you care.” and walks out.  Reese “Was it something I said?” Olivia explains about readmitting him.  She asks Reese why he came? He tells her he is not happy with her latest results (platelets, anemia).  He wants her to cut back on her hours.  She says she is already down to ½ a schedule.  He says it needs to be a ¼ schedule.  He wants to know if she spoke to her sister about a possible bone marrow match? She says no, but one of these days she will.  (Mamie arrives) Dr Walker “We can discuss this further, later.” (He leaves) Mamie asks what she just walked in on? Olivia says it is her anemia. Mamie is surprised that it hasn’t gone away. Olivia asks why she came by? Mamie says since Lily is leaving, she wanted to invite her, Nate, Lily and Neil out for dinner at the Abbott’s? Olivia thinks it is a wonderful idea.  Mamie asks if she has heard from Dru? Olivia says no, not at all.  Mamie was surprised when Dru left in such a hurry. Mamie knows that Neil and Olivia were getting close at one time and wonder if Dru being around had changed that? Olivia says because of her health she does not want a relationship with Neil or any other man.  And as far as Neil is concerned, Dru is out of the picture. Mamie wonders what would happen if Olivia’s health were better? Olivia says perhaps when she is better; she and Neil will be able to see where their relationship takes them.   

Newman Ranch (Main House):

Nikki tells Jack that Victoria was dating this man. Jack says who turned out to be a stalker. Nikki says you can’t trust anyone. Jack says with Victor on TV, a lot of good people will be looking for Victoria.  Nikki says she is so afraid.  Jack offers to help if he can? Nikki appreciates it, especially since they parted badly before.  Jack says that was business, this was personal; he would do anything to help her, if she wanted him too.  Nikki says Victoria is bright and strong, she would do anything to escape, if she could.  Nikki still can’t believe this happened, Gary had dinner at their home and they didn’t see how psychotic he was. (Jack holds Nikki). Later, Miguel brings tea for Nikki. The phone rings and Nikki is afraid to answer it. Jack answers it, explaining he is her ex husband and all he will deliver all messages to her. After he hangs up, he says it was the police, they have had some crank calls, and some sightings and they are following all leads.  Nikki is relieved she thought someone was calling to say they had found Victoria but it was too late. Jack says she can’t think like that, and they will find her. (He holds her as she begins to cry).  He asks if she would like him to stay? She thanks him for coming but says she will be fine. He leaves. Nikki “Where can Victor be?” “What can be keeping him?”

Newman Ranch (Tack House):
Hal is on the radio, organizing the search, he is yelling at them, telling them if they don’t do it, they will answer to Mr. Newman! Hal and Paul agree they just want to bring Victoria home. They have mapped out a search area of 300 miles, put choppers in those areas.

Paul is studying the map and thinking. Lynn asks him if something is wrong? He says Gary didn’t have any of this planned; he is a man on the run with a hostage.  What if he stayed closer to home? No escape route planned. Afraid someone will see him. Gary knows that they have contacted police, set up roadblocks.  It’s not easy traveling with a hostage.  Maybe he decided it is better to keep a low profile.  Lynn says he is assuming Victoria is still with him.  He says he has to; he doesn’t want to consider the alternatives. He suggests that Hal put some of the choppers closer to Genoa City. 

Newman Ranch (Tree House):

Gary tells Victoria he doesn’t want to hurt her.  He is sorry if he scared her.  Victoria understands he felt trapped.  He says he did.  She says she is thirsty and hungry. She tells him there is a store off the main road, but if he goes he might be seen.  Perhaps they should concentrate on water.  She says he could get some at the Tack House.  No one lives there and it isn’t near the main road.  Gary says no, she is trying to trap him, and he knows there is security there.  She says she isn’t. He thinks he has water in his car, behind the back seat.  She asks if he would go and get it? Gary assures Victoria he doesn’t want to hurt her for frighten her.  He asks if she believes him? She says she does.  He goes to get the water. (She tries to undo her hands.) Victoria manages to undo her hands, she stands up, grabs the first things she sees (a lantern) and holds it behind her back. Gary returns with the water.  He offers her a drink; he holds the bottle to her mouth so she can drink from it.  She thanks him. Later, Victoria says she is trying to find the right words; she doesn’t want him to become angry or feel she isn’t being straight with him. He says she can’t find the words because they don’t exist.  Words can’t describe what he has done, and he is trapped.  The worst part is, it all happened just as his dream was about to come true. He has lost everything.  She says it isn’t that bad.  If she had found out a week ago or a month ago that he was writing the letters, she would have been afraid of him.  But not now, she knows him.  He is her friend.  He asks if she could forgive him? She says yes, she could.  People have been forgiven for far worse than what he has done.  Gary “You are just saying that.” Victoria “You are my friend.” “You could never hurt me.” “I know you are confused right now, but you can’t do that.”  “You can’t.” Victoria’s image begins to blur and become another face that Gary sees “Gabrielle, shut up.”  Gabrielle “I will tell everyone, you couldn’t do it.” Gary “Just shut up.” Victoria looks terrified.

