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Port Charles Update Thursday 9/11/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

Opening his door, Jack finds Olivia crying on his porch. She admits to really messing up, because now Caleb has thrown her out for good. Jack invites her inside and offers her something to drink, but she just wants a tissue. Wiping her tears, she apologizes for bothering him but says that she had nowhere else to go. After Jack asks what happened, he realizes that Caleb must have found out that she stole his ring. Olivia doesn't know why she does these things; she ends up destroying everything she touches. Jack agrees that she seems to have a knack for it. Olivia admits to being a really horrible person. "I can't believe I'm saying this, but you're not horrible. You're not completely horrible," Jack says. She thanks him sarcastically. Jack says that it's true; she just wants to be loved. He thinks that she just got lost somewhere along the way. Taking this to mean that he understands, she suggests that he may be able to help her find her way back. Jack protests, but she's convinced that he can help. She reminds him that he's the only one who knows how she was before. As she begs for his help, someone starts pounding obnoxiously on the door. Jack intends to get rid of the person, but Olivia doesn't want to see anyone. Jack tells her to relax and throw some water on her face. When she's out of sight, Jack opens his door again. This time, it's Jamal, and he wants Jack to pack his bags and come with him to find Imani. Jack wants him to slow down and tell him exactly what happened. Jamal fills him in on what he knows, including the fact that her stalker is a sheriff. When Jack asks why she left, Jamal admits that he got too nosy. Now he has to find her. Jack is ready to grab his stuff and take off, but Olivia comes out of hiding and begs him not to go. She needs him.

A crazed Ian backs out of sight as Kevin apologizes for upsetting Lucy. Lucy is confident that she and Ian will work this out; she just loses her focus sometimes. She needs to go now. She asks whether he'll be all right, and he says that his ride should be there any minute. He asks her to bring Christina by to see him soon, because he already misses her. Lucy agrees. After leaving him, she runs into Chris nearby, and he's frantically looking for Ian. After he explains that Ian took a much more potent dose of the serum, Lucy panics and joins in the search.

Jamal wants to know that this isn't what it looks like. Jack assures him that nothing is going on. He doesn't even know why she's there. Jamal points out that he did let her in, and she's the woman he was going to hate for the rest of his life. Jack says that he did hate her. It's clear to Jamal that he doesn't hate her now, and he would like to know why that changed. Jack doesn't know. Olivia asks them to stop talking about her while she's standing right there. Jamal wants to know what she's doing there, and she replies that Jack is just being a friend. Jamal laughs, but she reminds him that they all used to be friends once. Jamal points out that it was a long time ago, before she went psycho. Olivia tells him to take a good look at Imani before throwing that word around. Jamal asks what she thinks she knows, but she thinks he might find out for himself when he finds her. Jamal is tired of listening to her lies. He's ready to head out with Jack. Olivia begs Jack not to leave her. She has nowhere to go, and he can't abandon her right now. Jack informs her that he's going with Jamal; he wants her to stay at the house. Olivia begs him not to leave her alone. Her heart is breaking, and she has no one to talk to. "Everyone has turned their back on me," she sobs. Jack tells her to talk to her dad, and Jamal thinks it's a good idea. She doesn't agree; she doesn't want to worry him with her problems while he tries to recuperate. Jamal urges Jack to come with him now. Olivia decides to go with them. She promises not to cause any trouble, but Jamal decides to just go look for Imani by himself. Jack objects, but Jamal is afraid that she would just follow them and make everything worse. He walks outside. Jack asks Olivia what her problem is and why she's doing this to him. She apologizes and cries on his shoulder. Jack wants her to tell him what she knows about Imani. She explains that although she bit her one night, she became violently ill, but nothing happened to Imani. She also tells him how strong Imani was after it happened. Jack doesn't see the significance of any of this. Admitting that she may have exaggerated a little, she offers to leave if he wants. Jack intends to honor his word and let her stay.

