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Port Charles Update Thursday 9/25/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

Chris fumes about the idea of Ian and Elizabeth being at the cabin together after everything he's done for both of them. He can't believe Ian would stab him in the back this way, knowing how he feels--or at least how he thinks he feels. Elizabeth is as crazy as a loon, and he doesn't need that. He doesn't even care, or so he tells himself. Annoyed with the ringing phone, he answers it with an unprofessional, "What?" It's Lucy, who is looking for Ian. She's calling from the lighthouse, where Kevin is having a session with his physical therapist. Chris claims to have no idea where Ian could be. He reluctantly agrees to have Ian call her and to tell him that she's thinking about him. After hanging up, he muses that he would bet any amount of money that Ian isn't thinking about her right now. When Trina tries to confirm their date, Chris tells her that something has come up. Although he absently offers to reschedule, Trina can tell that it's not going to happen. Telling him to forget it, she storms off. Chris blames Elizabeth for this.

Ian is surprised to see Elizabeth, who claims to have been in the area. When he questions that, she admits that she followed him. She says that she overheard his plans and decided she was long overdue for a day in the countryside or mountains or whatever this is. Taking off her jacket and sitting down in a seductive pose, she says that she figured he would be kind of lonely being there all alone. "What are you doing? Are you coming on to me?" Ian asks in amused disbelief. Elizabeth informs him that this isn't about him at all. She just needs to make Chris jealous. Munching on an apple, Ian muses that the idea of Elizabeth and Chris makes perfect sense. At first, Elizabeth doesn't understand, since Chris is an arrogant, self-centered, insensitive jerk. She realizes that he's exactly her kind of guy. "Yeah, he is. And I've got a hunch he might be interested in you," Ian states. Elizabeth doesn't think so, considering the way he treated her earlier. He was salivating all over this little bimbo nurse right in front of her! Ian tells her that Chris may not have any idea how she feels. Elizabeth doesn't know what to do. She's thrown herself at every other man she's been interested in, and that never works out. This time, she has decided to be subtle and let him make the first move, but instead, he made a date with a girl her daughter's age. "I know, but that's Ramsey. Takes him some time," Ian points out. Elizabeth says that it's always been this way for her. She has never been with a man who truly wanted her. Everyone always wants to be with someone else. Ian sits beside her, assuring her that it's not true. Elizabeth wishes that just once, she could want somebody who wants her.

In a bridal shop dressing room, an employee shows Alison some bridal gowns, but Alison has something different in mind. At the woman's request, she agrees to share the dressing room with another bride, since there are no empty rooms. Alison thinks it might actually be fun. As she looks in the mirror, she sees Olivia enter the room. Olivia offers to come back, but Alison invites her to stay. Trying to be friendly, Alison shows her a dress that might look nice on her. Olivia encourages her to take it, since she saw it first, but Alison has something different in mind for herself. She then shows Olivia a taupe dress and urges her to try it on. Olivia thinks it's the ugliest thing she's ever seen. She agrees to try it on if Alison will try on the pink one. Alison can't believe anyone would design such an ugly wedding gown. For fun, they try on the ugly dresses.

Caleb seems amused to see Rafe at his door. Rafe orders him to stay away from Alison and stop arranging these little "accidental" meetings. When Caleb reminds him that it's a small town, Rafe accuses him of using Alison to get to him. Caleb in turn accuses him of looking for any excuse to start the war back up again. Pouring himself a drink, Caleb offers his "guest" a cocktail or a nice spritzer, but Rafe isn't interested. He's there to warn Caleb. Caleb would like to know why everything has to be about Rafe. He happens to like talking to Alison on occasion. He hopes that Rafe hasn't become too insecure to handle that. Rafe denies being insecure about anything, because he knows that Alison's only interest in Caleb was the mistaken belief that he had some goodness inside him. Caleb wants to get something straight; he doesn't go seeking her out. More often than not, Alison is the one who comes looking for him. Rafe knows that Caleb refused her request for help. Caleb explains that although he knew the slayer would find his way out of hell, Alison wasn't so sure. In fact, she was desperate, and she would have done anything to get him back. "I have to tell you, I haven't had a proposition like that in quite some time," he goads his enemy.

