PC Update Thursday 9/18/03


Port Charles Update Thursday 9/18/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

At the loft, Caleb listens in astonishment as a woman screeches through her private band audition. He's absolutely speechless, and he's trying hard not to laugh. Finishing up, the woman assumes that she sounded great. In fact, she's convinced that she's exactly what he's looking for. Sitting next to him, she comes on strong. Caleb strokes her hair and admits that he could probably get used to playing with her, but he would like to see her work on her technique a little bit. Encouraged, the woman pushes him back and begins to kiss him. Caleb tries to get into her advances, but memories of Olivia prevent that from happening. He finally pushes her away. Confused, the woman asks what she did wrong. Assuring her that it was nothing that she did, Caleb claims to have remembered something he has to do. Pushing her out the door, he thanks her and says that she did a great job. He closes the door as she protests that she has another song. Recalling Olivia's vow to haunt him wherever he goes, Caleb sets out to get rid of her.

Lucy tearfully looks out the window as Ian packs his bags to move out. She offers to make him a snack before he leaves, but he doesn't want to drag this out. He just has to find the courage to say his goodbyes. Lucy gets Danny and carries him back to his dad. She warns that Christina wants her playmate back soon; they're playing school, and she wants him back at his desk before he's tardy. Ian takes his son for a few moments while Lucy stands nearby, crying. When Ian returns Danny to Christina, Lucy slips a framed photo into one of his bags. Ian returns, stopping Lucy before she makes another attempt to change his mind. He holds her and promises to find a way out of this. "Christina?" Kevin calls, the sound of his voice interrupting their embrace. Ian glares at the wheelchair-bound man. Apologizing, Kevin explains that Christina asked him to come over, but he would have stayed away if he had known the situation. Ian states that he's leaving now, but Lucy isn't ready. Ian tries to apologize for attacking Kevin the other day, but Kevin kindly tells him to let it go. He leaves the room to give them some privacy. Lucy breaks down, grabbing Ian to keep him from going. With a kiss, he bids her farewell. He takes his bags to the door and leaves. Crying, Lucy runs to the door. Kevin returns and expresses sympathy. He offers to call Mario's to deliver some spaghetti for the kids if it will make her feel better. Angry, Lucy would prefer to take them to Mario's herself. She's fine with Kevin being Christina's father and being in their lives, but he's not her family anymore. Ian is her family, and she doesn't know whether she'll ever see him again.

Outside the Elixir, a confused Ricky sits down on the bench. He doesn't know what's going on anymore. At Casey's urging, he touches her to prove that she's real. Casey knows that it's different from touching the fantasy girl. She knows that Ricky dreamed her up, and she is here to set him straight. She wants him to let go for good this time. Ricky asks whether she really came back for him. Casey explains that she put in the request to slap some sense into him the first day he whipped up that mirage of her. Unfortunately, they've been backlogged. She's not even supposed to be with him right now, but she couldn't watch him make a mess of everything. She knows he's trying, and he's off to a great start by getting out of that vampire band. Ricky sarcastically asks who needs to be on top of the charts anyway. Casey reminds him that he always wanted a solo career, and this is his chance. She doesn't want him to weigh himself down with the past. Ricky admits that part of him always knew that he was making her up. He just doesn't know how to let go of her. He would do anything to be with her. There must be a way. Casey admits that there is a way; he could die. Ricky knows that she's right. He doesn't want to die, but letting go isn't easy. Casey understands that, but she assures him that there are many other great things out there in the world, and it's time for him to rejoin the party. She just wants him to find happiness. There are many kind souls around just waiting to cross his path and walk with him. Casey knows that he will find love; he deserves it. She is glad it wasn't with Reese, though. Ricky knows how she feels. He holds her. Casey assures him that he will find love with someone else. She also warns that if he messes up one more time, she'll find a way to send him a message. Ricky tries to accept that this is the last time he will see her. Casey is confident that he'll be fine. She's ready to leave, but Ricky stops her. He has something to give her. Casey protests that she can't take anything with her, but Ricky silences her with a goodbye kiss. Afterward, Casey fades. Ricky knows that she'll always watch out for him. A woman approaches and asks for his autograph, which Ricky graciously provides.

Inside the club, Jack takes a seat near Olivia, who refers to him as the jerk from the other night. Jack reminds her that he's the same jerk she wished didn't hate her anymore. Olivia adds that he's also the jerk who made her think he was falling in love with her. Jack firmly believes it was a good joke, but she doesn't agree. She orders a chardonnay from the waitress. Jack takes a wild guess that Caleb rejected her advances and that's why she's upset now. His advice is to just thank Caleb the next time he tells her that it's over. Olivia doesn't believe that Jack knows anything about her relationship. Jack argues that he does. She's as addicted to Caleb as Jack once was to her, except that he had enough sense to get out of it. Reminding her that the ring puts Caleb in control, he advises her to start controlling her own life. They need to find her something to do besides fawn over Caleb all the time. Jack invites her to tag along while he attends the opening of a photo gallery by the river tonight. When Olivia asks whether it's a date, Jack tells her to call it whatever she wants. In his opinion, it sounds as if she does want it to be a date. Olivia hesitates, but Jack goads her into going along to prove that she calls her own shots. Smiling, she agrees to go to the opening with him. Jack has a few errands to run first, but he intends to be back in an hour. Olivia wants him to guarantee her a good time. "Hey, I'm your company. There's your guarantee," he says cheerfully. After he leaves, Olivia thinks about what she's going to do. She decides to go home and change clothes. When she turns around, Caleb is there. He tells her that he was looking for her.

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