PC Update Wednesday 9/17/03


Port Charles Update Wednesday 9/17/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

The morning after tracking down Imani's grandmother at the Silverhill Cafe, Jamal finds himself tied to a chair. A man known as Junior holds him down while Madea goes through his wallet and learns his real name. Jamal assures her that he's not looking for trouble, but she doesn't believe him. She thinks that "they" sent him. When Jamal denies this and says that he's just looking for Imani, Madea informs him that he just gave her the wrong answer. Jamal tries to explain that he's a friend of her granddaughter's, but it doesn't ring true for her. She demands to know why he lied about his reason for being in town. Jamal points out that if he admitted that he was looking for Imani, Madea or Junior probably would have put a shotgun to his head. He knows all about the dirty cop and the murder, and he knows that Imani is innocent. Madea isn't at all impressed; she still has no reason to believe him. Jamal insists that he's telling the truth. Madea asks whether what he said about his grandmother was true, and he assures her that it was. However, he's not from the south--unless South Philly counts. Madea has heard enough. Jamal urges her to ask Imani about him, but she refuses. She won't even say whether or not Imani is in town. Jamal tells her that he's just worried about Imani and wants to find her. Madea has no intention of letting him find her. She says Junior's name, giving him a cue. Junior grabs Jamal by the neck just as Imani walks in the door.

While Ricky sits forlornly at the Elixir bar, Reese approaches him in a very good mood. Ricky asks whether Caleb really fired them from the band or whether it was just a nightmare. Reese tells him that the Stephen Clay Experience as they once knew it is now history. The bright side is that Caleb let them live. Reese likes being a free agent. She reaches inside her bra and pulls out two plane tickets to London. She has a lead on her mother's whereabouts, and she wants to find her. The extra ticket is for Ricky, because she thought he could use a change of scenery. He can help her find her mother, and they'll check out the action together. Reese will also talk to some people and line up some work for them. The tickets are open ended, which means they can take as long as they want. If they get their act together, this could be a whole new game for them. Reese has always believed that they would make a great duo. When her phone rings, she excuses herself to take the call. Casey appears behind Ricky and tells him to go with Reese if he wants, but she won't be making the trip with them.

After telling Alison how beautiful she looks, Rafe adds that last night was amazing. He kisses her, but Alison is clearly comfortable. She tells him that they work so well together because they never keep secrets from each other. Getting her courage up, she tells him that something really terrible happened while he was in hell; she had sex with Caleb. A sick look on his face, Rafe asks whether this is some kind of joke. Alison says that there's nothing funny about this. Thinking about how she could have let Caleb touch her, Rafe kicks something in anger. He doesn't understand. Alison tries to explain how it happened, but Rafe is too angry to see straight. He thinks that she did this so that he could return from hell. Alison tells him that it was Olivia's wish gone terribly wrong; neither she nor Caleb could stop it from happening. This is killing her! She asks Rafe whether he can ever forgive her. Rafe is shaking with rage. He jumps up and announces his intention to kill Caleb. Alison reminds him of his promise that the war was over. Rafe agrees that it's over, because there he can't have a war with a dead vampire. This time, he won't stop until Caleb takes his last poisoned breath. He storms out, with Alison begging him to stop before he gets killed.

Outside the club, Casey tells Ricky to kiss her goodbye if he goes flying off to Europe with Reese. Reminding her that it was hard enough being in love with an angel, he says that at least she was flesh and blood for a little while. This situation just isn't good for him. When Casey asks whether he loves Reese, he says that he likes her a lot but doesn't love her, and maybe that's good enough for now. Casey doesn't think it makes any sense for him to prefer the company of someone he only likes to the woman who loves him. Ricky admits that he never claimed to have stopped loving her. Casey wants him to prove it by telling Reese to leave him alone. "Oh, Ricky. You're doing it again," Reese says sadly from behind him. Choking back tears, she reminds him that she made it pretty clear that she wants to be with him. She can't handle this; it's driving her crazy. She wants him to choose between reality and fantasyland right now.

