PC Update Monday 9/15/03

Port Charles Update Monday 9/15/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

After being left at the barn, Rafe comes home and looks around for Alison, but she's not there. He can't figure out what's going on. When there's a knock at the door, he rushes to open it, calling out Alison's name. It's Elizabeth, who picks up on the fact that something is wrong. Scowling, Rafe asks her to leave, but she refuses and asks him what's wrong with Alison. Rafe admits that he doesn't know, and he's in no mood to deal with Alison's mother. Elizabeth knows that he doesn't like her, and the feeling is mutual, but they both love Alison. She wants to figure out what's going on with her daughter, and she won't leave until Rafe tells her exactly what happened. When Rafe says that they were planning the wedding, Elizabeth can't believe they didn't include her. Annoyed, Rafe says that they were just talking. He tells her about the barn, which appalls Elizabeth. In her opinion, that's why Alison ran off. Rafe explains the significance of the barn to them. As Elizabeth begins to understand, Rafe realizes that not everything that happened at the barn was good. He silently reminds himself that he married Livvie there; he was also shot there. Elizabeth knows how much he loves her daughter, and she knows that he can handle whatever is going on now. Rafe is amazed that she would give him a compliment. Elizabeth says that Alison's happiness means more to her than anything, and Rafe makes her happy. She knows that they'll be able to get the magic back. Rafe thinks that she's right.

Alison tells Caleb that he has to fix this. She can't get the memory of that night in the barn out of her head, and she wants him to make it go away somehow. She loves Rafe, and she completely betrayed him. From this, Caleb realizes that she still hasn't told Rafe about what happened. He asks whether this is another trick, but Alison assures him that she's telling the truth. She wants Caleb to let her make a wish on the ring. Caleb won't do that. He informs her that it can't change the past, but Alison thinks he's lying. Caleb tells her that she'll just have to live with this. Alison is convinced that Caleb can do something. Caleb asks her to calm down and tell him what happened. She says that Rafe took her to the barn this morning, and all she could see what the way she betrayed him with Caleb. Their special place is completely ruined. Unsympathetic, Caleb tells her to get a new place. Alison feels caught in a no-win situation; she can't tell Rafe, but she can't keep this from him. Caleb understands that she's being unfairly tormented by this; they are both paying the price for their lovers' obsessions. He thinks it's kind of sad. Alison doesn't think he seems very upset about it. Caleb states that he had to get over it. He isn't one of the guilty parties, and neither is she. He doesn't think they should feel responsible for what happened. Unlike her, he doesn't worry about guilt and shame. Alison won't apologize for being human. She feels guilty, even though she knows that the ring twisted Olivia's wish into something completely wrong. Caleb thinks there's another possible explanation. He suggests that Alison is upset with herself for not fighting the magic a little harder. "Maybe all it did was fuel what was already there between us," he states. Alison slaps him hard.

After initially giving in, Jack pulls away from Olivia's kisses, telling her it's not a good idea. Angry, she tells Jack that she hates him. Jack asks whether she wanted him to look like some sick, demented puppy and forget all about the past. Olivia states that she just wanted a little comfort. When she mentions her wish, Jack stops her and asks what she's talking about. She finally admits that she did make a wish about him, but it wasn't for him to love her. She just wished for him to stop hating her. Chuckling, Jack says that he has some news for her; it isn't working. While he paces, she leafs distractedly through a magazine. She asks him not to be mad at her, but Jack informs her that he can't be mad at her because of her wish. Olivia doesn't see what's wrong with that. She reminds him of the great times they had in the past. Jack says that Caleb's arrival ended the good times. Pointing out that Caleb isn't there, Olivia comes onto him again. Jack tells her not to touch him. He means it. He tells her that she doesn't know what she's done, because her wish made him completely defenseless. He can't hate her anymore, no matter how much he wants to. All the hate that he had built up was his shield against her. Now that it's gone, all he feels is love. He is madly in love with her. Olivia doesn't like this. She tells him that he's confused, but Jack denies that. He grabs her and tells her that he loves her. He asks her to marry him and have his children. They can just forget about Caleb. Jack can board the windows and the door to keep all the evil away. He loves her so much! He kisses her face all over. Olivia struggles and pulls away from him. Jack chases her around the room, reminding her that this is what she wanted. She denies wanting this permanently. She just wants to be friends. "You're my soul mate! I love you! I love you! You're my soul mate. You're my heart," Jack tells his terrified ex. She runs to the door. Jack starts laughing. "I gotcha!" he repeats several times. Furious, Olivia leaves. Jack is still laughing about it.

"Second time in a month. Not a bad right hand," Caleb states. Alison promises to slap him again if he thinks for even a second that she wanted to make love to him. "It was just a thought," Caleb says, grinning. Alison accuses him of being cruel, as usual. She maintains that they were caught in the middle; there's nothing more to what happened. Caleb tells her not to come to him for answers if she doesn't want to hear his theories. She can torture herself with this experience if she wants, but he's using it to make some changes in his life. He tells her about firing the band and ending things with Olivia. He's moving on, and he advises her to do the same. Alison states that she will, but Caleb doesn't believe her. He thinks that she'll try but that her little conscience won't let her. Alison reminds him that Rafe came back from both heaven and hell for her. They will live their life together. "And there was much rejoicing," Caleb good-naturedly pokes fun. Alison informs him that she and Rafe will get married and be very happy; there's nothing that Caleb or anyone else can do to change that. She's going to have a good life. She storms out, but Caleb lingers at the door. "You go ahead. You try to ignore that ache. Try to ignore that knot in your stomach. The longer the pain goes on, the sweeter it is," he says.

Rafe tries to call Alison, but there's no answer. Elizabeth thinks that they should drive around looking for her, but Alison comes home. Seeing her mother, she asks what she's doing there. Rafe takes her hand, and Elizabeth decides to give them some privacy. Promising to call later, she tells Alison not to let anyone or anything ever stop her from being happy. Now that they're alone, Rafe apologizes for blocking out the bad things about the barn. As he holds Alison, the image of what she did with Caleb won't leave her mind. She pulls away. Misinterpreting this, Rafe assures her that they never have to go to the barn again. He keeps kissing her as she tries to talk. She doesn't think she deserves this. She loves him, and he's all she's ever wanted.

Contemplating his ring, Caleb thinks about his conversation with Alison. "I warned you. Like everyone else, you were given a chance to save yourself, but you wouldn't listen. So now you're going to get what you deserve," he says. There's a knock at the door. "Alison, back so soon?" he asks, opening the door. Unfortunately, it's Olivia, and now she knows that Alison was there.

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