PC Update Tuesday 9/9/03

Port Charles Update Tuesday 9/9/03

By Beth 
Pictures by Juanita

After checking the airport and the train station, Jamal finally finds Imani, who would prefer to just disappear. She tells Jamal that she witnessed a murder and that the people who are after her want her dead. His questions could stir up a lot of trouble. Jamal admits that he shouldn't have dug into her past, but if she had been straight with him from the beginning, he wouldn't have had to do it. Imani doesn't want to get into this again. She just wants to go now. Jamal won't let her leave until she answers his questions. He is on her side no matter what, but he needs the truth. When he asks whether she was involved with the murder, Imani reiterates that the man was her friend and professor. Even though they weren't romantically involved, her stalker killed him right in front of her. It was to show her what would happen to anyone who got close to her. That's why she feels responsible for his death, and it's why she's been keeping Jamal at a distance. If she has to keep running for the rest of her life, she will. When Jamal asks why she doesn't go to the police, she replies that they wouldn't believe her, because the murderer is one of them. He tampered with the crime scene to implicate her, and now, in the eyes of the law, he has every right to hunt her like an animal. Jamal is glad to know what they're up against. Imani reminds him that this is her problem, and he has to let her go. Jamal agrees to let her leave, but he's going with her. Imani shakes her head. He is the nicest guy she's ever met, and that's why she can't let him come with her. Jamal won't accept that; he wants to go with her. When Imani nods reluctantly, he goes to the ticket counter. When he turns to ask Imani a question, she's gone.

Rafe assures Alison that it's all right now, because he's back. Alison tells him how much he worried her by disappearing. Rafe admits that it was a stupid thing to do, but at least he's learned his lesson. He's back, and he will never leave her again. Her encounter with Caleb replaying in her mind, Alison says that she has to tell Rafe what she did. Aware that she's shaking, he says that they don't have to talk about this anymore. Alison insists that they do have to talk about it. She explains that when he left, she was out of her mind. Rafe knows that, but when he was down in that dark pit, something changed in him; his life flashed before his eyes, and instead of seeing vampires and battles, all he saw was Alison. He wants her in his life, and that's the only thing that matters. His only mission in life now is to make sure that she's happy. Thinking about this, Alison asks whether he's really saying that Caleb can't say or do anything to provoke him. Rafe replies that there's nothing Caleb can do that will concern him. Alison is glad. She tries to tell him about going to Caleb for help, but Rafe doesn't want to hear his name anymore. When Alison insists on explaining this to him, Rafe worries that Caleb hurt her. He looks lovingly into her eyes and wipes away her tears. Alison tells him that while he was gone, she was living her own version of hell. Rafe knows that he scared her, and he's sorry, but he was doing whatever it took to get the ring. He doesn't know how to explain it except that he almost felt possessed. Alison understands that feeling. She asks him to never leave her again, and he agrees. His slaying days are over. As far as he's concerned, Caleb Morley doesn't exist. Alison is glad to hear that. They are both ready to erase the past and start fresh; being together is all that matters. Rafe gives Alison lots of sweet kisses, but when they fall to the bed, she stops.

Olivia realizes that Caleb must have been surprised to find her asleep on the couch with Jack. Caleb tells her that she's been a bad girl. Reminding him that he already said that, Olivia assures him that they were just sleeping. She swears on her love for him that Jack was just being a friend to her because she was upset. Caleb is silent, which worries her. She wants to know why he isn't talking to her. "I believe you," Caleb finally states, to her relief. She would never want him to doubt her in that way. As he caresses her shoulder, she claims that she would never do anything to hurt him. Caleb asks her to repeat that, and she says that it's true. She belongs to him and only him. Caleb believes that she has something else that belongs to him. "I want my ring back. Now!" he demands, holding out his hand. Knowing that she's been caught, Olivia places the ring in his hand. Caleb points out that he gave her every opportunity to tell him the truth. Olivia claims that she was going to give it back last night, but he never came home. Caleb demands to know why she took the ring. "Wait; don't tell me. You kept it because you wanted to make a wish," he states. Olivia admits that she wished for him to have the most passionate night of his life, but he wasn't with her. She really wants to know where he was last night. Caleb corrects her; her real concern is not where he was, but with whom. Crying, Olivia wants to know who it was. Caleb taunts her with the idea that it was her worst nightmare. Olivia denies that it's even possible. "What a brilliant way to get revenge on all three of you--you, Rafe, and Alison. Three birds, one wish," he says. He can't think of a better way to teach her a lesson. Olivia screams and wails, begging him to say that it's not true. Taking a seat on the couch, Caleb complies. "Okay. It's not true. I wasn't with anyone," he lies. Relieved, Olivia sits by him, and he tells her that he sensed her wish and resisted it. Olivia would like to hear that he resisted because he wasn't with her. Caleb admits that he always does seem to come back to her, but there is a limit to his patience. Apologizing profusely, Olivia promises to make it up to him. She's learned her lesson about trust and wishes, and he is all she's ever wished for. Caleb stops stroking her hair and kisses her. Telling her that she doesn't have to make wishes when it comes to him, he pulls her close for another kiss.

The cop who is after Imani answers a call. Angry that she hasn't been found, he tells the caller to keep checking the airports and bus stations. He slams down the phone and crushes her photo.

Instead of making love, Alison asks Rafe to just hold her. Lying with her, Rafe assures her that he loves holding her. Assuming that she's mad at him for leaving, he tells her that even the king of hell said he was crazy for leaving her. "He said my life on earth would be worse than in hell because I left you here alone," he recalls. Alison sits up, pointing out that they sometimes make mistakes without even realizing it. When Rafe asks what's wrong, she points to her hand. They should be married, but they're not, and she thinks it's a problem. Smiling, Rafe thinks he can fix that for her. Alison also smiles. She wants to get married as soon as possible, so that nothing and no one can ever come between them.

After making love to Caleb, Olivia changes clothes and tells him how happy she is now. "Then I guess we're both happy, which makes this last time together so special," he states, kissing her hand. Olivia wants to know what he's talking about. "As usual, you were amazing. But now I want you to get out," Caleb says. He points to the door and tells her to use it. Olivia thinks he must be joking, but he isn't. He will have no more life with a woman who lies to him and steals from him. It's over. Olivia tries to reason with him. She knows that he's angry. Pouring himself a glass of wine, he states that he's not angry with her; he's disappointed in himself for not seeing her for who she really is. Olivia cries that she's someone who loves him, and that's why she took the ring. Caleb doesn't care why she did it; he can't trust her anymore. Olivia refuses to go anywhere. Screaming and crying, she clings to him, but Caleb pushes her out and then closes the door in her face.

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