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Port Charles Update Wednesday 9/10/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

Tired of having virtual strangers in his penthouse, Chris tells Elizabeth that this has to stop. She's not listening, though; she needs "Georges" to sign some forms. Chris asks when this will end. Shushing him, Elizabeth says to just smile and sign the papers; time is money, and they both hate losing money. Chris complies, signing the forms with his alter ego's name. He and Elizabeth are uncomfortably close, and the air is filled with sexual tension. Chris is glad when someone knocks on the door. It's Ian, who confronts his colleague about the lack of progress toward a cure. He says that Chris promised to take care of his symptoms and get him back to normal. Chris points out that he didn't promise anything. He's still working on it, and since the experiment failed, he's had time to make some adjustments. Ian is ready to test it out again. Chris protests that it's not ready, but Ian doesn't have time to argue; he wants his life back. Chris won't do that; he's learned his lesson about using humans as guinea pigs. Ian reminds him that he isn't human. He wants Chris to double or triple the dose if necessary. Chris tells him to be patient. When Elizabeth interrupts to have Chris sign something else, Ian goes to pour himself a drink. Seeing the serum samples, he steals them and then pretends to have changed his mind. He heads out.

Alison worries about putting the wedding together in time. She has to find a new wedding gown, since she can't wear the same one as before. She also wants to find a caterer, but she's worried about finding one on such short notice. The invitations will also be a problem. Rafe wants her to take a breath. He doesn't think she should stress over this so much, since they don't have to get married right now. Alison thinks they've waited long enough. Rafe understands, and he thinks it's amazing that she can't wait. Alison has a lot of planning to do, so she wants to get to it. Rafe promises to help after going for a quick run. They kiss happily before he leaves. Just outside the door, his expression turns serious as he states that he's on his way.

Because of the need for another signature, Elizabeth and Chris are standing very close to each other again. She doesn't know what she was thinking earlier, because she clearly needs two signatures. "You know how it is sometimes. You just don't even see what's right in front of you," she says, looking into her business partner's eyes. Chris knows how that can be. He advises her not to wear that perfume if she's going to be working at his place all the time. Thinking he's about to admit how he feels about her, Elizabeth asks why. Chris says that it gives him a headache. At this, Elizabeth becomes short with him, alleging that a real headache is having to listen to his incessant complaints. Chris is flabbergasted; in his opinion, she's the one who never shuts up. He wishes that he had never gotten involved in any of this. "Why don't the two of you just do it already and get it over with," Iris suggests, walking into the room. Chris and Elizabeth protest that they would never do that, but Iris knows better. "She's hot for you, and you're hot for her," she states before leaving the room again. Chris and Elizabeth try to figure out what could possibly give her that idea, and neither will admit to giving off that kind of vibe. They agree to drop it, and Elizabeth leaves the room. Chris suddenly notices that the serum is gone, and he rushes out.

While Alison tries to convince herself that she and Rafe are going to be happy, she can't stop thinking about what happened with Caleb. She answers the door, and it's Olivia, who barges in and accuses Alison of finally getting what she wanted. Alison has no idea what she's talking about. "He threw me out," Olivia says, adding that she took his ring. Alison asks what she was trying to accomplish. Olivia says that she wanted to make him happy, so she made a wish for him to have the most passionate night of his life. The problem is that he wasn't with her at the time. Worried, Alison hopes that Olivia doesn't think they were together. Olivia admits that he told her that at first, but it was just to get even with her for taking his ring. Even though it was a lie, she can't get the image out of her head. Alison wants her to leave, but she plans to stay until Alison admits that she's happy about her breakup with Caleb. She knows that Alison has always wanted to turn him against her and get him for herself. Alison is tired of her accusations. She has never wanted Caleb. She loves Rafe, and anyone with eyes can see that. She accuses her former friend of being so paranoid and insecure about her own relationship that she just can't accept the truth. The fact is that her breakup with Caleb is entirely her own fault. Olivia yells at her to shut up, but Alison won't do that. The breakup wouldn't have happened if she hadn't stolen the ring and tried to manipulate him just like she does everyone else. Olivia suddenly realizes that she really did this; she drove him away.

Rafe jogs to the park to meet Caleb, who welcomes him back from hell.