Paris, France (Dru’s Dressing Room):

Dru says all this stuff is getting old. Sid says he can’t ignore it. Dru says she will be ready for Rene’s next showing. Sid says he spoke to Rene, told him her schedule was filling up, he didn’t commit to including her. Dru asks what that means? Sid says it means he isn’t going to use her. (The door opens and Malcolm comes in) Dru “Great, this day just keeps getting better and better.” Dru asks what he is doing there? Sid explains Malcolm was on his way to the airport, when Sid asked him to stay.  Sid tells Dru tonight on the runway, he saw a beautiful young woman who is not on the top of her game. He says she is losing her edge. Dru asks, “Is that all?” Sid tells her to deal with whatever is going on? If it means a month or two away, fine, they can handle it. If she continues on, as she is now, her career at the top, is over. (Sid leaves). Malcolm tries to talk to Dru about what Sid said. Dru thinks Sid doesn’t know what he is talking about! Malcolm says Sid is concerned about her. Dru feels talking to Malcolm before the showing was not a good idea, he messed with her head.  She was distracted when she was out there.  Malcolm says he has to deal with her feelings for Neil. Dru says he doesn’t know what he is talking about. Malcolm says he knows what he sees.  Dru tells him to “stop it.” Malcolm says he didn’t mess her up, he has taken photos of her all the time in different situations, and she has always kept her cool.  Malcolm “If what I said hit a nerve, it is because you know I am right.” “We need to talk about what is between you and Neil.” “If you don’t do something, your career falls apart and you will never know if there could have been something between you and Neil.” “Your call.”

Victor’s Office:

Ashley tells Victor she saw him on TV and wanted to know if there had been any news? Victor says no, nothing yet. (She hugs him) Neil says he will handle the matters they discussed and leaves. Ashley can’t believe that all that time Victoria was going out with him, they had no idea, and he was the stalker. Victor says when they first started going out, he thought something was amiss.  Not that Gary wasn’t a hard worker or intelligent, nothing like that, but…  Ashley says Gary was able to take Victoria away. Victor says “Your own daughter in the hands of a psychotic.” “If anything happens to her..” Ashley says she can only imagine what he must be going through. He has your daughter. If she could be any kind of support to him, she would like to be. Ashley “I don’t know what I would do if anyone tried to harm my family.”  She asks if anyone is at the Ranch? He says they couldn’t locate Nick and Sharon. Ashley says that means Nikki is alone and he should be with her. 

Walnut Grove Academy:

Billy wonders where Brittany would get an idea like that? Brittany thinks maybe she was off base. Billy agrees. He says Mac is Raul’s girlfriend. Brittany thinks maybe she was jealous.  Billy is flattered. Brittany kisses him (Mac watches them kiss) Raul is talking to her but she isn’t listening. He asks if she is ok? She says she is thinking about the history test. Raul tells her not to worry, she always does well. Raul kisses Mac.  He wishes her luck on her test. He kisses her again (Billy watches.) Billy heads for class Mac says, “Billy, wait.” Billy “What’s up?” Mac “I didn’t really answer your question earlier.” Billy “No, you didn’t.” Mac “Last week at the shelter, we agreed that the four of us would hang out.” Billy “Yeah.” Mac “But as soon as we got to your place, you and Brittany took off for the pool house, just the two of you.” “I guess I shouldn’t be surprised you didn’t stick to your word.” Billy “Yeah, so, you didn’t seem to mind spending time alone with Raul.” Mac “Good point.” Billy “So what are you complaining about?” Mac “I’m not complaining, just making a point, that things didn’t go the way you said they would.” “But you know what, I am actually looking forward to spending lots of time alone, with Raul.” (She walks off)