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Port Charles Update Friday 9/5/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

At Elixir, Jamal looks at the newspaper clipping he took from Imani's things. He's there to keep an eye on Imani, who is working. A call comes in for her, and Jack hands her the phone. Hearing her grandmother's familiar voice, Imani worries that her relative is sick, but she isn't. When Imani reminds her that she's not supposed to call unless it's an emergency, she learns that someone has been asking questions about her. She warns her grandmother not to talk to anyone, and she tells her not to call again. Jamal drinks a beer as he listens to his roommate's end of the conversation.

Olivia walks toward Elixir, tossing the ring into the air and catching it. She is looking forward to a romantic evening with Caleb. She goes inside to to order dinner to go, but Imani doesn't want to deal with her and instead asks Jack to take her order. "So, I see you make friends wherever you go," Jack taunts Olivia, who thinks that he should appreciate getting her business. She orders dinner for two, including two large lobster tails. Amused, Jack knows perfectly well that she's up to something, because it's written all over her face. Olivia informs him that she and Caleb are in for a very romantic evening. Jack suggests that she order some cheesecake for dessert. "Maybe you can rub it all over yourself and have Caleb lick it off--after your intellectual conversation," he says. Olivia accuses him of having a thing for her, and she adds that hating him is so exhausting. "Every guy needs a reason to get up in the morning. Hating you happens to be mine," he states gleefully before putting in her order. Olivia takes out the ring, thinking that it doesn't necessarily have to be that way.

Jamal stands up, accidentally dropping the clipping. Before he can get it, Imani picks it up and looks at him angrily. Jamal knows that it looks bad, but he doesn't feel that he deserves to be lied to about her past. Imani would like to know whether it has ever occurred to him that she might have a good reason for being secretive. When Jamal claims that he tried to respect her privacy, she argues that he certainly has not. In fact, he has tried every way he can to find out about her--things that she doesn't want to share. Jamal points out that they're talking about murder, and it's freaking him out. He's just trying to understand. He's on her side, but he needs some answers. Reluctantly, Imani admits to having known the man who was murdered. He was her professor. He taught English composition, and he told her that she had talent. She was quite flattered by it, and it was the last time anything in her life was normal. He was just a friend, and a really nice man. Jamal asks whether she killed him. Imani says that she didn't. "But you might have just killed me," she tells him.

A man tosses his gun and holster onto a desk. He picks up a folder containing several papers and a photo of Imani.

In hell, little fires burn all around. The hot wind wails, and the damned souls scream in torment. Tired of talking to a disembodied voice, Rafe challenges the speaker to show himself. He's feeling pretty confident now, since Alison has proven unable to join him. The voice tells the slayer to think again; Alison may be safe for the moment, but Rafe is stuck in hell. Rafe wants to see the speaker's face, since he was told it would be a fair fight. The voice states that there's no fight here. Rafe loses, and his loss is the price he pays for arrogance. Rafe doesn't see himself as arrogant. He didn't choose to be a slayer; it was his destiny. All he wants is to end the curse of the ring. The voice laughs. "It's only those who never should have wished on the ring who are cursed, and those like you who have come seeking it," it booms. In the hands of its rightful owner, the ring is a dutiful servant. In Rafe's opinion, this is unbelievable, because the voice is talking about the ring as if it's almost human and has a will of its own. The voice asks whether he really believes that humans have wills of their own. Rafe does believe that. It's how humans have survived for so long, because they have the will to choose good over evil. Rafe is then told to look at his world and all the wishes his friends have made. Rafe acknowledges the point; he can't change the past, but he can change the future. The voice states that he already has changed the future by violating a sacred code. Making the choice to go to hell was the defining moment of his life. His fate is sealed, and even if he could get the ring back now, it wouldn't matter. Rafe doesn't believe that, because nothing is ever sealed. He knows this because he has seen it over and over again. Humankind has risen above the greatest tragedies. The speaker wants to see how well Rafe does with this one, since he's now responsible for what's going to happen. By choosing to go to hell, Rafe set the wheels in motion, and he will have to live with the consequences for all eternity. Rafe mocks the voice when it tells him to think about Alison. He knows that she's smart and strong. He also knows that she loves him, and together, they will survive. "No. You will live to regret this journey," the voice booms.

