PC Update Tuesday 9/16/03

Port Charles Update Tuesday 9/16/03

By Beth 
Pictures by Juanita

After finding Imani's grandmother's restaurant in Silverhill, Alabama, Jamal manages to leave Jack a partial message before the signal on his cell phone dies. Recognizing the woman from the photo Imani showed him, he approaches her to order something to eat and pump her for information. He tells her that he just finished a long road trip. Claiming to have hit a dead end in his search for family, he introduces himself as Jack Ramsey. Imani's grandmother doesn't know of any Ramseys in the area. When Jamal asks about her own family, she claims to be alone. She takes the order to the kitchen, peeking through the window suspiciously to watch Jamal check out a picture hanging on the wall.

Elizabeth tracks down Chris at the hospital to tell him about a surprise she has planned for him. Chris isn't in the mood to deal with her. He's tired of reminding her that he is a doctor and this is a hospital. People have real problems, and nothing Elizabeth says matters at all. He leaves her and heads for Ian's room. Lucy is there, and she demands to know why the sedative hasn't worn off yet. Chris reminds her that Ian's physiological makeup makes it impossible to know how he will respond to the medication. That's not good enough for Lucy, who still holds Chris responsible for what happened to Ian. Chris refuses to take the blame for this. He reminds her that Ian stole the serum so that he could live a normal life with her. Ian regains consciousness and discovers that he's in restraints, but he understands that they were necessary. Asking about Kevin, he is relieved to hear that the other man is fine. He tells Lucy that he did this for her and the kids, and he intends to keep doing it until he and Chris find a cure. Chris tells him to forget it, because it's over; he destroyed the research and the rest of the formula. Ian is furious. He tells Chris that he had no right. Chris disagrees. He leaves the two of them to sort this out. Lucy tells Ian that he had no right to put his loved ones through hell. She wants him to stop. Ian doesn't think she understands, but she does, and he's just making everything worse. This obsession is taking him away from her, and she needs to spend every single minute she can with him. Ian points out that he almost killed Kevin, but Lucy blames the drug for that. Ian admits that he likes the way it made him feel, and he can't believe she really wants to spend the rest of her life with a man like him. Lucy understands that he has a dark side, but she also knows about his good qualities. Ian wants to be a good man for her, which is why he asks her not to stop him from leaving. If he can't cure what's inside him, he has to learn how to control it. Lucy starts to protest, but she gives in. Ian pulls her to him and holds her close.

Caleb isn't pleased to see Olivia, but he allows her to come inside the loft anyway. Having heard him say Alison's name, she confronts him about it, and Caleb claims that she came by to offer condolences on their breakup. Now he would like to know why Olivia is there. She says that she wants to get a few of her things. Caleb would prefer to send them to her, but Olivia states that there's a problem. Removing her coat to reveal her nude body, she tells him that she has nothing to wear. Caleb reiterates that it's over between them. Olivia doesn't believe that. Caleb can appreciate her beauty, but he wants her to leave. She tries to seduce him. They kiss, but eventually Caleb pulls away to make sure that he's still wearing his ring. Olivia accuses him of being unable to forgive her for making one mistake. She wants him to fix it by using the ring to wish that she hadn't stolen it. Caleb laughs at the similarity to Alison's request. Olivia still wants to get him in bed. She can't imagine a life without him. Caleb informs her that no matter how much they make love, he can't believe a word she says. Olivia believes that he will never be able to turn his back on her. She's what he needs, and he will never be free of her. She leaves, confident that he will take her back soon. Caleb is just as confident that she's deceiving herself.

Overhearing Elizabeth cancel her dinner reservations for the two of them, Chris asks her about it. Elizabeth says that she wanted to give him a nice dinner to cheer him up because she's noticed how anxious he's been lately. After the way he treated her earlier, she doesn't know why she should be nice to him. Stopping her from leaving, Chris wants a chance to show her that he's not completely the horse's ass she thinks he is. Elizabeth asks whether that's his version of an apology. "You can spank me if it would make you feel better," he tells her. Elizabeth tries not to laugh. She tells him that she's already cancelled the reservation, but Chris is confident that he can get a table anyway. Elizabeth agrees to go, but dinner is now on him.

Imani's grandmother returns with more food for Jamal, who raves about her cooking. When the only other customer leaves, she closes up for the night. Jamal offers to leave as well, but she assures him that he can stay as long as he needs. Jamal again brings up the subject of family, pointedly asking whether she has any grandchildren. When that doesn't do any good, he asks about the picture on the wall, but she brushes that question off as well. Jamal tells her that this trip is all about family for him. "Well that's how it works, son. You got to protect your own," she says. Jamal yawns, starting to get sleepy. She moves his plate just before his head hits the table. She goes through his pockets and removes his cell phone, complaining about people who don't know when to leave well enough alone. After pulling down the shade on the front door, she places a call to say that she has some trash that needs hauling out. She tells the unconscious Jamal not to think he can get away with messing with her baby.

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