PC Update Thursday 9/4/03


Port Charles Update Thursday 9/4/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

The living room of his penthouse now filled with medical equipment, Chris takes Ian's blood pressure. There's been no change since the injection, but Chris believes that could be a good sign. He tells Ian to let him know if he starts sprouting fangs. Ian warns him not to press his luck, but Chris points out that the serum may actually be working. He still doesn't understand why anyone would want to cure immortality. It doesn't make any sense to him, which is also how he feels about giving Ian an untested serum in the hope that it will get rid of his "vampireness." Ian refers to it as his gift to Chris--a challenge to a doctor. Chris reminds him that he wants to be informed of any type of reaction. A knock at the door surprises both of them. Although Chris is sure it's not for him, he still thinks he should answer it. Ian thinks he's nuts. Chris informs him that he isn't the only project going on around here; it could be someone for Elizabeth. In any case, he's only going to answer the door; nobody's coming in. He opens the door, and it's Lucy. She barges past him to ask whether he's seen Ian, but then she sees him for herself.

Olivia wakes up in bed alone. She calls out for Caleb, who doesn't answer. Panicking, she checks to see whether the ring is still in her pocket, and it is. She's relieved that Caleb doesn't know she took it. She just wants to make sure that he never leaves her for Alison or anyone else. Now she wants to think of the perfect wish and get it right the first time. She thinks she knows who can help her with that.

The barn door flies open. Startled, Alison calls out for Rafe. "Guess again," Caleb says, entering the barn. Glad to see him, Alison says that she knew he would change his mind and use his ring to help bring Rafe back. Looking at her bonfire, Caleb asks what she thinks she's doing. He tells her that he heard her using his words. Alison claims to have had no choice; since he refused to help her, she decided to go find Rafe herself. Now that he's here, he can use his ring to try to bring Rafe back. Caleb has no intention of doing that. Alison is angry, because she actually believed that they were friends. Caleb laughs at the idea, saying he figured out that it was all a con. Alison doesn't think he has any friends. In her opinion, he wouldn't know what to do with a friend if he had one. Caleb informs her that he does know what to do with his enemies. When Alison tells him to do his worst to her, he suggests that he already has. He taunts her with the fact that she's begging him to save Rafe's life and his answer is still "no." Alison asks him to send her to Rafe, but he tells her it's too late. Alison hates him so much; she could kill him with her bare hands. Caleb laughs that it's not in her, and she can't change her true nature. Alison wouldn't bet on that. If she thought it would bring Rafe back, she would drive a stake right through Caleb's heart and not even blink an eye. Caleb tells her that it wouldn't do any good, because Rafe has sealed his own fate. Alison doesn't believe that. She asks him to at least tell her what's going on and what Rafe is doing. Caleb points out that Rafe won't give up easily. Alison claims that he was never going to keep the ring; he was just afraid of what might happen if he didn't destroy it. Caleb grabs her chin and fills her in on one of the laws of nature. For every action, there is an equal, opposite reaction. "Me!" he shouts in her face. Crying, Alison begs him to help. Caleb pulls her to his chest, a cold look still on his face.

Olivia tracks Kevin down at the hospital, claiming to have been wondering how he was feeling. Kevin points out that all she had to do was call. He tells her that he's already gone back home, but this is the first time he's seen or heard from her since before he left the hospital. Olivia doesn't say anything for a moment. She tries to look contrite, saying that she doesn't blame him for being upset with her. She knows how selfish she's been, and she knows that he's probably still very angry about what she said to him. "Which time?" Kevin asks. Olivia really wants him to get well and be happy, healthy, and back on his feet. Nothing matters to her more than that. Kevin states that she has hurt him. She knows that, and she admits that it's taken far too long to get her priorities straight. Now she's being honest; she wants to see the best for him, and he has to believe that. Kevin wants to believe it, but a lot has happened. She knows that he has no reason to, but she hopes that someday he will accept her apology. Kevin decides to accept this apology until she gives him a new reason not to. Happy, she thanks him and starts to make a promise, but Kevin stops her. He doesn't need any more broken promises. Olivia accepts that and says that she'll prove how much she loves him. Kevin asks what she could possibly do, because the doctors all say that his condition will just have to run its course. Surreptitiously reaching into her pocket, Olivia takes out the ring and reminds her father that he's always taught her the power of positive thinking. She suggests that if they think positively together, they may be able to come up with a way to make him feel better.

