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Port Charles Update Friday 9/12/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

Alison sets a breakfast tray down on the bed and lovingly watches Rafe sleep peacefully. Remembering her uncontrolled passion in the barn with Caleb, she vows not to let it ruin what she and Rafe have. Rafe wakes up, probably from hearing her quiet promise to herself. He doesn't know why she let him sleep so late, but Alison figured he could use the rest to give him energy for all the wedding planning she wants to do today. Rafe is amused by some of the tips contained in the bridal magazines. Alison laughingly assures him that they actual have some really good ideas. Besides, she wants everything to be perfect this time, because he deserves it. They both do. She just wants to show the world how much they mean to each other. Rafe thinks that everyone already knows. He reaches for her, but she pulls away. Although Alison denies it, Rafe knows that something's wrong, because she flinches every time he touches her. He thinks he knows what it is. Alison claims that she's just a little nervous about everything. Rafe doesn't think she needs to be anymore. He knows it's entirely his fault. He understands that she's afraid he'll disappear on her again, but he won't do that. The war really is over. Taking off the chain he wears around his neck, he gives it to her. It represents every battle he's ever had. He wants her to take it and do whatever she wants with it, because he doesn't want it anymore. All he cares about is their future together. Looking at her, he suspects that she still doesn't believe him. Alison assures him that she does; she just wants everything to be perfect. Rafe has been thinking a lot about that, and he has an idea. He asks her to trust him. Alison overreacts, asking why he would think that she doesn't trust him. Rafe reassures her and says that he knows a way to make their lives much simpler. He jumps up out of bed and tells her to get dressed. He has a surprise for her, and thinks she'll love it. She smiles, and they both look very happy.

Caleb tries to write a new song, but the words just aren't coming. Unfortunately, Ricky badgers him about it and demands to know what's going on. Caleb informs him that he's working on a song. It's a new tune, and he thinks the band will like it, but he needs some space. Ricky backs off, muttering, "Probably just another 'I Hate You, Livvie' song." This angers Caleb, who asks him to repeat that. Ricky tells his boss to relax. Caleb grabs him by the neck and shoves him against the wall, lifting him off the floor in the process. He again asks the drummer to repeat what he said. "He said he didn't mean it. Right, Ricky?" Reese says, trying to pacify her boss. Ricky nods, and Caleb releases his hold. Ricky admits to having gone a little far with the whole Livvie thing. Caleb reminds everyone that what he writes for the band is his business. Ricky explains that they already have a ton of unrecorded material that Caleb likes. Caleb doesn't want to hear this. After telling them all to go make themselves useful, he walks out of the room. Reese asks Ricky whether he's all right. Ricky replies that he would be a lot better if they were out there making money. Reese warns him not to push Caleb, but Ricky believes that someone has to. They make money when by going on tour, not by sitting around. Caleb may not need the money, but they do. Reese reminds the drummer that he doesn't know the boss the way she and Caz do. "He's in a mood. It's not a good thing. Leave him alone," she warns. Caz nods his agreement, his eyes wide just thinking about it.

Jack wakes up Olivia, who spent the night on his couch. He offers her a cup of tea, but she can't deal with it at the moment. Her stomach hurts because she needs to feed. Alarmed, Jack jumps up off the couch. Olivia points out that it's no different from what Jamal has to do. Jack worries that she intends to make a meal out of him, but she sets him straight, and he pretends to have known that. Olivia says that Caleb used to take care of her whenever she got hungry. Jack admits to having forgotten about the whole blood thing. Olivia offers to leave if he's not comfortable with it, but he volunteers to pick up Jamal's supply of blood, since he just left town. This is only for now; she'll have to figure out how to take care of herself, because he can't do it forever. Olivia states that she doesn't expect him to. After he leaves, she tries to make Caleb somehow feel her. She thinks about some of their many passionate moments together.

At the loft, Caleb shakes off the memory of when Olivia turned him back into a vampire. He's trying to write, and he's wasted too much time already. He just wants to get the last verse done.

After taking Alison to a secret location, Rafe asks his blindfolded fiancée to picture his vision of their wedding. They'll have their own private ceremony with just their own little circle of friends. Alison reminds him that they need flowers, and he agrees that they'll have lots of pink roses everywhere. They'll write their own vows, and the groom will be wearing a big smile from ear to ear. Nuzzling her neck, Rafe says that she already knows where they are. It's someplace that's really important to both of them. "What?" Alison asks, the smile suddenly leaving her face. Rafe tells her that they can finally have the wedding of their dreams. At his urging, she removes the blindfold. Telling him that they can't get married in the barn, Alison walks outside. Extremely confused, Rafe follows her and asks what's wrong. Alison says that they can't get married there. Rafe would like to know why, but she won't give him an answer. Rafe agrees to find another place, but he doesn't understand. Alison can't talk about it. She has to go now. Rafe wants to go with her, but she insists on going by herself.

Refusing to let Caleb ignore her, Olivia decides to call him at the loft. Satisfied with what he's written, Caleb calls the others over to check it out. It's a new beginning for the band. When he answers the phone, Olivia apologizes again and tells him that it can't be over between them. When her words are met with silence, she asks him to say something. "Who is this?" Caleb asks, hanging up on her cries. Looking at the phone, Caleb tells himself that he needs a change. In fact, he's going to change everything. He tells the others that he just figured out what he really needs. The problem with the band is that the setup has gone stale. It's dull, and he needs a change. He liked it better when they were all vampires, because people bore him. Ricky doesn't care what he thinks. In his opinion, the band would be better if the front man ever showed up for rehearsal. "Your neck feeling better, Garza? What about you, Caz? How do you feel?" Caz reluctantly admits that Ricky has a point. When Caleb asks for Reese's opinion, she says that she just goes with the flow. Ricky states that it's three to one. Caleb informs them all that his vote is the only one that counts as long as he's the only vampire. "Sorry, kids. You're fired," he announces. They can't believe this. Caleb orders them to get out. He's making new plans, and they're not included. It's been real, and it's been fun, but if any of them says another word, it will be his last. Reese and Caz rush to get out the door, and Ricky slowly follows them. He pours himself a drink--possibly blood--and wonders what Olivia is thinking right now. He thinks she's ready to do just about anything.

Olivia tells herself that this is just a test. Jack returns with a good supply of blood from Jamal's place. While he puts it in the refrigerator, she comes up with a plan. Adjusting her top to look sexy, she says that Caleb may be able to live without all this, but not Jack. "Wow," Jack says when he comes back. Olivia seductively asks whether she can repay him for being such a good friend. Jack tells her that she doesn't owe him anything, and that's the way he likes it. Olivia reminds him of the good times they've had, but Jack refuses to make any more. She comes on stronger than ever. Against Jack's wishes, Olivia kisses him.

Caleb is pleased. He has fresh material, and he'll audition a new band. He's beginning to feel like his old self again. Thinking about Olivia's betrayal, he tells himself that they're not done yet--but they will be soon. He answers a knock at the door. It's Alison, and she wants him to make what they did at the barn go away.

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