PC Update Monday 9/22/03

Port Charles Update Monday 9/22/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

While Imani snaps some beans, Jamal makes sure her grandmother isn't around before sitting down with her. Imani explains apologetically that Madea hates to see people sitting around idle. Jamal understands that the two women are close, and Imani says that since her father died, Madea is the only family she has left. That's why Madea worries so much. Grabbing a bean, Jamal says that he also worries about her. Imani is glad he's there, and she thinks he deserves a reward for all his hard work. She slices a large piece of homemade peach pie and places it in front of him, grabbing an extra fork for herself. Jamal likes to see her smile. Imani claims that being in the country has that effect on her. She calls his attention to the music, but all he hears is the sound of crickets. Imani informs him that it's the best song in the world. Taking advantage of the "music," Jamal asks her to dance, and she accepts. It goes well until he refers to her as his future. Imani pulls away, saying that it's getting late. Realizing that neither one is tired, Jamal suggests taking a walk. Imani has a better idea. She tells him to keep his eyes closed while she arranges a surprise. Hearing the okay, he opens his eyes and sees that she has changed clothes. She wants to take him someplace he's never been. When his eyes are closed again, she places a tin can in his hand. He opens his eyes and looks, not exactly thrilled to see a can of worms. Imani explains that they're night crawlers; they're going fishing.

At the Elixir, the sheriff removes his badge and pockets it before approaching the bar. He orders a beer and tells Ricky that he's looking for an old buddy named Jamal Woods. Ricky is immediately suspicious. He wants to know who the man is, but the sheriff is deliberately vague, refusing to give his name. When the sheriff asks whether he's seen Jamal, Ricky replies that Jamal hasn't been around lately. The sheriff accepts that and walks away with his beer. Jack comes in looking for his date, Olivia. Ricky tells him that she was there earlier but left with "Mr. Tall, Dark, and Undead." Determined to get her away from Caleb before she gets hurt, Jack turns around to leave and collides with Alison, who tells him to just let her go. Jack tries to tell Alison that it isn't what she thinks, but she's onto him. Jack informs her that this is none of her business. Alison can't believe he fell for it again, but Jack insists that it's complicated. He thinks that Alison should know about complicated relationships. Alison points out that no one has ever treated her the way Olivia has treated him. Jack admits that he forgives her. He realizes that she will probably never leave Caleb, but he still has to try. When Alison points out that his ex is leaning on him again, he says that he chooses to let her do it. Alison tells him that he doesn't have to cozy up to Olivia anymore. Jack agrees to walk away if Rafe does, but when Alison says that Rafe already has, he doesn't believe it will last. He appreciates her advice, but he can handle this. Alison reminds him that the last time he tried to handle Caleb, he almost got killed. "Is Livvie really worth your whole life?" she asks. Jack is aware that Caleb will probably put up a fight. He doesn't believe for a second that Alison would turn her back on Jamal, but Alison doesn't see any comparison. Jack thinks it's exactly the same; if she ever saw Jamal going down a dark alley, she would be there to help him stop. Alison agrees but reminds him that Jamal has never tried to kill her. He hasn't even broken her heart many times over. She wants Jack to understand that Olivia isn't a friend; she's a habit. She wants him to take a look at what he has and just think about what she said.

Olivia wakes up alone. Calling out to Caleb, she stands on the bed to look over the partition. Not seeing him, she gets up and goes to the living room, still calling out her lover's name. When she turns around, Caleb is standing behind her. She asks why he didn't answer her, and he replies that he likes watching her. Olivia tries to entice him back to bed, but he asks whether she likes her surprise. The room is filled with red flowers and lit black candles, and she's wearing a black dress and heavier makeup than before she woke up. She tells him that although it's really beautiful, he is all she really needs. Caleb vanishes, reappearing behind her. Running his finger up and down her back, he says that he wants her to have everything and to just be happy. Olivia is happy that he still wants her. Caleb says that he will always want her. He picks her up and carries her to the bed, where she sits on his lap. Seeing a frown on her face, Caleb asks what's wrong. Olivia asks why he's suddenly being nice to her. Caleb would like to know why she is always questioning his motives. This is his way of saying that he forgives her. Olivia points out that he doesn't forgive that easily. She knows that he was quite serious when he told her to get out. Caleb reminds her that she threatened to haunt him for eternity, and it's true. Olivia in turn reminds him of how long it took him to admit to his real identity when he returned to Port Charles. She thinks that this is part of the same punishment for hurting him. She doesn't quite trust all this. She doesn't know what he's going to do next, and that scares her. Caleb goes to the door and opens it. Olivia can't believe he's throwing her out again, but Caleb says that the decision is hers. She can either leave and find someone safer and easier to love, or she can stay. It's entirely up to her. Closing the door, Olivia chooses to stay with him. Caleb tells her that they were meant to be together. He admits to wanting to hate her and trying to erase her from his memory. He even thought about killing her to get her out of his system, but it would be like killing himself. "You're in my blood, Olivia," he tells her. They will probably end up fighting their way into eternity, but they're tied together; he knows that now. Olivia swears that she never meant to hurt him. Caleb says that it's her nature; a scorpion can't help stinging. He either has to accept her flaws and learn to handle the consequences, or he has to destroy her. He's made his decision. With that, he kisses her passionately.

After leaving the club, the sheriff makes a phone call to say that he is in the right place, because Jamal Woods has friends and a business in town. He believes that if he lies low long enough, someone will lead him straight to Jamal. It's just a matter of time.

After Alison leaves, Ricky brings Jack a beer. Jack doesn't understand why he's hanging around so much, but Ricky reminds him that both his girls left and he has no gigs at the moment. In his opinion, Caleb is one selfish dude. "Read it and creep," he says, handing Jack the lyrics to Caleb's newest song. "With all the warnings and all the signs, you still try to take what's mine. So with the promise of my kiss, you'll never know a pain like this," Jack reads aloud. Ricky would hate to be Olivia right now, because if that song is any indication, Caleb is one very pissed-off vampire. Ricky asks what Jack plans to do, but Jack claims that he won't be doing anything. He wads up the page of lyrics. Ricky doesn't know why they both keep choosing crazy women when there are so many good ones in the world. Jack knows exactly what he means. When Ricky walks away, Jack picks up the crumpled paper and turns it over in his hand.

Lying in bed with Caleb, Olivia says that she's lucky to have him in her life. Stating that he has always considered her to be his bride, Caleb suggests letting the world know by making it official. He asks her to marry him. Thrilled, Olivia's answer is a resounding "yes."

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