PC Update Monday 9/29/03

Port Charles Update Monday 9/29/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

Rafe is astounded by the number of bags Alison has packed for their honeymoon. Alison informs him that she wants plenty of options. She suddenly decides that she needs to pack more eyeshadow, but Rafe objects that she couldn't possibly be any more beautiful. After a kiss, he gives in and tells her to go ahead and take it if she would like. He reminds her that he is open to changing their plans and going somewhere else. Alison still doesn't understand his point of view about the place. She believes that it was meant to be.

Olivia asks Caleb whether he finished everything he intended to do. Caleb assures her that he finished, down to the last detail. Curious, Olivia asks whether she needs to torture him with kisses just to get information from him. After a few kisses, Caleb tells her that he was making the final arrangements for their wedding. Olivia believes that it will be the most beautiful wedding ever, because he has made her the luckiest woman in the world. Caleb reminds her that they've exchanged vows in the past. Olivia realizes that, but it wasn't the same. Their private ceremony was beautiful, but now they can show the world how they feel. Now that she feels in her heart that he truly loves her, she can finally be whatever he wants her to be.

Imani screams as the door to the Silverhill Cafe bursts open. Madea rushes into the room with a gun and shoots at the intruder, while Jamal shouts a warning to get down. Ricky, the startled new arrival, hits the floor. As Imani helps Ricky to his feet, Madea threatens to kill him if he gets up. Everyone tells her to relax. Jamal and Imani assure her that Ricky is a friend. When Ricky points out that the woman just tried to kill him, Madea claims that she's usually a much better shot. In her opinion, he has no business being there. Ricky informs her that Jack sent him. He explains that the sheriff has been asking about Jamal all over Port Charles, which is why Jack is now leading him on a wild-goose chase through the woods. Imani and Madea become alarmed. Worried that Jack is messing with the wrong man, Jamal decides to help his friend. Imani tries to talk him out of it, but Jamal is ready to meet her stalker face to face.

Olivia still suspects that something isn't quite right, but Caleb reassures her. Kissing her fingers, he tells her that they have all eternity to work out their little problems. He knows how much she's always wanted a world of fire and passion. He surprises her with a kiss. "I love it when you take me by surprise and kiss me like that," she tells him. Caleb knows that she loves the unexpected; that's exactly what he's going to give her. Baring his fangs, he sinks them into her neck. It hurts, and she tries to fight him off, but it's no use. Her strength wanes, and she begins to lose consciousness.

Ricky enjoys some of Madea's home cooking. "You enjoy it, baby, especially my extra-special secret sauce. Made it just for you," she tells him. A sick look comes over Ricky's face as he thinks about what that could mean. Imani is still trying to dissuade Jamal from going after the sheriff, but his mind is made up. He will tear the man's throat out if that's what it takes. Realizing that he's serious about this, Imani decides to tell him exactly what he's up against. Jamal assures her that he'll be fine, but she isn't at all convinced of that. She tries to tell him the truth, but her grandmother stops her. Madea believes that Jamal might actually win this one. Jamal tells her to count on it. Ricky will stay and take care of them in his absence. Jamal is going to get this over with now. Imani hugs and kisses him, afraid for his life. Ricky tells Jamal that Jack will be expecting him at a prearranged location. Ricky knows to get the ladies out of there if Jamal isn't back in twenty-four hours. After Jamal leaves, Madea tries to reassure Imani that it will be all right.

Jack does his best to lure the sheriff away from Jamal and Imani. Using a flashlight, he looks around in the dark woods but doesn't see anyone else. He is pleased to have lost the other man. He stops, proud of himself for making a fool out of the sheriff. Losing his bearings, he tries to figure out which direction to go. Suddenly, the sheriff grabs him from behind, putting him in a chokehold. He demands to know where they are, and he will only ask once.

When Olivia wakes up, Caleb is sitting on the floor, staring at her. She asks what happened, and he states that he sometimes gets carried away. He explains that passion like theirs is sometimes hard to control; it can be unpredictable. Olivia says that it was different this time. Although it was good, it didn't feel the same. In fact, Caleb didn't seem the same. She loves seeing the fire in his eyes, but he scares her sometimes. Caleb tells her that fear is one of their most seductive powers; it enables them to survive. He wants her to tell him that she wants the power. He begins to shower her with seductive kisses, urging her to say it. Unable to resist, she complies.

At the bed and breakfast, Alison is stunned by how beautiful the room is. Annette, the woman who shows them to their room, informs them that they don't have another opening until summer. When Rafe asks how many other guests there are, Annette simply states that he will never see them, because all the suites have their own gardens and patio. They're completely self-contained. In addition, there are no incoming or outgoing calls, but a concierge will be happy to attend to everything that they could ever wish for. Rafe is very suspicious, and after Annette leaves, Alison tells him to stop. She wants him to enjoy the fact that they're in their own private world. While they share some champagne, Rafe mentions the idea of telling stories about this adventure to their grandchildren. Alison reminds him that they need to have children first. Rafe smiles; he thought she would never ask. Alison informs him that they can't have the honeymoon before the wedding. Rafe laughs about that, but Alison is serious. She will let him stay in the room, because they can still have fun. Rafe isn't sure that she can control herself. He suggests setting some boundaries. As they test it out, it becomes obvious that there are no boundaries. They fall to the bed and begin to make love.

Lying in Caleb's arms, Olivia comments that he never stops surprising her. Caleb tells her that he is there to know what she wants, even before she wants it. He assures her that everything is fine. Olivia admits that she is just waiting for the other shoe to drop. Trying to be positive, she decides to take a shower. After she leaves the room, Caleb picks up her shoe and drops it to the floor.

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