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The Final Episode

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

Jamal regains consciousness in the floor of what used to be the Silverhill Cafe. Now, everything is covered, and Madea is long gone. Holding his aching head, Jamal looks around and tries to figure out what's going on. He calls out for Imani and Madea, but he's the only person around. He gets the feeling that they're not coming back for him. He finds Imani's calendar in the floor and picks it up. Seeing that September 26 is circled, he wonders what's so significant about today. (Note: This episode was originally scheduled to air on September 26.)

Imani runs through the woods as fast as she can, trying to get far away. In her haste, she trips and falls. Looking up at the sky, she sees the moon and realizes that she's almost out of time.

Lucy and Ian look at the night sky. Ian is actually starting to believe in Lucy's universe. He now knows that giving up will never be an option. Lucy assures him that where there is love, there is always hope. They share a tender kiss.

While Rafe gets his suit out of the closet, Alison frets about not being able to find her things. Kissing her, Rafe tells her that she's cute when she's nervous. Alison smiles and thanks him. She believes that he'll be whistling a different tune when she walks down the aisle without eyeliner. Rafe is positive that she's going to cry it all off anyway. "You know it's true," he says when she starts to argue. Alison reminds him that she should be getting ready by herself. Rafe remembers; he's just getting his suit. Besides, he won't see her again until the wedding. "We're doing it," Alison says gleefully. Rafe beams, agreeing that nothing will stop them this time; it's going to be perfect. They kiss sweetly, thinking about how close Alison is to being Mrs. Kovich. Rafe kisses her hand and then leaves.

His hand covering Olivia's eyes, Caleb leads his bride-to-be into their suite at the bed and breakfast. When he takes his hand away, Olivia is blown away by what she sees. She loves it; it's better than she could have ever dreamed. They kiss. Caleb offers to give her a tour of their suite. This is their wedding night, and all her wishes will come true tonight. Olivia is stunned by their private patio, where Caleb suggests that they exchange vows under the beautiful stars. Asking her opinion, he gives her a rose, and one of its thorns pricks her finger. Apologizing, Caleb licks the blood from her finger. Olivia thinks that his idea is perfect. Caleb kisses her fingers and asks whether she's glad she came. Olivia assures him that she is, and she's very sorry for doubting him. Caleb wants everything to live up to her specifications. Olivia tells him that she wouldn't change a thing. Putting her arms around his neck, she tells him that he is everything she could ever wish for. Curious about the rest of their suite, she goes back inside to check it out. She calls Caleb to come look at something. "I can't wait, sweetness. I can't wait," he tells her, picking up a rose. "Everybody gets what they wished for tonight," Caleb says, biting the rose off its stem.

While Alison does her makeup, Annette brings her a tray of tea and cookies. Thanking her, Alison says that she's a little nervous to eat, but the tea sounds good. Annette offers to help with her dress, but Alison isn't ready for that yet. She still has to finish her hair and makeup before getting dressed. She wishes she could get rid of the butterflies in her stomach. Annette tells her that they'll go away when she stops worrying. Alison doesn't think she's really very nervous; she just wants the day to be perfect. Annette assures her that it will be. She offers to help in any way she can, but she knows that Alison and Rafe want their ceremony to be private. Alison tells her that as long as she and Rafe are present, they don't really need anyone else.

All decked out in his suit, Rafe speaks to their minister, who tells him to relax. She truly believes that he and Alison are meant to be together and that their marriage will be blessed. Rafe hopes that Alison will like his wedding gift. The minister assures him that she will love it. Rafe admits to having had cold feet--not about Alison, but about marrying her here, today. Now that he's here, he's at peace with it. He grins, just thinking about it. He is confident that the wedding will go off without a hitch.

Back inside, Olivia marvels that everything is perfect. Caleb pours a drink. After taking a sip, he hands it to her. He hopes that she also finds his choices to be perfect, such as the person he's chosen to marry them. He has chosen an old friend--someone he knew he could trust. Olivia is clearly unhappy to hear that it's a woman. Caleb opens the door and admits Annette, who is now speaking with a heavy Transylvanian accent. Taking Olivia's hand and stroking it, she states that it's so nice to finally meet her. Caleb nuzzles Olivia's neck and gives Annette a knowing look.