Lucy doesn't understand how Ian could do this without telling her. He should know that she would want to be there with him if Chris made a breakthrough. Ian tells her that there hasn't been a breakthrough. Chris adds that there's been no testing, and it certainly wasn't his idea. He excuses himself. Lucy can't believe that Ian would take such a risk, but Ian says it's for them, their family, and their future. Chris looks through the microscope and is startled, either by what he sees or by the monitor's beeping, which is suddenly faster. Ian reminds Lucy that he's been trying hard to find a cure. He's tired of fighting the symptoms. Lucy in turn reminds him that she helps with the symptoms. Ian is tired of using her for that. They're shouting at each other, and Chris warns Ian to calm down, because his heart rate and blood pressure are up, and his breathing is irregular. Lucy worries that whatever they tried to do isn't working. Chris checks Ian's vital signs again, and they've improved. He's amazed by Ian's ability to control his symptoms. Ian points out that it doesn't last, and he may still ultimately lose this fight. Chris decides to get rid of the serum. Lucy is still upset that Ian won't let her handle his symptoms, but Ian doesn't want to need her the way Kevin does. When they make love, it can't be about fighting his symptoms. Lucy understands but claims that it's never been about that. Ian won't let it become that way. It upsets him to think that she can't even go to New York with Serena out of fear of what would happen to him in her absence. He just wants to love her the way she's supposed to be loved. He realizes that they made a deal, but he can't do this. Unhooking the wires, he takes off.

Pulling away, Alison questions Caleb's behavior, wondering why he's consoling her after she voiced her willingness to stake him. Caleb tells her not to read too much into it. Alison asks whether there's anything at all that she can do to make him change his mind about helping her. "You mean other than trying to con me?" he asks. He tells her that she set her own punishment in motion the minute she decided to leave her charm at his place, and Rafe is just continuing it. Alison says that it's only because of the ring. She grabs his hand and touches the ring, wishing for Rafe to come back now. She's satisfied that it will happen, but Caleb informs her that Rafe is not coming back. Alison doesn't get it; Rafe should be there by now. Caleb tells her to look around all she wants, but he's not coming back. "You people can't be trusted," he says, vanishing. He stands outside, recalling Olivia's latest deception. Alison joins him, stating that he must not be wearing the real ring. Caleb walks back inside, and she follows.

Olivia asks Kevin to humor her by closing his eyes and trying to think. He tells her that he's already made a little progress on his own. Although he has a good therapist, he thinks that getting out of the hospital and staying at Lucy's helped the most, because he was able to see Christina every day. Jealous, Olivia reminds him that she is his daughter--his own flesh and blood. This is exactly why Kevin doesn't want her to blame herself. They're family, and being in a wheelchair gives him a whole new perspective on things. If it weren't for the love he feels for his two girls, he doesn't want to imagine what kind of shape he might be in right now. Olivia apologizes again for always being so wrapped up in her own stuff. Kevin reminds her that family matters the most, and soon she'll have a family of her own. When Olivia gently informs him that she and Caleb can't have children, he says that she doesn't have to have children to be part of a family. She knows that, but she also thinks that families bring people together. Kevin interprets this to mean that she and Caleb are having problems again, although she denies it, saying that it's fine most of the time. Kevin asks when it feels best between them. After thinking about it, she says that it's when she can put all her insecurities out of her mind and just let herself feel loved. In Kevin's opinion, that should tell her that happiness comes from inside. He wants her to think about what he said about family, because maybe everything she needs is already within her grasp. Kevin proudly shows her that he can move his finger enough to gently cross it over the one next to it. He apologizes for forcing advice on her, but she assures him that she took it as her father talking to her, not a shrink. She wants him to know that he's made a world of difference to her. Kevin tells her that he knows. Olivia promises to call and check on him tonight. Catching the elevator, she is pleased to have the answers she was seeking. Now she knows exactly what to wish for.

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