Caleb apologizes for tearing him away from Alison so soon. Rafe says it's okay, since they have an entire lifetime together--one that doesn't include Caleb. Caleb thinks he has a lot of nerve, considering the fact that he broke into his apartment and read his book. Rafe tells him that it was a good book, complete with a road map to hell. Caleb can't imagine what he was thinking about, but Rafe states that it wasn't all bad. In fact, it was the best thing that could have happened to him--and to Caleb. "Okay, you've got my attention," Caleb says. Rafe tells him that he can keep his ring. Rafe will finally get his freedom from Caleb, and it feels good. He finally feels cleansed. He goes on and on about how he feels, until Caleb stops him. He really doesn't know what Rafe is talking about. Rafe tells him that their personal war is over. They can do their own thing and stay out of each other's way. Caleb informs him that it doesn't work that way. The war will be over when he says so, and not before. Rafe advises him to accept his little peace offering and forget everything else. Caleb would like to, but he can't forget being pushed into the hot spring and turned into a mortal. Rafe doesn't know what he's worried about, since he has his fangs back now. Caleb states that it will never be the same, now that he's had a taste of what it's like to be human. Rafe can't believe that Caleb is grieving over possibly having some semblance of a conscience. He tells him not to worry, because his soul is still pretty dark. "Oh, you have no idea," Caleb says cryptically. Rafe tells him to hold a grudge if he wants, but he's moving on. He and Alison are getting married. This gets Caleb's attention. Rafe says that there's no place for this ancient, stupid war in his new life. Caleb asks whether he's supposed to just shake Rafe's hand and walk away. Rafe would settle for that. "I'll bet you would. But what if I say I'm not going anywhere, and I've decided to get back at you for what you did to me? What do you say to that?" Caleb asks. Rafe asks whether he wants to continue the war. To his surprise, Caleb laughs. Caleb can't pass up a chance to get him out of his life; he was just fooling with him. His agreement to a truce is an early wedding present for Rafe and Alison. "She's all right, you know, as I've come to learn lately," he says about Rafe's bride-to-be. Rafe tells him to stay away from her. As he walks away, Caleb says that he'll be waiting for his wedding invitation.

Olivia sits down. Caleb has given her so many chances, and now he hates her. She doesn't know whether he'll ever forgive her. Alison believes that he will, in time. Olivia doesn't know why she always pushes away the people she loves. Alison wishes she knew. Olivia hates it when Alison is nice to her. Seeing the bridal magazine, she says it's great that they're finally going to get married. They are the perfect couple, after all. Rafe trusts her completely, and she would never lie to him or betray him. Feeling guilty, Alison orders her to stop saying that. Olivia assumes that Alison has never lied to Rafe. He comes home just then. Olivia decides to leave, lingering at the door until she sees them hug. When she's gone, Rafe asks what that was about. Hearing that Caleb left her, he thinks that explains the way he was acting earlier. It doesn't matter, because Caleb isn't his problem anymore. He and Alison have a life to start together.

Ian gives himself an injection of the new serum.

Kevin is doing some reading at the hospital when Lucy finds him. He reports that Dr. Light thinks he's making progress. It's just a little bit at a time, but he's getting some feeling back in his arm and leg. He asks Lucy to sit down, and she does. Kevin says that his recovery started with her, when she allowed him to stay at her house. Mainly, being near Christina is what helped. Seeing that there's something wrong, he asks Lucy to spill it. When she pretends not to know what he's talking about, he asks whether Ian has hurt her. Lucy claims that he would never do that; he's just having trouble dealing with all this, and she blames Kevin. Kevin doesn't know what to say to that. He's never been anything but honest with her, but she obviously thinks he has a hidden agenda. Lucy argues that if he were honest, he would admit to wanting her back. She accuses him of being glad about Ian's problem and making it worse by pointing it out every chance he gets. She wants Kevin to admit that he will use Ian's condition to get exactly what he wants. Kevin would like to know when he has ever tried to come between her and Ian, because he hasn't. Admittedly, he would like to see them part ways. It's not because he still loves her--even though he does. It's because Ian is a vampire, and that concerns him. In his opinion, the universe is trying to tell her to stay away from Ian. The guy is a vampire, and she can deny it all she wants, but that won't make it go away. Lucy knows that. She just wants to help him, but she can't. As she cries on Kevin's shoulder, her drugged lover watches jealously from around the corner.

Caleb sits alone on the park bench, talking to the absent Rafe. Just because they can't kill each other doesn't mean that the war is over. "After all, there are some things worse than death," he states, looking at his ring.

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