Jamal looks for Imani in the woods. He knows that she couldn't have gone very far. Hearing her groan, he rushes over to her. Imani is crouched down and in pain. When Jamal tries to help her, Imani begs him to get away from her. Jamal doesn't understand. He wants to know what's wrong, and he refuses to leave her like this. Imani tries to get away, but she doesn't get far. Jamal again tries to help her, and Imani again tells him that he can't. She wants him to get away now, while he still can. She's afraid of hurting him. Jamal tells her that she's already hurting him by shutting him out. He demands to know what's going on. Imani tells him that she can't control this. She stops talking in mid-sentence, the pain getting to be too much. When Jamal again refuses to leave her, she tries to get away from him. Jamal wants her to stop and tell him the truth. Imani tells him that he's about to see for himself. She looks at the moon and groans. Imani tries to get away, but it's no use. She stops and turns around, still holding her stomach. She doesn't want Jamal to see this. She points to the sky and tells him to look. Jamal doesn't want to take his eyes off her and give her a chance to run away again. Imani tells him to look, because it's the answer to his question. She wants him to tell her what he sees. Relenting, Jamal looks at the sky and says that he sees a full moon. When he looks back at her, an angry, growling wolf is in her place.

Caleb waits on the patio with Annette as the wedding music plays. Olivia steps outside, wearing a black dress, a black necklace, and blood-red lipstick. She carries a bouquet of red flowers. Gargoyle statues hold lit red candles. "Lovely stock," Annette assesses Caleb's bride, adding that the Morleys have always historically chosen well. She welcomes Olivia, who apologizes for taking so long. When Olivia joins Caleb, Annette asks them to exchange vows. Caleb wants Olivia to go first, and although she asks him to be the first, Annette states that it's customary to begin with the bride's vows. Olivia agrees to begin. "Caleb, my love, my insecurities might have destroyed us forever. I couldn't trust what we had. I couldn't trust that this moment would ever come. With all of my faults, you still love me, and that is the greatest gift you could ever give me. And that's why tonight I vow, from this moment on and the rest of time, I will never stop trying to find a way to show you how much I love you. Because I love you, and I always will," Olivia pledges, her eyes moist with tears. A single tear flows down the left side of Caleb's face. Thinking that he looks upset, Olivia asks what's wrong. Caleb assures her that he isn't upset. "Your words--that's everything. To be loved the way you say you love me," he tells her. Olivia swears that she meant every word. "I love you so much," she says, gazing into his eyes. Kissing her fingers, Caleb states that he's the luckiest man alive to have her as his bride.

Alison walks down the aisle, looking absolutely beautiful in her long white gown. Her bouquet includes pink roses, her favorite flower. She is also wearing a diamond necklace, choker, and earrings, and a heart bracelet. Her hair is swept up off her neck. She couldn't look happier. When she reaches Rafe, the minister asks whether either of them has a problem going ahead with the wedding. Alison shakes her head and quietly says that she doesn't. Rafe is silent. The minister asks him whether something is wrong. He replies that he's just waiting for something. Suddenly, he doesn't have to wait anymore. People rush into the room. Ian is first, with a big grin on his face. He's holding Lucy's hand. Elizabeth and Jack are next, followed by Ricky. The stunned look on Alison's face is priceless. They run up to the bride and apologize for being late. Ian gives Alison a kiss, and Elizabeth worries that they're too late. She hugs her daughter. The guests take their seats so that the wedding can actually begin. Alison tells Rafe that the day is now officially perfect, thanks to him. Rafe says it's almost perfect; they're not married yet.

"Dearly departed, here shrouded in darkness, two hearts of ice stand at the edge of the chasm, a bottomless leap for which you now take in tandem," Annette begins. "Do you, Caleb Morley, the last of your line, hereby willingly take Olivia Locke Collins, vowing to walk the earth hand in hand until the last dying of the light?"

After saying their vows, Alison and Rafe exchange rings as a symbol of their perfect, unbroken circle of love. "I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride," the minister states. As the bride and groom kiss, their loved ones stand and applaud.

Placing the ring on Olivia's finger, Caleb claims her for all eternity. Olivia does the same. Caleb bites her wrist, and she bites his. "By the fires of hell and the powers of eternity, I now pronounce you husband and wife," Annette states. Olivia looks suspiciously to the side as their officiant gives Caleb permission to kiss his bride. As he leans over for the kiss, Olivia asks him nervously what's happening. Assuring her that he loves her, Caleb states that he can't begin this marriage with a secret. He needs her to know the truth. When he's not with her, he aches for her, and he always will. Their beings are chained and united for all time, and he has sworn never to let go. However, she needs to learn that there are consequences for her actions, and now there's a price to be paid. Olivia doesn't understand what he's talking about. Caleb holds up his hand to show her his ring, which she stole and made a wish on. "Do you remember the wish you made that night, Olivia, word for word?" he asks.

Alison and Rafe celebrate with their loved ones, who throw rice on the happy couple.

"You wished for me to have one night of earth-shaking passion, a night of intense true love I'd never forget, and have all my wishes come true. Well, your wish came true. I had a night of passion I never could have dreamed of. I made love to Alison that night," Caleb continues. To Olivia's horror, he informs her that the rest of her wish also came true. Olivia realizes with horror that because of her wish for the night to result in a baby, Alison is carrying Caleb's child.

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