At a diner, Imani takes out a note from Jamal. After reading it, she tears it up. A guy approaches her, but tells him that she's not exactly available. The guy takes it pleasantly enough and walks away. Imani takes out her phone and punches in Jamal's number. Jamal answers, but Imani doesn't speak. She hangs up; she can't bring herself to do this to him.

Jamal is convinced that it was Imani who called and didn't say anything. Trying to come up with a clue as to her whereabouts, he recalls the photo taken outside her grandmother's restaurant in Alabama. That's where he decides to start.

Now that Lucy is gone, Ian steps behind Kevin and bangs on the vending machine. Turning around, Kevin tells him that Lucy left, but he already knows that. This will give them a chance to talk. When Ian speaks, his voice is raspy and low, almost a growl. His eyes are glowing red with vampire rage. Kevin asks whether he's feeling all right. Ian replies that he should know how hectic a blended household can be, especially when one of the members is a vampire. Kevin admits to knowing that they're having some problems with that. He also knows that Lucy wants them to work through it. Ian's behavior becomes more alarming as he mocks and taunts Kevin. He accuses Kevin of wanting this from the beginning so that he could maneuver himself back into Lucy's life. Kevin points out that Ian doesn't seem to be feeling very well. Ian asks whether he's suggesting that he feed. He can't show Lucy. Kevin asks what he's talking about. "What you've been whispering in her ear this whole time. Whisp, whisp, whisp, whisp. 'Ian is a vampire, and the day will come when he will do what comes naturally,'" he says in Kevin's face. Kevin thinks that Ian needs a little help. He suggests paging Chris, but Ian doesn't see any reason to do that, since they're just having a friendly chat. Kevin doesn't think it feels very friendly. Smacking his own face, Ian admits that Kevin is right. "Maybe I need to feed on you. You will feed me. It's what comes naturally. It's my instinct. You need to help me get in touch with my dark side. Please? Please?" Ian babbles. His hand is on Kevin's, and his red eyes start to fill with tears. Kevin calmly asks him not to do whatever he's thinking about doing. He should do it for Lucy. "Always do what's best for Lucy! Always! Always!" Ian rages, ordering Kevin not to pretend to have never dealt with the dark side. He asks Kevin whether he fought it or embraced it. "Share with me, teacher! Share with me what you felt!" he demands. He wants to know whether Kevin relished the sweet, sacred sense of liberation when the darkness came. As for Ian, he's never felt stronger in his life.

Chris gets off the elevator and meets up with Lucy. Neither of them has found Ian anywhere. Lucy irrationally blames Chris for letting him have the drug. Chris turns it around on her, saying that she's the reason he took it in the first place. In his opinion, Ian wouldn't have done it if he hadn't felt so threatened by Kevin. No matter what Lucy believes, Chris knows that she's the reason he took the serum.

"Share with me, Kevin. Share with me, Kevin. Share with me, Kevin," Ian chants, rocking back and forth. Complying, Kevin asks what he would like to know. Ian wants to know how it felt when the power rushed through his veins. Kevin states that he felt hatred and anger. Most of all, he remembers feeling dead inside. Ian tells him that he's better now, which is good, because now he can look down in judgment on him. He can fill Lucy's head with worries of the day when Ian finally snaps. Kevin won't apologize for that. Ian thinks that's fair. He won't apologize for killing Kevin. "Goodnight, Collins," he says, baring his fangs for attack. Kevin throws a pot of hot coffee on him. Ian yells and picks up a chair to smash down on him. Just arriving, Lucy screams at the sight. She tries to talk Ian down, but it's no use. He orders her to stop lying, because she doesn't really love him; she's a slayer, and he's a vampire. They all knew that this day would come, and it's here. He orders her to get out of his way. She refuses, confident that she can stop him. She tells him that the drug is causing this. While she distracts him, Chris sneaks up behind him and jabs a needle in his neck. Ian goes down, hissing and raging.

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