PC Update Tuesday 9/2/03

Port Charles Update Tuesday 9/2/03

By Beth 
Pictures by Juanita

In spite of finishing a 36-hour shift at the hospital, Chris can't sleep because of all the noise in his penthouse. He comes out of the bedroom, his black sleep mask pulled up to his forehead. It's so loud that everyone has to shout to be heard above the sewing machines. Chris didn't think anyone would be working tonight, and he wants to know what's going on. Elizabeth is on the phone, complaining about cheap fabric. Grabbing the phone out of her hand, Chris informs her that he just worked all night, and the only thing keeping him sane was the idea of coming home and getting some sleep. "Now I got Rumpelstiltskin and his wife in my house!" he shouts, indicating the two workers, both senior citizens, whom Elizabeth hired. Now that he's awake, Elizabeth would like to know whether he prefers the gun-metal gray fabric or the teal for the tote bags. Chris yells that he needs sleep. Trying to help, Elizabeth hands him some earplugs, but Chris isn't impressed. Elizabeth is pleased to hear the doorbell, thinking that it's probably the steam press she ordered. She asks Chris to get the door. It's actually Ian, who can't believe all the commotion in the penthouse. He informs his colleague that they have work to do. Marty, the male worker, shouts, "Hey, everybody work!" He then gets up from his sewing machine and cranks the volume on the boombox.

While Imani is in the shower, Jamal stares at the newspaper clipping he found when searching through her things. He can't believe he's seeing a sketch of Imani in connection with a murder. He quickly puts it away as Imani turns off the water and emerges from the shower. Imani is looking forward to the evening. They sit down to a romantic spaghetti dinner, and Imani is impressed. Jamal decides to ask some questions, saying there's a lot they don't know about each other. He asks about some of her habits and preferences, and she provides the answers. She likes scrambled eggs, and she already knows that he prefers his eggs over easy. Jamal asks about her ex, including his name as if he's simply forgotten it. Imani states that she's never told him the guy's name. Jamal tries to find out what he like and what he did, but Imani doesn't answer, instead commenting on the spaghetti sauce. When Jamal persists, Imani jokingly asks whether he really can't tell that she wants to change the subject. "That's cool," Jamal backs off, eating his meal in silence. Imani can't take it anymore. She wants to know what's going on, because something has changed ever since she got out of the shower. "Is it my imagination, or did it suddenly get a little chilly in here?" she asks. Jamal pretends that she's wrong, but it's no use. Imani believes that he's having second thoughts about asking her to move in. She understands, and it's fine. Tossing her napkin onto the table, she gets up, intending to get her old room back at the motel. Jamal stops her. He doesn't want her to go. The problem is that there's something she's not telling him, and it's something he needs to know. Imani asks for a little time, and he agrees to give her some. For dessert, he wants to pick up some ice cream. Learning that her favorite flavor is cherry vanilla, he heads out to get some. Imani is determined not to let him know the truth. Looking at her date book, she circles Friday, September 26.

Just outside, Jamal calls the police department in Jackson Hole, where Professor Mason Stepney was brutally murdered. Pretending to be a reporter, he asks for information about a murder that happened there about a year ago.

Caleb urges Olivia to ignore the pounding on the door. When Alison announces her presence, Olivia yells at her to go away. Sighing, Caleb gets up and opens the door. Relieved to see him, Alison says that she really needs his help. Caleb tells her to slow down. From behind her, Jack says that they've come about Rafe. Hearing that, Caleb tries to close the door, but Alison begs him to wait, saying that he's the only one who can help her. Unamused, Olivia tries to get rid of her, but Caleb steps out into the hall and tells Alison to make it quick. Jack comes inside to taunt Olivia.

