PC Update Tuesday 9/23/03

Port Charles Update Tuesday 9/23/03

By Beth 
Pictures by Juanita

Elizabeth arrives at the hospital in a good mood. She thanks Chris for dinner and suggests that they could do it again sometime. Chris agrees that they should pencil it in. He gently says that he needs to get back to work, and this time, Elizabeth understands. Telling him to save some lives, she walks away. Seeing Ian, Chris decides to ask for some quick advice about a "hypothetical" situation in which a man starts having feelings--or at least thinks he does--for a woman who is completely wrong for him. Ian doesn't see himself as the right person to ask about that. Although he doesn't want to talk about what happened with Lucy, he thanks Chris for all his help, including getting rid of the drug. He believes that Chris saved him from making a very big mistake. Chris asks whether his separation from Lucy is temporary or permanent. Ian doesn't know.

Oblivious to her surroundings, Alison carries an armload of bridal magazines through the park. As she starts to pass by, Caleb gets her attention and offers to help her carry the magazines, but she declines. When Caleb says that she doesn't exactly look thrilled to see him again, Alison claims to have made peace with what happened between them. She's decided to take his advice to move on and pretend that it didn't happen. When she asks about his own relationship, Caleb says that it must be something in the air. He's pleased to announce that he and Olivia are getting married. He hopes that Alison doesn't feel that they're stealing her thunder, but it just felt like the right time. Alison tells him that she couldn't be happier. Caleb is stunned, since he had no idea that their happiness meant that much to her. "No, it really doesn't," Alison says. It just means that things are back to the way they should be. She's somewhat surprised that he forgave Olivia for stealing the ring and making the wish. Caleb says that he was also surprised, but he convinced Olivia that it was all part of the past. "And, to be honest, it wasn't an entirely unpleasant experience. In many ways, it was actually quite memorable," he says. Caleb asks Alison's forgiveness for suggesting that what they did wasn't exactly a result of Olivia's wish. Alison reminds him that what he really suggested was that she actually wanted to sleep with him. She asks why he tells her to forget about it and tries to make her feel guilty at the same time. Caleb denies any awareness of doing that. Alison refuses to feel guilty about something she has absolutely no control over. She won't let this ruin her future or Rafe's. Thinking that Rafe is waiting for her, she says that she has to get going. Unfortunately, she drops some magazines and trips. Caleb catches her before she falls. "And you said you weren't falling for me," he says. Alison rolls her eyes.

At the Elixir, Olivia apologizes to Jack for standing him up. She tells him that she and Caleb are getting married for real, and she hopes that Jack will be happy for her. Jack wishes that he could, but the problem is that Caleb doesn't really want to marry her. He wants to punish her, and Jack can prove it. He shows her the sheet of music paper that Ricky gave him. Olivia reads the lyrics but doesn't know what they have to do with her. She asks what she's supposed to do with the paper. Jack tells her that she might want to run, because the lyrics imply that Caleb's future bride is going to have an eternity of pain. Olivia tells him that Caleb writes lots of dark songs, and they probably weren't even together when he wrote this one. Jack doesn't believe that. He's convinced that Caleb is trying to send her a message. This doesn't bother Olivia; even if it's true, all it means is that Caleb expressed his anger with her in his music. When Jack accuses her of being blind about Caleb, she in turn accuses him of being jealous. Jack denies any such thing; he's just trying to warn her and keep her from getting hurt again. Olivia truly believes that Caleb has had a change of heart. Jack says that Caleb has no heart. Olivia doesn't like Jack's attitude. She thinks he's trying to ruin her life. Holding the sheet of paper to the flame of the candle on the table, Olivia states that Caleb would never do anything to hurt her. Jack asks whether she really expects burning the lyrics to make everything disappear. Olivia tells him that she and Caleb have agreed to move on. She loves him and expects to live happily ever after. Deciding to go back home, she thanks Jack for caring. Jack reminds her that her wish makes it impossible for him to hate her now. He hopes that he's wrong about this, but he really believes that Caleb's song is a sign of what's coming. After she leaves, Jack pours himself a drink and toasts his ex, who finally bagged her vampire.