Caleb stands outside the barn, remembering the exact moment when Olivia betrayed him by switching his ring with the fake. He tells himself to be patient. Alison joins him, saying that his ring must not be the real one. Without a word, Caleb walks back inside. Alison follows, demanding the truth. She reminds him that she was touching the ring when she wished for Rafe to come home, but it didn't work. Caleb tells her that she shouldn't have done it. Alison points out that the ring is supposed to grant every wish of everyone who touches it. It must be a phony, which means that Rafe isn't coming back. She begs him to tell her where the real ring is. When she tells him that he has to get it, he informs her that ordering him to do something will get her nowhere. Alison apologizes. She's just worried that if she lets him leave, Rafe might ever be able to come back. "Then again, you can't keep me here, either," Caleb says, walking out. Alison follows him again, begging him not to disappear. She can't make any more promises to him. All she has left is her love for Rafe, and she has to hope that it's enough. Caleb tells her that he might enjoy this if it weren't so bittersweet. "I have been betrayed by the woman I love and a woman who swore to me she was my friend," he admits. After promising not to do it again, Alison realizes what he said. She concludes that Olivia has the real ring. Caleb doesn't say anything. Alison doesn't know why he can't get the ring and help her bring Rafe back. She will continue to fight for Rafe, just as Caleb will continue to fight for the one he loves. They will do this no matter how much pain they're in. Caleb accuses her of knowing nothing about his pain, but Alison thinks she does. When he was talking about being betrayed by the two women he trusted, she saw something in him that touched her, and she thinks he liked that. She is aware that he has powers and knows dark secrets. She knows that he can get to Rafe and free him from the curse. Caleb tells her that it's out of his hands; Rafe is on his own.

Jack returns with Olivia's order and a snide remark. Olivia thinks that they could be polite to each other if they could stop bringing up stupid stuff from the past. Jack reminds her that it's stupid stuff that she did to him over and over again. Olivia leaves with her order. Just outside, she takes out the ring again and officially makes her first wish. She wishes that Jack didn't hate her anymore. As she walks away, Jack looks out the window at her.

Rafe cries out for Alison, thinking that his fate is to be away from her forever. Suddenly, he is filled with remorse. "I was wrong! I was sent back to earth to be with you! Not to fight vampires! Not to find a way to beat Caleb! To be with you! That's what they said. 'You're sent back to be with her.' And Caleb was just a distraction!" he finally admits. He vows to live his life as it was intended if he is given another chance. If it's not too late, he will be with Alison and only Alison. The voice tells him that he lives in a world filled with empty promises. All the good intentions in the world won't change his fate. He's picked his path, and now it's time to see where it takes him. The speaker expels Rafe from hell and puts him back in his apartment.

Jack buys one red rose from a flower vendor in the club. Saying to lock up the place, he tosses the keys to Jeff, the bartender, because he's taking the night off.

Overjoyed to be home, Rafe calls out for Alison, but she's not around. He tells himself that it's finally over; he won't be fighting Caleb anymore. He plops down on the bed to wait for Alison, confident that they will have everything they have ever dreamed of.

Back inside the barn, Alison touches the carving on the post and cries, asking how she's supposed to live like this. From the door, Caleb tells her that she'll figure out a way, because everyone does eventually. He turns to leave but stops. He tells her that he felt a shift; Rafe is back. Alison is thrilled. She throws her arms around Caleb to thank him for doing this for her.

Waiting at home for Caleb, Olivia holds the ring and thinks about how amazing this will be.

Caleb tells Alison that he didn't do it, but she doesn't believe him. It really doesn't matter to her, though, because Rafe is back, and this time they will do it right. She thanks him and hugs him again.

Olivia makes her big wish. "I wish for this to be the most romantic evening Caleb has ever known. I wish for Caleb to feel the kind of passion he's only dreamed of," she says, clutching the powerful ring.

Caleb and Alison look longingly at each other. "Caleb," Alison says softly.

"I want this to be a night of intense love that Caleb will never forget. And I want him to always know that I am the one who made it happen," Olivia continues.

"Don't worry. I know," Caleb says softly.

"And out of this intense passion, I will get my greatest wish of all. The end of the night, I wish that ..." The rest of her wish goes unheard.

Caleb and Alison share a forbidden kiss. Alison breaks free and walks a few feet away. Slamming the barn door, Caleb follows her. They kiss again, passionately and hungrily. Caleb picks her up and sets her down on a bale of hay. Their night of intense passion begins.

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