Kevin is pleased with his session. He thinks he's really starting to come along now. Lucy is happy for him. She offers to get him whatever he needs before she takes Christina back with her. Kevin tells her that he'll be fine. He hands her something that came in the mail addressed to both of them. Lucy takes a look at it. It's an invitation to a charity gala in Florida. Lucy can't go, and she doesn't even want to. She wants to order Kevin something to eat, but Kevin isn't hungry. He wants to show her something. Lucy is aghast when he tries to stand up. She tries to stop him, but he is determined. After struggling, he manages to stand up. Lucy is thrilled for him, but she warns him not to overdo it. Kevin takes her advice and sits down. He urges her to go to that party in Florida, but Lucy plans to send her regrets. Not wanting to be the reason for that, Kevin stands up again. This time, he doesn't do as well. He falls. Lucy helps him back to his wheelchair. Since she still won't go to the party, Kevin wants to try again. Although she really wishes that he wouldn't, he stands up a third time. This time, he takes a few steps. They are both thrilled with his progress. Lucy goes to get Christina so that she can see her daddy walk.

After changing into the ugly gowns, Alison and Olivia turn around for the big reveal. They laugh at the sight of each other. In Olivia's opinion, Alison looks like Little Bo Peep. Alison thinks Olivia looks like Scarlet O'Hara. They laugh and then talk about what Caleb would think about his bride in that ugly dress. Alison can't wait to see his face when he sees his bride in her real wedding gown. She stops herself, realizing that she probably won't be there. Olivia quietly says that she won't get to see Alison get married. They reminisce about how they used to talk about their respective wedding days. Olivia compliments Alison on how she looks even in that ugly pink dress. In her opinion, Alison could be on top of a cake--the perfect bride. Alison points out that she hasn't always had the perfect life. Olivia argues that her own life hasn't been nearly as easy as Alison's. People have always liked and trusted Alison, but not her. Alison reminds her that things changed because of her relationship with Caleb; that's when she stopped caring about other people. Olivia never expected Alison to turn her back on her, but things have certainly changed between them. Alison says that while they might not ever be friends again, at least they're both finally happy. Olivia points out that they probably won't see each other much now that the war between Rafe and Caleb is over. Alison agrees, her eyes filling with tears. The two former best friends wish each other well.

Thanking Ian, Elizabeth decides to head back to town. When she leaves, Ian sits down with his research notes. Almost immediately, Elizabeth rushes back inside the cabin with the news that all her tires have been slashed. So have Ian's.

Chris hides in the brush with the scalpel he used to cut the tires. "Have fun, you two. You deserve each other," he says, believing they both betrayed him.

Rafe demands to know whether Caleb took advantage of Alison. "Well, it all depends on how you define that. A man--an evil man, unlike myself--well, he might have all kinds of fun with a proposition like that," Caleb says. He states that Alison came to him for help as a friend, and he encourages Rafe to ask her if he doesn't believe that. Rafe says that Alison is not Caleb's friend. Caleb is sorry that this bothers him, but Alison is her own person. "Just because you and I are enemies doesn't mean she and I have to be enemies," he points out. He admits to having been upset with her in the past, but she has more than redeemed herself since then. All this angst and agitation Rafe keeps carrying around is for nothing, because the war is over. Rafe isn't so sure. He gets the feeling that Caleb is up to his darkest deed yet. Caleb accuses Rafe of flattering himself. He has more important things to do, such as spending the rest of his life with the woman he loves. He suggests that Rafe take a little of this effort and enthusiasm and apply it to his own wedding planning. Rafe intends to do that, but he wonders whether Caleb plans to ruin his wedding day again. Caleb reminds him that he lives in Port Charles and pays his taxes. He will occasionally run into Alison, and if Rafe doesn't like it, he should take her and start a new life somewhere else. He hears it's very nice in Tallahassee. Rafe accuses him of pushing his buttons. Refusing to play these games anymore, he storms out. "Come down here all worried I'm going to get to your precious bride. You just don't get it. I already have," Caleb gloats, taking a drink.

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