Elizabeth stands back as Ian tells Chris about his plans to head to the cabin. He promises not to do a disappearing act; he just wants to think about his life and pick up some work he left at the cabin. He will never accept that his life is eternal. Ian tells Chris that he's been a good friend. "Well, I'd give you a hug, but I bet it would lead to dancing," Chris jokes. Ian brings the subject back to what Chris was talking about before. If he thinks that this woman is the right one, he should go for it. Hearing this, Elizabeth perks up. Ian tells Chris that he has nothing to lose, but Chris points out that he could lose his sanity. Ian promises to call him tomorrow. He starts to leave. Elizabeth drops her purse and ducks out of sight. Chris talks to himself about Elizabeth. Although he did have a good time with her, she's certifiable, and the last thing he needs in his life is another crazy woman. A new nurse comes along and speaks to him. Interested, Chris asks her name. It's Katrina, but she usually goes by Trina. This is her second day, and she needs help with some forms. Chris shows her where to have them signed and initialed. He also tells her to come to him anytime, day or night, if she has more questions. He then invites her to go to dinner with him, and she accepts. They make a date for 8:00. Outraged, Elizabeth reins in her temper and approaches him after Trina leaves. She insults the other woman and asks Chris not to go out with her. When Chris questions this, Elizabeth says that he doesn't have time to date, because they still have a lot of work to do. Chris is ready to stop being "Georges," but Elizabeth reminds him that he still has some responsibilities. Chris informs her that he deserves a break from everything. He stalks off. Seeing Ian sit down nearby, Elizabeth gets an idea.

Caleb helps Alison to the bench and checks her ankle. Alison doesn't understand him at all. Sometimes he can be a very sweet person, and other times he's as cold as ice. Sitting down beside her, Caleb says that this may be why their relationship is so confusing to their respective loved ones. Rafe and Olivia don't understand it any more than they do. Alison says that she's looking forward to a nice, normal life without worrying about vampires or slayers. She just wants a life with no surprises. "Sounds pretty dull," Caleb states, genuinely puzzled. Alison thinks that their marriage may be a chance for them to ride off into the sunset. She stands up tentatively, testing her ankle, and limps home. "That was a cute speech, Alison, but the destiny we share is just beginning," Caleb says, amused.

Ian informs Trina that he will be at the cabin and can be reached through his pager. As soon as he leaves, Elizabeth springs into action. With Chris in earshot, she pretends to be on the phone with Ian, who is allegedly flirting with her and inviting her to the cabin with romance on his mind. She promises to leave now and be there as soon as possible.

After getting a message from Rafe, Lucy rushes over to Body and Soul and finds her cousin working out. She tells him that Ian moved out and that Kevin also left. She's hoping that Rafe has good news, because she could use some right now. Rafe tells her that he and Alison are getting married. Thrilled to hear it, Lucy jumps up in the air and then hugs her cousin. She wants to do something for the wedding, such as hiring some cannons to go off or maybe doing the music or the decorating. Rafe stops her. He needs something more important from her. Since she's his only family, what he would really like is her blessing. He's not just marrying Alison; he's giving up his vampire-slaying days for good. Lucy reminds him that they talked about this before and that he can't just quit. Rafe maintains that he can. He has to, for Alison and for their future together. Lucy would like to know which one of them he's really trying to convince. Rafe explains that everyone has a purpose, and he has finally realized that his purpose is to love and protect Alison. Listening to him, Lucy starts to believe that he's made the right choice. He can leave the slaying to someone else, but he has to hold onto Alison, because happiness is fragile and can disappear in an instant. Rafe understands that she's thinking about Ian. He doesn't ever want to let his cousin down, and she assures him that he won't. She's proud of him for choosing the woman he loves above everything else. He definitely has her blessing. When Alison comes in, Lucy hugs her and tells her that she's thrilled about their good news. While Alison shows Rafe a dress from one of the magazines, Lucy slips out.

Olivia has "Give It to Me" playing on the stereo while she waits for Caleb. When he comes home, she tells him that she would like to start planning the wedding. Caleb turns off the stereo. Olivia says that she has been listening to his music all day. She tries to get information about that particular song, which she knows is about the ring. Caleb says that it was on the charts before he found out that she took it. Olivia is glad that he didn't write another song about her. Caleb tells her that she should be very glad. Recalling the lyrics that Jack showed her earlier, Olivia looks worried.

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