PC Update Tuesday 9/30/03

Port Charles Update Tuesday 9/30/03

By Beth 
Pictures by Juanita

At the lighthouse, Kevin shows off his ability to walk. Lucy tells him that Christina is really excited about it; she's even drawing a picture of him walking. Kevin sits down when someone knocks on the door. Lucy opens the door to Chris, who asks whether she's heard from Ian. He doesn't want to cause any panic, but Ian might be in some trouble. Lucy wants to know what makes him think that. Chris explains that Elizabeth decided to join him at the cabin for a romantic rendezvous. Lucy tells him not to be ridiculous, but Chris informs her that he heard the conversation when Elizabeth called Ian. Now Lucy understands. She tells him that Elizabeth couldn't have called Ian at the cabin. For one thing, the phone is disconnected, and for another, cell phones don't work up there. Amused, Kevin tells Chris that someone is pulling his chain. Chris doesn't see how she could have been faking it, because she sounded really hot on the phone. "It's Elizabeth. She orders breakfast and she sounds hot," Kevin says matter-of-factly. In his opinion, she has Chris right where she wants him. Lucy agrees, since Chris has obviously had a "thing" for her for weeks now. Chris protests, but Lucy tells him that he's acting like a crazy, drooling adolescent. She points out that anyone can see that they can't keep their hands off each other. Kevin wants to get back to why Chris thinks Ian could be in trouble. With a sick look on his face, Chris admits to slashing the tires on both their vehicles. Lucy realizes what this could mean, and Kevin urges her to go check on them. As Lucy orders Chris to drive her there right now, Christina looks around the corner and hears what they're saying. Chris thinks it's a bad idea, but Lucy insists, and Kevin agrees with her. Christina turns around and leaves without anyone noticing that she was there. Lucy asks Kevin to take care of Christina while she's gone, and he tells her to go and not worry about it.

Elizabeth apologizes to Ian again and blames herself for everything. Ian won't argue with that. He's ready to walk down the mountain, but it will take about four hours. Elizabeth really doesn't want him to leave her there alone. She's afraid that she'll die from another reaction if he isn't there to save her. Ian condescendingly tells her to think. The toxin won't spread to her brain; she's just groggy and queasy from the shot. Elizabeth still wants him to stay, because he is in no condition to go down the mountain. She knows that look. He's hungry, but he can't feed on her. Elizabeth begs him not to turn her into a vampire again, because she hated it so much. She knows that she shouldn't have come to the cabin. Ian reminds her that this wasn't her worst offense. Elizabeth swears that she had no idea that it would come to this, but Ian doesn't think it matters. His symptoms are getting worse; he's feverish, and his voice is very low. He grabs Elizabeth's neck and asks about her relationship with Alison. Panicking, she admits that it could be better. She wants Ian to understand how sorry she is. Ian doesn't want her to apologize to him. He tells her to apologize to Lucy, his patients, and his little boy.

Imani looks worriedly out the door while Ricky reads the local paper. Not much passes for news around Silverhill. In an attempt to lighten the mood, Ricky reads to her about Bubba and Clifford Newton, brothers who were arrested for trying to hot-wire their own pickup truck. It doesn't work; Imani has a bad feeling about Jamal. Ricky assures her that Jack and Jamal are more than capable of handling themselves. He's seen them both in action, and they'll be fine. Imani tells Ricky that he doesn't know what they're up against, and neither do they. She is afraid that Jamal will get hurt because of her. Her stalker isn't just some jealous guy; he's bad news. Ricky reminds her that Jamal is a vampire, and he doesn't understand why that doesn't freak her out. She tells him that it's no big deal to her. Ricky says that it is a big deal in this case. "If we were to be betting on this--a psycho mortal against a badass creature of the night--I'm sorry, but my money's on the vampire," he says. Imani thinks about this and says that he's probably right. Ricky tries to take her mind off things with some of Madea's cooking. Seeing her chance, Imani sends him to the kitchen for cornbread and preserves. When the coast is clear, she heads out the front door, but Ricky catches her. They argue, and Imani cries, but Ricky refuses to tell her where Jamal went. Instead, he leads her back inside. While Ricky admires the moonlit sky, Imani consults her calendar, on which she previously circled September 26. (Note: This arc was originally scheduled to end on September 26.)

