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Port Charles Update Wednesday 9/3/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

Alison takes a lantern into the barn. Vowing not to cry, she goes to the post where the special heart is carved. She now knows that Caleb won't help her, and she never should have asked. "You're right, Alison. That was stupid," Caleb says, appearing nearby, but Alison can't see or hear him. Alison vows to never make that mistake again. For his part, Caleb is pretty sure she will. Alison sits down, talking to herself about how Rafe came back from heaven, and she knows that he'll make his way back from hell. She just has to believe. If she has enough faith, maybe her faith will move mountains. Caleb pops up behind her, a piece of straw in his mouth. He causes the barn door to blow open, which Alison takes as a sign. She runs outside, calling her lover's name, but he's nowhere in sight. Still, Alison can't believe it was just a coincidence.

Surrounded by red light, Rafe begins to sit up, wondering where he is. He suddenly realizes that he's in hell, according to plan. Now he has to find out how to get the ring. He thinks it will be all right, but he changes his mind when an unseen force knocks him down. He gets it! He's not wanted in hell. He orders the force to present itself to him. "You've broken the rules, slayer," a voice informs him. Rafe is shoved down again, but he is determined not to leave until he hears all about the ring. The voice tells the slayer that he has made a very big mistake.

Olivia plays with the ring, realizing how angry Caleb would be if he knew that she had tricked him. She justifies her actions by saying that she's only keeping it for a little while. Besides, Caleb never used it to make wishes, so he will never know that it's gone. Now she just has to make a wish. It's really hot outside, so she could probably use a glass of lemonade. She holds the ring and makes the wish. When she looks at the table, a glass of lemonade is there for her. Olivia is pleased to know that it works. All her wishes are going to come true. "You really think so, Olivia?" Caleb asks from the doorway, startling her. She claims to have been half asleep on the couch and therefore didn't hear him come in. When Caleb tells her that he heard what she said, she pretends not to know what he's talking about. Taking a drink of her lemonade, he says that it was about making wishes. Covering, Olivia claims to have been thinking aloud about how he makes all her wishes come true. "Oh, how I try," Caleb says. Olivia wants to do the same for him. Caleb tells her that it won't be easy, since he already has everything. He wants to talk about the ring. Removing it, he holds it up to her, tells her to take a close look at it, and asks what she sees. Olivia whispers an apology and tells him how much she loves him. He knows that, which is what makes this so difficult. Since he wants all her wishes to come true, he's going to do something he never does. He places the ring in her hand and tells her to make a wish on it, because the ring never fails. He urges her to do it, but she refuses, claiming that it isn't her ring to wish on. Caleb again tries to tempt her with the idea of anything her heart desires, but she still refuses. Since Caleb wants to do something for her, he prepares to make a wish of his own. Olivia stops him and agrees to do it after all. She wishes that he would make love to her. At first saying that he doesn't feel anything, Caleb succumbs to her desire, telling her that this is the one thing she never needs to wish for. He picks her up and carries her to bed.

Alison doesn't understand why it's suddenly so cold in the barn.

The flames of hell are all around. Wind whistles and howls, and damned souls scream incessantly. Rafe maintains that he had no choice but to come. The voice admonishes that he should have listened to Alison--and that he never should have left her. Worried that he has inadvertently put her in danger, Rafe apologizes for everything and begs for Alison's safety. When he demands to know where the voice is coming from, he is knocked down again.

Holding a blanket around herself, Alison feels completely helpless. She knows that Rafe feels that he did the right thing, but she really believes that he should be back by now. She worries that he'll never come back, but then she tells herself not to even think that. Instead, she thinks about the last time they were together. In her thoughts, she and Rafe are at home, and she's trying to talk him out of going to hell. This tells her what she has to do. She knows that Rafe won't like it, but she doesn't have a choice. She has to do this.

Rafe stubbornly denies that Alison is in danger. "Sorry, pal. It's not working!" he yells before getting knocked down again. The speaker accuses him of wanting the ring for himself, if only to make one wish. Having seen the consequences, Rafe denies any temptation to use it. He promises to bring it back to hell if he is told how to get his hands on it. He is willing to return to hell for that mission. The speaker questions whether he would really leave Alison alone again for the sake of the ring. Rafe accuses the speaker of having a very short memory, because he was willing to spend eternity in hell for the right reason. He states that when he sold his soul to save Alison, they ended up saving each other. Nothing will make him doubt their love. "Then you clearly don't understand the power of the ring," the voice booms.

After making love, Olivia marvels at how good she and Caleb are together. "Not anymore," Caleb informs her. He accuses her of giving his ring to the slayer. Olivia protests that she kept it so that their love would be stronger. Caleb says that he wouldn't have been angry with her for that, but she deceived him and gave it to his enemy. Olivia tells him he's crazy. "You know what I must do now," Caleb says, raising a stake over her. Olivia screams. "Hey. Are you okay?" Caleb asks. It was just a nightmare. She asks him to hold her, and he does. Moving his hand over her face, he commands her to sleep. Caleb tells his sleeping lover that it takes a lot of energy to lie the way she did. "I gave you every chance to tell me. I could've forced it out of you, but I didn't. All I wanted--all I needed--was for you to tell me the truth. Did you really think I wouldn't know? Did you really think I couldn't tell the difference?" he asks rhetorically. He takes the ring from her pocket and starts to switch it with the one he's wearing, but he changes his mind and puts it back. This will be her real test. She can either give him back the ring, or she can deceive him one more time and make that fatal wish.

When Rafe demands to know what the ring has to do with Alison, he is informed that the fate of everyone will soon be tied to the ring. He maintains that Alison wants nothing to do with it--or with hell. "How little you know, slayer," the voice mocks him.

Alison prepares to go through with her plan. Lighting a fire, she begins to speak to the devil, promising to do whatever it takes to follow Rafe wherever he is.

Rafe can feel that Alison is in trouble. He accuses the speaker of having done something to her. The voice denies this and tells Rafe to look to himself.

Alison stops, aware that it isn't working. Realizing that she doesn't have the words quite right, she tries to remember Rafe's exact words. When she does, she begins to say them aloud, spreading her arms out in imitation of Rafe.

Rafe falls to his knees, begging Alison to stop whatever she's doing, but the slayer is reminded that Alison was unable to stop him.

Alison continues, using the exact words from Caleb's book. "Rafe, let me come to you," she adds at the end.

Rafe gives in. He begs to be sent back to Alison, but it's much too late.

The barn door flies open.

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