Madea tells Imani not to worry, because she and Junior are handling this problem. Assuring her grandmother that Jamal is her friend, she unties him. She is appalled to hear than Madea drugged him and tied him up the night before. Madea assures her that he's none the worse for it, and Junior chimes in that he wasn't even a little problem. Imani thanks Junior for his help but says that he doesn't need to stick around now. Jamal also thanks Junior, who shoves him as he leaves. Imani takes Jamal aside to find out what he's doing there. She can't understand how he managed to find her, because no one is supposed to know where Madea lives now. Jamal assures her that no one followed him but warns that the picture led him straight to the cafe. Imani now realizes that she should have burned it instead of showing it to him. This was stupid thing for him to do. Jamal knows that. As they embrace, Madea watches from across the room, an angry look on her face. Imani apologizes for skipping town but says that she didn't want to endanger Jamal. He reminds her that she knows his story, and he's not afraid. Still, Imani can't afford the distraction, which is why she would like him to go home. Jamal won't leave her and her grandmother to deal with this. When Imani claims they've managed okay so far, Jamal reminds her that she's on the run. As for Madea, she has to keep relocating, and she puts knockout drops in her collard greens when things get a little bit weird. In his opinion, that's not doing okay. Madea calls her name and motions her over. She tells Imani to make Jamal leave, but Jamal states that he's not going anywhere. Madea tells Imani not to keep smiling at him that way. Imani believes it will be all right for him to stay. In fact, she kind of likes the idea. Madea is afraid that he'll learn too much, but Imani promises to make sure that he doesn't. She really doesn't want him to leave yet. She goes back to Jamal, who says that he's a little hurt that she never told her grandmother about him. Taking his hand, Imani says that there are some things a girl can't explain.

"I shouldn't have told you about Caleb," Alison says in her sleep shortly before waking up. Holding her, Rafe assures her that it was just a dream. He asks what it was about, but she claims not to remember. When Rafe repeats what she said, Alison tells him that she doesn't want to talk about it. It was upsetting, and she would rather forget about it. She offers to make some pancakes for breakfast. Rafe thinks he knows what the problem is. He doesn't think she believes that his war with Caleb is really over, and he doesn't blame her, considering his track record. He reminds her that he gave her his pendant, which he has had his entire life. It represents his destiny as a slayer, and he doesn't want it anymore. For the first time in his life, he's going to choose his own destiny, and he chooses her. "That's all I've ever wanted, Rafe," Alison says, holding back the tears. Rafe apologizes for doing this to her, but she assures him that he didn't do anything wrong. Rafe tells her that she didn't let him down. His life is nothing without her. Alison asks him not to say that, but Rafe says that it's true. She is everything to him. He's just sorry for letting so many things get in the way of being with her. Alison regrets making so many mistakes when she feels that she should be perfect. Rafe tells her that no one is perfect, but together, they come pretty close. He can't wait to marry her. It's the only thing he wants. He holds her close. To practice being a wife, Alison is ready to go make some pancakes now. Rafe is going to shave so that he doesn't scratch her up so much. "How very domestic of you," Alison says, smiling. Alone, she sits on the bed, still unable to rid her mind of the memory of what she did with Caleb. She lies back and curls up in despair.

Reese feels insulted by Ricky's hesitation. She's losing out to a figment of his imagination, which is like losing a guy to a blowup doll. Ricky tells her that he can't go abroad with her right now. Reese would like to know when he will be ready, because he's obviously giving up on life. When Ricky says that he has to do what feels right, Reese comments that he should be in a straitjacket in a padded cell. She storms off. Casey hits Ricky on the back of the head and asks whether he's completely lost his mind. Ricky doesn't know what she's talking about, because he just did what she asked him to do. Casey can't believe this. A passerby bumps into her, and she tells him to watch it. The guy acknowledges her presence. Ricky doesn't get it; he's normally the only one who can see her. Casey informs him that she's not the girl he's been talking to, and frankly, she's mad at him for conjuring up such a nasty version of her. Ricky struggles to understand. Casey kisses him. "Oh, baby, you are so cute, but the bulb doesn't burn too bright up there sometimes," she says, adding that he has a lot of explaining to do.

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