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Port Charles Update Wednesday 10/1/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

Olivia looks at a brochure that Caleb gave her. In her opinion, it looks like an amazing place to get married, but she's curious about how he happened to choose this particular place. Caleb would like to know why she's questioning him about a place she already claimed to love. He tells her that did all this for her, because he thought she might like it. Olivia says that she's starting to love the idea of going someplace out of the ordinary. She thinks it should be good for them. Caleb thinks that there's a certain symbolism to it; it's a clean slate for them. Suspicious, Olivia asks what he means by that, and he tells her to trust him. After all, they did promise to start trusting each other. Olivia stands nervously by as Caleb turns his magic 8 ball over in his hand. She wants Caleb to know that she trusts him, but she's trying to figure out what he meant by "clean slate." Caleb says it's about trying something new and different instead of getting married at the villa. However, if that idea makes her nervous, they can change their plans. Olivia assures him that she's just starting to get nervous about getting legally married this time. Caleb admits that the anticipation is getting to him. Olivia assumes he's talking about pre-wedding jitters, and he states that it's "something like that." Reminding her to pack her black nightgown, he states his intention to leave before nightfall. For now, he needs some time alone to perfect his wedding vows. Heading out, he promises to be back soon.

Alison and Rafe are very happy to wake up in their room at the bed and breakfast, which Alison believes is a gift from heaven. After getting up, they enjoy a breakfast of scones, marmalade, and orange juice on their suite's private patio. Annette, their hostess, reminds them that spa services are available. She offers to rearrange some rooms if they would like to spend their honeymoon there. Annette also confirms ordering their flowers but admits that she forgot to ask about an officiant. Alison says that their minister is driving up to conduct the ceremony. When Annette mentions having an arrangement with a hotel to accommodate wedding guests, Alison says that there won't be any guests. After Annette leaves, Rafe asks Alison whether she really wants to go through with this. He's worried that he may have pushed a little too hard for an elopement. Alison assures him that she loves the idea. Rafe understands that she has always wanted a big wedding that would include their loved ones. Alison knows that the private ceremony will be very special, and celebrate with everyone else when they get home. Rafe just wants to be certain that she has no regrets, since he saw the look on her face when Annette talked about having guests. Alison admits to very briefly thinking that it would be nice to have some people at the wedding, but she really believes that this is the best thing for the two of them. That settled, she tells him to relax while she takes a shower.

After the near tragedy at the cabin, Chris drives back to Port Charles with Elizabeth. Ian doesn't want them to leave without Lucy, but she tells him that it's too late. Chris will send a tow truck with tires for Ian's car, since he's the one who slashed them. Ian wants to take a shower now, but Lucy knows that it won't do any good. He's clearly hungry, and his symptoms are just going to get worse if he doesn't do something. Since Lucy didn't have time to get any blood for him, she's glad to have another way to help him.

In the woods nearby, a scared little Christina sits on the ground and calls out for her mommy.

In Ian's mind, Lucy clearly doesn't understand that he would have fed on Elizabeth if she hadn't come in and stopped him. Lucy argues that he stopped himself, but Ian is adamant about this. Lucy gives in and admits that she saved him. Given that, she can't believe that he really wants her to leave. Ian says that what he's become will tear them apart sooner or later, but Lucy doesn't believe that it has to be that way. She can't live apart from him, and she hates watching him suffer when she is obviously the solution. For his part, Ian hates using her as an antidote. Lucy argues that he makes love to her because he wants to, not because he has to. All she wants to do is make love to him; it makes her happy. She doesn't know why that isn't a good enough reason in his eyes. Ian tells her that there are only two ways to solve this. They have to either find a cure or live apart, because he couldn't bear to see her end up hating him. He opens the door for her to leave. Lucy tells him that he leaves her no choice. Taking off her coat, she sits down and refuses to go anywhere. Ian slams the door and sits down across from her. When he asks why she has to make this more difficult than it already is, Lucy offers to make it very easy for him. Instead of her helping him, they can use their respective abilities to fight to the death; it's up to him. Ian can't believe what he's hearing, but Lucy is serious, because she would never give up on him. He can either fight her or love her. Ian looks at her and then takes her in his arms. As he holds her close, he begins to sense something, and it has to do with Christina.

As Christina backs away from something that scares her, she comes dangerously close to the edge of a hole or a cliff. Ian and Lucy run to her and warn her not to move.

As Olivia packs, her last conversation with Caleb echoes in her mind. She wonders aloud why she can't just trust him and accept that he loves her, instead of always being so suspicious. She asks herself why she can't tell him how she really feels. In her mind, Caleb tells her that it may be because she's feeling guilty, especially when it comes to trusting. Olivia know that she's given him many reasons not to trust her, and she worries that he might not ever trust her again. Caleb's voice reminds her that he's taking her as his wife, which should prove something. Unconvinced, Olivia calls the number provided on the brochure. She tells Annette Manning that she and Caleb are to be married there this weekend. Annette looks up their names and finds the reservation. When Olivia asks a few questions about the arrangements, Annette assures her that Caleb has taken care of every detail. Still insecure about this, Olivia asks how Caleb found out about the place, since she had never heard of it until now. Annette tells her that they do a lot of weddings. She adds that another couple will also be getting married that same day. "Sweet people. I bet you'll like them," she says. Relieved, Olivia looks forward to meeting Annette and seeing the place. Hanging up, she tells herself that she has no reason not to trust Caleb; he really did it right this time.

Alison invites Rafe to join her in the shower, and he happily accepts her invitation. They are blissfully unaware that Caleb is materializing elsewhere in their suite.

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