PC Update Friday 9/26/03


Port Charles Update Friday 9/26/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

Elizabeth and Ian both try their cell phones, but neither can get a signal. Ian admits that he's never had a very good signal there. He also admits that he used to have a landline but got rid of it because he was so seldom at the cabin. The only solution Elizabeth can think of is to walk to civilization. After informing her that it's a good twenty miles away, Ian tells her that she can't possibly walk dressed as she is. The way he sees it, this is all her fault for making Chris jealous in the first place. He's convinced that Chris is the one who slashed all the tires. Elizabeth sarcastically takes the blame for everything that's gone wrong. As she rants, she suddenly realizes that she's the reason Ian is a vampire. She quietly lets herself out. Almost immediately, she screams and yells for Ian.

As Jack tries calling Jamal from a pay phone, the sheriff lurks nearby, just out of sight. Jack says Jamal's name, leaving no doubt that he and the sheriff are looking for the same man.

At the Silverhill Cafe, Imani holds an ice pack to the scratches on Jamal's face. She's very apologetic about what happened, but Jamal blames himself for sneaking up on her. When she objects, Jamal decides to blame it on the fish. He tries to get her to talk about what caused the incident. Imani just says that she got a little scared. She clearly doesn't want to talk about it. Jamal apologizes for asking too many questions. If Imani wants to talk, he will be there for her. Madea joins them, and she's in a bad mood. She demands to know what that troublemaker did to her granddaughter. When Imani protests that Jamal didn't do anything, Madea asks why she did that to his face. Imani tells her that it was an accident that happened because she was startled. Madea has her doubts, but Imani assures her that she would tell her if it were something else. The older woman sends Jamal off to get a bandage. Imani warns her grandmother to be more careful, but Madea thinks that Imani is the one being careless. She wants her to stop leading Jamal on, because it can't go anywhere. She wants to know what really happened out there. Imani admits that she had the vision again. In the vision, she's being hunted down, and although her father tries to warn her, she gets caught. Madea reminds her that this means that her stalker is getting closer. She knows that Imani cares about Jamal, and she can see that he's special, but he's not strong enough to deal with who Imani really is. "Madea, he's a good man, and I don't have that long. Can't I just enjoy it?" Imani asks, hoping to pretend for a little while. Madea worries about how hard it will be for Imani to let go when the time comes. Imani promises to deal with it then. Madea thinks her granddaughter is in love with Jamal, but all Imani knows is that she wants to be with him. She wants Madea to understand that he is different. Jamal returns with a can of tuna and makes a joke, but stops when he sees the serious looks on the women's faces. Madea takes the can from his hands, insults him, and walks away. Jamal is bewildered. Imani tells him not to worry about it. She promises that their next fishing outing will be much less painful. "The pain is only beginning, my poor darling. This is gonna be bad," Madea says, watching them from the kitchen.

Alison fills a potential client in on the gym's basic membership program. The man, Joel, asks about classes, and Alison says that they have a lot of classes, including kickboxing, tae kwan do, and spinning. Joel likes yoga, and Alison says that they have ten classes a week. Joel decides to join. Rafe breezes in and pulls Alison away as Joel tries to sign a contract. Rafe has a bunch of travel brochures, and he wants to leave town tonight. Alison is stunned by Rafe's desire to pack their bags and get on a plane. Rafe suggests that they get married someplace they're never been. That's what his instincts are telling him. Alison agrees that they can go, but she would like to know where they're going. Rafe says to give him five minutes and he'll give her ten choices. They can go anywhere she wants. Alison just wants to make sure they have a really good chef, because she wants an awesome wedding cake. She goes back to Joel and apologizes for the interruption. He hands her his signed contract and admits to overhearing her conversation with Rafe. He tells her that his own wedding plans came to a halt when he got dumped. Taking out a brochure, he shows her where he and his fiancee had planned to go for their honeymoon. Since he's obviously not going alone, he offers it to Alison and Rafe. Alison thinks it's gorgeous but far out of their price range. Joel tells her that it isn't an issue, because she and Rafe can consider it a gift. It would really mean a lot to him if they would take it. Alison agrees, on the condition that he accept a year's membership for free. He likes that idea, and they shake on it. Joel leaves. Rafe returns, and Alison shows him the brochure. She fills him in and begs him to take her there. Scowling, Rafe refuses her request.

Ian removes the bee stinger. Elizabeth says that the stupid bee just came out of nowhere. She doesn't think she's allergic, but this is the first sting she's had since she was a kid. She expects to just swell up and itch. She roots around the small refrigerator for some ice cubes, and when she steps back, she accidentally pierces Ian's blood packet with the heel of her shoe. The blood spills out of the packet. Elizabeth tries to wipe up the mess, but Ian tells her that cleaning up isn't the problem. Elizabeth assumes that he has more packets, but before he can respond, she has a severe reaction to the sting. She starts hyperventilating, and she can't swallow. Ian coaches her through it and gives her a shot.

Jamal sets the table, trying to adhere to Madea's strict standards. Madea sits down to snap some beans. "I sure hope you're better at that bicycle shop hobby thing than you are setting tables," she remarks. Jamal corrects her; he has a very good motorcycle business that more than pays the bills. Madea can't imagine what bills he could be paying by closing up shop whenever he wants. Jamal says that he just lives his life by following his gut. Madea tells him that she knows what he's up to. She asks how he met Imani. Jamal takes a seat across from her and says that they just kind of met and then kept bumping into each other. He talks about how wonderful Imani is and how beautifully she sings. "Hers is the only voice I want to hear," he says. Madea abruptly stands and leaves, taking the bowl of beans with her. Jamal has no idea what he said wrong. Imani comes in as Madea walks out. She asks whether her grandmother was behaving herself, and the answer disappoints her. Jamal tells her not to worry; he actually thinks he's making some progress with Madea. Imani assures him that it would be a first, because she doesn't warm up to people easily. As for Imani, Jamal is definitely making progress with her.

Jack thinks he must be getting close. He thinks it's right up ahead. Hearing a noise behind him, he stops. Not sensing anything wrong, he goes on ahead.

Trying to deal with her own emergency, Elizabeth also worries about Ian's blood supply. Ian admits that he doesn't have any more with him. Elizabeth curls up on the couch, sleepy from the second shot. She asks Ian not to bite her, and he promises not to. Elizabeth says that she trusts him. She trusts him to figure out what to do now. As she starts to fall asleep, Ian looks worried.

Jamal and Imani kiss. Imani tells Jamal that she wants him. He feels the same way but worries about Madea. Imani knows a place they can go. Before they can leave, the cafe door bursts open, to Imani's astonishment.

Alison doesn't understand Rafe's reaction. Rafe tells her that it's too easy; he's not going. He is suspicious because they don't even know the guy. Alison points out that he does yoga, which they both take as a funny reason to trust him. Alison reminds him that they also have the man's address and phone number in case they need to check up on him. She really thinks this is meant to be. She waves the brochure in front of him, trying to tempt him to see things her way. Rafe finally gives in, and they race each other out of the gym. Joel looks in through the window. "I did something really nice. Feels good," he says, a strange look coming over his face. "Makes me feel ooey-gooey inside," he says before morphing back into Caleb.

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