With Jack in a chokehold, the sheriff demands to know where Imani is. Jack claims not to know what he's talking about. The man intends to find out, one way or another. He urges Jack to save himself the pain and just tell him. Grabbing his attacker by the thumb, Jack pulls the man's arm down and elbows him in the gut, which knocks the man to the ground. Jack runs. The man stands up and follows him. Just when Jack believes that he's shaken the man, he is again attacked from behind. The sheriff throws him to the ground and holds him down. Jamal shows up and springs into action. Baring his fangs, he grabs the sheriff, pulls him off Jack, and bites him. The sheriff screams.

Lucy is concerned about the route Chris is taking to the cabin, but he assures her that it's a shortcut. He apologizes again for causing all the trouble. He blames himself for not realizing that Elizabeth was setting him up, because that's what she does. He just doesn't know why he keeps falling for it. Lucy tells him that he's in love with her. Chris denies it. He's not even sure he likes the woman; she's vain and self-centered, and she never listens to anyone but herself. That's why insane things happen to her and everyone around her. Thinking this will shock Lucy, Chris admits to being "Georges." "I knew that," Lucy states. Chris is surprised to hear that, but he thinks that she understands what he's talking about. He explains how he ended up impersonating the real Georges. Lucy tells him that it's because he's in love with her. Chris admits that it's possible, but there's another possibility. It could be because he's lived in this town for too long, and he's as wacko as everyone else. To make his point, he reminds Lucy, a slayer, of her love for a vampire. Lucy points out that people can't always help whom they fall in love with; it just happens. Ian is her destiny, and she's going to fight for his life and for his soul.

Backing away in terror, Elizabeth begs Ian not to bite her. Ian grabs her arm and tells her that he would have bitten her already if he were so inclined. He's just checking her pulse. She needs to rest, because her pulse could be stronger. Elizabeth tells him that she knows how he feels. He accuses her of not having had the self-respect to resist it. Elizabeth doesn't deny that; she just wants to help him now. He tells her that there's nothing she can do. Elizabeth doesn't believe that. She remembers how the hunger feels. Ian orders her to stop talking about it, but Elizabeth tells him that he has to share. "You want to share something? Okay, share your neck with me," he growls. Elizabeth urges him to fight it, because she can't fight him anymore. Ian says that this may be what Lucy's universe had in store for them from the beginning; everything comes full circle, and it's exactly what she deserves.

Jamal goes to Jack, who is very glad to see him. He's afraid that his attacker cracked one of his ribs. He asks about Imani, and Jamal assures her that she's fine. However, he is mad at Jack for getting himself into this. Jack tells him that it was part of the plan. Wanting to dispose of the body, Jamal looks around for the dead sheriff, but he's gone. They can't figure it out. Suddenly, Jamal becomes ill and rushes away from Jack to vomit. Still puzzled about the sheriff's disappearance, he rejoins Jack. He swears that the man was dead. Starting to put things together, Jack stops him. He tells Jamal about Olivia's claim to have bitten Imani. Jamal thinks that she was lying, but Jack points out that she also got sick, the same way he did. He thinks that there must be a connection.

Kevin walks around, looking for Christina, but he can't find her. He tries to call Lucy, but when her cell phone rings, he hears it nearby; she left it at the lighthouse.

Elizabeth is terrified. Ian demands a reason not to send her back to hell. Elizabeth reminds him that he doesn't hurt people; he heals them. Ian argues that he's not that man anymore. All he knows now is hunger. Just arriving, Chris and Elizabeth get out of the car. Chris is sure that everything is all right--until they hear Elizabeth scream. They run inside, and Lucy tries to talk Ian down. She wants to help him. While she distracts him, Chris goes behind him to get to Elizabeth.

In the car, little Christina climbs to the front seat and calls out for her mommy.

Ian warns Lucy to stay away from him, but she refuses. She reaches for him, but Ian pushes her away, baring his fangs at her.

Christina gets out of the car and takes off, heading away from the cabin.

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