PC Update Thursday 10/2/03


Port Charles Update Thursday 10/2/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

Ricky tries to reassure Imani that Jamal is fine, but Imani continues pacing. She can't help feeling that he's in big trouble. When Jamal comes in the front door, she throws her arms around him in relief. Jamal reports that both he and Jack are fine. As for the other guy, he's long gone. Imani finds that hard to believe, but Jamal is certain that he's gone, at least for now. Ricky takes this as his cue to head back home. Jamal mentions owing him one, but Ricky says to call it even, considering the time he took off on Jamal's bike. After he leaves, Imani wants all the details. Jamal explains that he pulled her stalker off Jack and even thought he killed him, but the guy disappeared. The funny thing is that he heard a similar story from Jack, who was telling him what he heard from Olivia--about Imani. Imani claims not to know what he's talking about, but Jamal knows that something is going on. He wants the truth about who she really is. Imani begs him not to ask her that; she really doesn't want to talk about it right now. Jamal tells her that it's too late. The way he sees it, she owes him an answer. He's not sure why that man isn't dead, but he is sure that Imani owes him an explanation of what he's up against. He knows that she's not a vampire, but he doesn't know why Olivia's bite didn't turn her into one. Imani claims that nothing really happened, since Olivia only thought she bit her. "Did she miss or something? What?" Jamal persists skeptically. Imani claims to have gotten away after Olivia tried to bite her. Jamal informs her that Olivia got sick after biting her, which is the same thing that happened to him after biting her stalker. He demands to know what's really going on. Seeing no way out, Imani reluctantly decides to tell him.

Standing precariously next to a cliff, Christina loses her footing and falls. Ian immediately jumps after her and then floats back upward with Christina in his arms. Lucy takes her daughter and marvels that there isn't a scratch on her. Christina is grinning from ear to ear. Ian saved her. "Just like Superman!" she exclaims. As Lucy agrees that Ian is their own private Superman, Kevin comes on the scene. Taking it all in, he nods his thanks to Ian.

While Rafe and Alison enjoy their shower, Caleb tests out the firmness of their mattress. Sensing that someone is in their suite, Rafe rushes out to catch the intruder, but no one is there. Alison soon joins him. Fresh from her shower, she asks what's going on. Rafe isn't sure, but he feels that something is off. He knows that someone has been in their room. As he talks, Alison pads over to the bed and picks up something that wasn't there before. "Someone was here. They left the evidence on our pillows. It's chocolate. It must have been the maid," she says quietly, messing with him. Rafe doesn't think it's funny. He tells her that maids don't just come into the rooms. Alison informs him that they most certainly do. When Rafe finally admits to overreacting, Alison tells him to let it go. There's no one else in the room, and there are no more battles for him to fight. They are free to live their lives together. Promising to let it go, Rafe jumps up and down once as a symbolic act of doing just that, and they laugh about it. Alison tells him to eat his chocolates while she gets changed. Rafe promises to really let it go this time.

Lucy puts the sleeping little girl in Kevin's car and thanks him for taking her back home. Kevin is ready to leave and give Lucy and Ian some time alone. He acknowledges Ian's role in saving Christina's life, and he won't forget it. After he leaves, Lucy tells Ian that she agrees with Kevin. She will always be grateful to Ian for saving Christina. She encourages him to stop trying to change his life and instead use his powers for good. She broaches the possibility that this is a strange blessing, not a curse, especially since Ian is in control of his soul. She has a great deal of faith in him because of the strength he has shown. Ian struggles to understand what she's suggesting. If he can accept this, he might be whole again. Lucy knows that there would be some bad times, but she would be there to help him. She just thinks that this is meant to be. Ian promises to try.

Imani sits down in a booth with Jamal while trying to find the right words. She considers herself very lucky to have met Jamal. Until he came along, she had never met anyone special, nor did she expect to. She's afraid of how he'll react to the truth, because she's sure that it will change everything. Jamal is equally certain that it won't. He wants her to have faith in what they have. Promising to try, Imani prepares to tell him. Before she can get the words out, Madea clobbers Jamal with a frying pan. He passes out cold. Madea claims that she did it for both of them. Upset, Imani asks why Madea didn't give her a chance. She believes that Jamal would have understood. Madea tells her that it isn't worth the risk. Imani is tired of living her life this way, but Madea is just happy that she is living at all. She tells her granddaughter that it's time to leave again. She wants Imani to go now, and she'll take care of everything. Assuring Imani that Jamal will be all right, she tells her to run and never look back. Heeding her advice, Imani flees into the night.

Caleb turns on the lights in the wedding chapel. Picking up a daisy, he begins to remove the petals. He knows that Rafe senses his presence. He also knows what Rafe is thinking. Caleb has some questions of his own for the allegedly retired slayer. He wonders whether Rafe will keep his promise to Alison or come after him.

Alison tells Rafe that she needs to get a few things done before their wedding. That's fine with Rafe, who also has some things to do. He tells her to look for him in the wedding room if she needs him. Rafe enters the chapel and gets on his knees to pray. He feels that something is off, and he asks for a sign from above.

In their suite, Alison prays that Rafe will have the peace he deserves. She also asks that they can put the past behind them and have a fresh start. As she prays, she is unaware that Caleb is watching and listening from behind.

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