Chris turns off the music and orders everyone to get out. Elizabeth protests that they work faster with the music on. Chris says to take it into the other room, because he needs to speak with Ian. Elizabeth agrees but asks him to make it really fast, because they're really behind. She tells Marty and Iris to take five. They both protest, and Iris tells Marty that they have to go union. Finally, Chris and Ian can talk. Ian has been trying to get hold of Chris, who turned off his pager after his shift due to exhaustion. Ian wants to know about the blood tests. When Chris says that he has nothing conclusive yet, Ian accuses him of working on the clothing line instead of doing his research. Chris sets him straight; this is Elizabeth's deal. He's doing his best to help Ian, but there's no other research to help. After all, most doctors want to keep people alive, not kill them. Ian just wants to know that Chris has made progress, and he has, but only on single cells. That's good enough for Ian, who is ready to try it on a more complicated cellular system. He wants to be the guinea pig. After checking to make sure they can speak freely, Chris tells Ian that he won't allow it. The serum isn't even ready for a trial on a human, much less a vampire. It could kill him. Ian is willing to take that risk, because Kevin never misses a chance to remind him that he's a vampire. Ian wants his life back. Chris maintains that it's not safe. Ian asks him, as a friend, to help. Although convinced that he'll end up regretting this, Chris agrees. He calls to Elizabeth and tells her that he needs his place back. She protests, but he is adamant. Elizabeth tells Marty and Iris to come to her car to pick up their checks, but Iris insists on cash only. Chris promises to call Elizabeth later. After they're all gone, he goes to get the formula. Ian thinks about Danny while Chris is gone. Chris returns and prepares the injection. He reminds Ian that it is an untested drug and that once he takes it, there's no going back. Ian stares at the needle.

Olivia asks Jack to turn around while she puts on something other than a sheet. "It's not like I haven't seen it before, but yeah, whatever," he says. He asks whether she really thinks that rolling around in bed with Caleb will solve all her problems. Olivia refuses to discuss her love life with him. She tells him to get out, but he no longer lets her tell him what to do. She wants to know why he makes her feel guilty for being with the man she loves. Jack doesn't think she knows the meaning of the word, but she argues that Caleb is the one who taught her the true meaning. "Really? Is that why when Alison showed up, he left you here in that sheet? That's kind of pathetic, if you ask me," Jack remarks. Olivia counters that he's the pathetic one who clearly isn't over her. She tells him to deny it all he wants, but she sees the look on his face when he thinks no one is watching. When Jack says that she's delusional, she again tells him to get out. Jack thinks she's nervous about something. He looks down at the floor where Caleb's ring is.

Alison explains that Rafe said some words and then vanished. Caleb doesn't understand what she's worried about, but Alison admits that Rafe broke into his loft and found a very old book with some chants in it. Rubbing his head in exasperation, Caleb asks whether he practiced one of the chants. Alison confirms that he did. Caleb realizes that he wanted the ring. Alison asks where he thinks Rafe went. "I believe he's gone to hell," he replies. When Alison asks how to get him back home, Caleb informs her that they don't. Alison can't believe he would be so heartless to her, knowing how much she loves Rafe. Caleb reminds her that he's not the bad guy here. Rafe gets what he deserves for stealing from him. Alison points out that their fates are tied, and Caleb might be the next to leave. Caleb says that Rafe brought this on himself. Alison begs him to reconsider, but he won't. He walks back into the loft. Alison follows. She takes his hand and begs him to use the ring to help her bring Rafe home. Caleb jerks his hand away and asks Olivia for her opinion. She doesn't want him to help, stating that the ring can't be used for frivolous things. Alison tries to get to her, but Caleb intervenes. "Look on the bright side, Alison. You and Rafe had a good run while it lasted," he says. Alison slaps him hard and says that she hates him. She claims that she would have helped him if he were hurt. Caleb can remember that she was there the last time Rafe tried to destroy him. In Alison's opinion, he is nothing but a cold, evil bastard. She has tried to help him and be his friend, but now there's nothing else she can do. Jack gets her out of there, saying that they obviously won't get any help there. Olivia can't believe Alison's big performance. She tells Caleb that he did the right thing. Caleb puts on his socks. Olivia can't believe he actually feels bad about this, but he does. She asks him not to fall for Alison's act. "No, you should know, sweetheart. Nobody gets away with fooling me," Caleb states as he kisses her head. He walks out the door, refusing to say where he's headed. Olivia picks up the ring, glad to at least have it. She tells herself to wish for whatever her little heart desires.

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