PC Update Wednesday 9/24/03


Port Charles Update Wednesday 9/24/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

Ricky sits down at the bar, orders a double, and complains about his struggle to put a new band together. Replacing Stephen Clay isn't easy. Ricky asks Jack whether he plays the guitar. "About as well as I sing," Jack replies. Ricky apparently doesn't need any more of an answer than that. Jack asks whether he's talked to Jamal lately, and Ricky tells him about the guy who was looking for him. Like Ricky, Jack is immediately suspicious. Ricky admits that he got a bad vibe from the man, who refused to give his name and just seemed to be snooping around. He asks whether Jamal is in some kind of trouble. Jack thinks that he is now. Ricky assures Jack that he didn't tell the guy anything important; all he said was that he hadn't seen Jamal around for a while. Ricky thinks there's more to the story, so Jack fills him in on what he knows. Hoping to warn Jamal, Jack tries to call him but gets no answer. Ricky asks Jack whether he has any idea where he is. Jack says that he did leave him a message. He shows him a slip of paper giving the location as the Silverhill Cafe in Alabama. Ricky is ready to go there now and warn Jamal that this nut is after him. Jack has another idea. They huddle together at the bar while Jack tells Ricky his plan. He prepares to leave after making sure that Ricky knows what to do. He walks outside and takes out his phone. The sheriff steps out of the shadows and follows him.

Imani and Jamal are at a fishing hole. Jamal claims to be having a great time even though there are no fish. Imani tells him to be patient, because the fish are there. Jamal admits that patience isn't one of his strong suits. Hearing this, Imani tells him about a shortcut that will bring the fish right to him. She makes a fish face and a weird sound, calling it a fish call. Jamal thinks she must be kidding, but she swears that it's true. She tells him to try it. He does, and Imani bursts out laughing. She's sorry, but she couldn't resist. Feeling a tug at the end of his line, Jamal tells her that it actually worked. Imani also feels a tug. They both try to reel in and find that they've caught each other. In Jamal's opinion, they should give up go out for a fish dinner. They've been sitting there since the crack of dawn, and he doesn't see what the point is. Imani tells him to close his eyes. He does, but she puts her fingers over them, just to make sure he doesn't cheat. She wants to know what he hears. Jamal listens carefully and hears the wind rippling in the water, the leaves, and the birds. Imani asks what he smells. Taking a whiff, Jamal can smell pine, flowers, and many other things. When Imani asks how that makes him feel, he admits that he feels relaxed and happy. Imani removes her hands from over his eyes. "That, my dear city boy, is the point," she informs him. She says that her dad used to take her fishing all the time. Jamal asks how he died, and she states abruptly that it was an accident. When Jamal asks what kind, Imani immediately stands up and announces that they should get back. Taking the hint, Jamal offers to take the fishing poles back to the car. Imani has a flashback of herself running away from something or someone, with her father urging her to run and not look back. Jamal touches her shoulder. Imani screams and lashes out, scratching his face. Realizing what just happened, she apologizes for hurting him.

Rafe won't leave Alison alone as she hits on a punching bag. He goads her into hitting him playfully, and as they mess around, a customer comes in. Rafe grabs Alison and holds her, asking what she's going to do now. Alison knows what she'd like to do, but unfortunately they're not alone. Rafe isn't about to let that stop them. Citing temporary maintenance problems, he tells the man to leave. After making love, Rafe and Alison cuddle. Alison still can't believe he threw that guy out of the gym. She wonders whether his little stunt will cost them some business, although she agrees that it was well worth it. The only thing that matters to Rafe now is making her happy. If he could, he would shut out the rest of the world forever and dedicate his life to making love to her. Alison would love that, but they do have to live in the real world. Rafe asks what happened today to put her in such a good mood. Alison gently says that she heard something interesting. She tells him about running into Caleb in the park and learning about his plans to marry Olivia. Immediately, Rafe sits up, thinking only of the fact that she was with Caleb. He wants to know exactly what Caleb wanted. Alison explains again that they just ran into each other in the park. She doesn't understand Rafe's reaction, because she thought this was a good thing. Rafe suspects that Caleb has an agenda. Alison agrees but says that if he and Olivia really get married, they can drive each other crazy instead of everyone else. She also thinks it's possible that things will settle down with them. Rafe still doesn't trust the guy. He wants to know what's up with all these accidental meetings. "Wherever you go, there he is," he alleges. Alison tells him that it just happens, but all they did was talk and then go their separate ways. There's nothing to worry about. She throws her arms around his neck.

Olivia zones out, remembering the words to Caleb's new song. Caleb brings her back to reality and asks what she was thinking about. She starts asking him about his music, especially the lyrics. Caleb would like to know why she's suddenly so curious about his writing. When she recites some of the lyrics, Caleb is stunned. He wants to know where she got them. Olivia says that it doesn't matter. She knows that he wrote those horrible things about her, and she would like him to tell her that he was just upset and didn't mean them. "I meant every word," he states. Olivia can't believe this. She tells Caleb that if he's trying to drive her crazy, he's doing a good job. Caleb says that he wrote those words when he was angry about a betrayal. Olivia apologizes again. Despite her denials, Caleb knows that she was sorry only because she got caught. He reminds her that he knew about it all along and gave her many chances to tell the truth. Although he forgives her, he can't ever forget what she did. If that's true, Olivia would like to know why they're even going to get married. Caleb thinks that showing her would be more effective than simply telling her. He conjures up a movie of their past on the wall. It begins just before she drives the silver arrow into his heart and ends with the ultimate betrayal. Olivia cries. She can't bear to watch what she did to him. Now she understands why he doesn't trust her and why he's filled with anger. She thinks that Caleb must hate her. Caleb says that although he doesn't hate her, he does feel angry sometimes. That's why he wrote the song; he has to express himself. Olivia can't forget the fact that she took his life. "You gave me back my life in every way possible," he says, pulling her close. Olivia is so sorry about everything. Caleb showers her with kisses, and as things heat up, his fangs come out. Olivia also bares her fangs. Sinking his fangs into her neck, Caleb picks her up and roughly slams her against the wall in the heat of passion.

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