PC Update Monday 9/8/03

Port Charles Update Monday 9/8/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

Hoping for a romantic reunion and a fresh start with Alison, Rafe lights some candles and waits for her to come home. A bottle of champagne chills in an ice bucket. Rafe's little trip to hell has really put his life back in perspective. Now he knows why he was really sent back to earth. It wasn't to hunt down evil; it was to be with Alison. From now on, he won't be slaying vampires. He'll be with Alison, the way he's supposed to be.

Olivia anxiously waits for Caleb to come home so that she can fulfill the wish she made for him. This is supposed to be the most passionate night of his life. When she hears a knock, she runs to the door, believing that Caleb must be home. Instead, it's Jack. He's glad to hear that they're alone, because he has something to tell her. Olivia isn't interested. She's too preoccupied with Caleb's absence; he's never been out the whole night before, and she has a bad feeling about it. Jack is sure that everything will be okay. He reminds her of what she said about not being so angry with each other anymore, but she's still not listening. She says that this is supposed to be the most memorable night of Caleb's life, and she's worried about what's keeping him. She can sense that something is wrong. Unable to control himself, Jack tells her that she looks beautiful. Suddenly, she realizes what Jack said to her, and she asks him to repeat it. He does, perplexed that he would say such a thing. When asked what he's doing at the loft, he admits that he doesn't know. Even crazier, he brought her a single red rose to apologize for being a jerk. Olivia asks whether he's drunk or something. To his chagrin, he isn't, and this is really freaking him out. He doesn't really know why he's there, but he kind of wishes that things were the way they used to be between them. "Wow. Did I just say that?" he asks, adding more than once that he doesn't want that at all. He doesn't know what's coming out of his mouth. He tells her to feel free to throw him out, because he's making a complete fool of himself.

At the barn, the kisses between Caleb and Alison are hungry and passionate. Caleb removes Alison's top. She tells him that she has to stop, but instead of leaving, she turns over on her stomach, allowing Caleb to let down her hair, kiss her back, and remove her pants. "I don't know why I can't stop," she says. "I don't know either, but neither can I," Caleb tells her. He spends his night of passion at the barn with Alison.

Realizing that this is the result of a wish she made, Olivia assures Jack that she understands perfectly. Jack is glad that at least one of them understands. He gives her the rose and tries to leave, but she asks what she should do about Caleb. Jack doesn't see himself as a good person to give advice on relationships. Olivia continues that Caleb has never been gone all night before, and he hasn't even called. She has no idea where he is, and she's starting to get really worried. Jack asks what she did, but then he says that he doesn't really want to know. He again tries to leave. Olivia blurts out that she took Caleb's ring, and now she's afraid that something has happened because of a wish she made. When Jack asks about the wish, she only states that it's not bad. Hearing this, Jack assures her that she has nothing to worry about, because Caleb always takes care of himself. Olivia isn't worried about where he is. "It's who he might be with," she admits. Jack is very confused about why he showed up at her door. He would like to know whether she wished for him to fall in love with her again. Olivia assures him that she didn't. She's worried that Caleb might be with another woman. Sitting down, Jack reassures her that Caleb wouldn't do that. He jumps back up, not wanting to sit by her. Olivia asks him what's wrong. Jack doesn't quite get it, but he seems to have been trying to make her feel better. "And you know something else? I don't hate you!" he admits, to his utter confusion. Again, he tries to leave, but she asks him to stay with her for a little while. Jack refuses, having every intention of leaving. Instead, he sits back down. Her eyes moist with tears, Olivia looks at him pitifully. Jack puts him arms around her and allows her to lay her head on his shoulder.

After waiting all night, Rafe feels that something isn't right. He puts out the candles and goes to look for Alison.

After spending the night together, Alison is the first to stir. She opens her eyes and realizes that she is lying next to Caleb. Appalled, she gets up. Caleb smiles. As Alison gets dressed, Caleb sits up. She is horrified, not knowing what came over her. "Whatever it was, it happened to both of us," Caleb tells her. Alison is frantic. She can't believe she did this to Rafe. "It's like I wasn't myself or something last night," she says. Caleb informs her that the ring caused this to happen. Alison doesn't understand why Olivia would ever wish something like this. Caleb doesn't know, but sometimes she just isn't rational. Crying, Alison stands at the post, running her fingers over the carving. Alison asks whether she's okay. "No! I'm not okay at all! I just had sex with you here in our sacred place," she cries. Caleb assures her that it wasn't her fault, but that doesn't make her feel any better. She has no idea how to explain this to Rafe if she can't even understand it herself. Caleb tells her not to try. He wants to make it their secret. He tells her to believe what she wants, but he didn't want this any more than she did. He apologizes softly, the blanket around his shoulders. Just for clarification, Alison asks whether he really won't rub this in Rafe's face the first chance he gets. Caleb understands why she can't trust him. Alison thinks that she liked it better when they hated each other; it was a lot less complicated. Caleb says that this is just as bad for him as it is for her, but she scoffs. Caleb tells her to think about it; Olivia used his own ring against him. He would like to keep this quiet. Alison can't lie to someone she loves. It will hurt Rafe, but keeping a secret would do more harm, because they've always promised to tell each other everything. "So you're going to tell him the truth. And he thought he was in hell before," Caleb remarks. Alison will try very hard to make him understand that they weren't in control of themselves. Unable to take it anymore, she leaves the barn. "Speak for yourself, sweetheart. I never lose control," Caleb states, spitting on the heart carved on the post.

Lucy asks Colleen about Ian, but she hasn't seen him. Before Lucy can leave, Colleen points. Ian has come up behind Lucy. He tells her that he's been busy. Lucy asks why he ran away before, and he replies that he doesn't want to keep asking her for help. When Lucy reminds him that they're a team, Ian says that he came to the hospital to curb his hunger. Lucy is hurt. She can't believe that he would drink blood packets instead of coming to her. Ian refuses to use her as a crutch anymore. Lucy reminds him that they fell in love despite everything. The way she alleviates his symptoms is nothing short of a miracle. Ian is grateful for that, but it doesn't change the fact that he's a vampire. He intends to devote all his time to finding a cure. Lucy doesn't like this idea. Ian says that he's fighting for them, but Lucy doesn't know why. In her opinion, they already have it all. Ian says that they will have it all, once he gets his life back. Lucy asks what he would have given for one more hour with Eve. She believes that they have to cherish what they have and not lose it. She wants them to fight this together, as a couple and as a family. Ian tells her that they'll have all that as soon as he gets his life back. With that, he walks away.

Alison goes home and calls out for Rafe, but he doesn't seem to be there. She lies down on the bed and cries about the way she spent the night. Rafe bursts in, still looking for her. Relieved to finally be together again, they hold each other close. While Alison cries, Rafe assures her that everything will be okay from now on.

Caleb goes home and finds Jack and Olivia asleep on the couch. "Rise and shine, Jack," he says, tousling Jack's hair. Olivia is relieved to see him, but Caleb is very suspicious of what he came home to. Realizing how it looks, Jack decides to head out, and Olivia thanks him for keeping her company. She tells Caleb that Jack was just being a friend. He sees the rose in the floor and steps on it. Olivia doesn't like the way he's looking at her, and she asks him why he's looking at her that way. A sinister smile comes over his face. "Because I have a secret. You've been a bad girl, haven't you, Olivia?" he asks, touching the side of her face.

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