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Port Charles Update Friday 8/29/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

Rafe shocks Alison with his plan to go to hell to consult with Caleb's father. With a thunder crash and a flash of lightning, he vanishes before her eyes.

Jamal surprises Imani with a home-cooked meal. Marveling at his abilities as a landlord, bodyguard, and chef, Imani says that he's either too good to be true or there's a catch. Jamal tells her that there is a catch. Now that they're roommates, he wants to lay down a few ground rules. The first one, which is a deal breaker, is that since he cooked, she has to clean. Smiling, he looks around; he just might have dirtied every single pot in the place, so she has some cleaning to do. Imani feigns shock. Jamal won't say what he's making for dinner; it's a secret family recipe, and if he tells her, he'll have to kill her. Imani wants a hint, but he refuses. She tries to look, under the pretext of wanting to help, but Jamal puts a stop to that. She's been waiting on people all day, and now he won't let her lift a finger. Imani says that she thought all the good ones were taken. "We're just stuck in the kitchen," Jamal jokes, his face close to hers. Breaking the mood, Imani tells him that something is boiling over. She decides to let him concentrate on what he's doing. While he tends to the meal, Imani says that this reminds her of when she used to hang out in her grandmother's kitchen. She gets out a picture of her grandmother and shows it to Jamal, saying that she's still alive in her heart--leaving out the fact that she spoke to her on the phone the other day. She decides to take a shower before dinner, since she has to go back to work later. While Imani is in the shower, Jamal decides to snoop through her things. He justifies it to himself by saying that he can't protect her if he doesn't really know what's going on. Making absolutely sure that the coast is clear, he starts going through her box, where he finds a newspaper clipping. The headline mentions a brutal murder and a mystery woman. The sketch of the mystery woman bears a strong resemblance to Imani.

Kevin orders his left arm to move so that he can get his life back together. With a great deal of effort, he manages to move his finger again. Lucy and Ian return with the news that everything is set up at the lighthouse. Lucy asks whether there's any change at all, and Kevin says that there's no change. He's ready to go home. Lucy encourages him to call if he needs anything, no matter what time it is. Kevin thanks her but states that he needs to start doing things on his own. Christina comes in to see him. She has her favorite doll, Gemma, to give him so that he won't be lonely. Lucy assures Christina that she can call and visit her daddy anytime she wants, so he won't be lonely. Ian adds that he will drive her to the lighthouse whenever she wants. Christina likes that but still wants to give Kevin her doll. Kevin can't take it from her, and it falls under the nearby table. Christina goes underneath to get it, but Kevin is afraid she'll hurt herself. His reflex is to reach for her, and he cries out in pain. This scares Christina, who goes to Lucy for comfort. Lucy is amazed that Kevin moved his arm.

Olivia tries to get to the ring, which she dropped on the floor, but Caleb asks why she's stopping. She tells him to keep his eyes closed and put himself in her hands. As she takes off her robe, she hides the ring under her empty slipper. Caleb pulls her close and begins to kiss her neck. He thinks there's something different about her; he can see it in her eyes. She says it's because she finally feels that she can be all he wants her to be, and much more.

After getting a frantic call from Alison, Jack rushes over to her place. She drags him inside and tells him about what Rafe did. Jack can't believe it. "He tells us to be safe, and here he is taking a road trip to hell?" he complains. Alison believes that Rafe was trying to protect them from the ring, but now she doesn't know what to do. Jack thinks it should be all right. He reminds her that Rafe has gone to the dark side before and made it back all right. Alison thinks this is different; she thinks it's evil. Jack thinks they just need to give him time, but Alison isn't convinced that Rafe has any more time. Jack wants her to calm down, but she tells him that he's not exactly helping her right now. She gets an idea, saying that she has to go see someone. Jack doesn't like the sound of this. Alison says that Caleb is the only person who can help her bring back Rafe. Jack won't let her throw herself in front of Caleb, but Alison is determined. She grabs his hand and drags him out behind her.

Ian examines Kevin's arm, but the patient can only feel certain spots. Ian tells him that he's making progress. Lucy returns and says that Christina is fine, noting that she explained what happened as kind of like the pins and needles from a foot that went to asleep. Ian says that the pain Kevin feels is nerve regeneration. Lucy is wondering why is happened so suddenly. She muses that it may have been herbal tea or all those energy massages she gave him. Preferring a more scientific explanation, Ian suggests that it was rest and medication. Kevin thinks it was combination of everything, including the physical therapy. He thanks Ian for his help, especially considering what Ian has to deal with on a daily basis. Seeing the look on his face, Kevin wants to know what he said wrong. He didn't think this was a forbidden subject among the three of them. Trying to change the subject, Lucy says that it was Christina who actually helped Kevin, since he moved his arm to keep her from getting hurt. Kevin admits that he will miss his little girl, but it's time to start doing things on his own. Besides, Lucy has enough to deal with between the girls and Ian. When Ian takes offense, Lucy tries to keep peace. Ian goes out for some fresh air, and she follows him outside. He tells her that Kevin is playing her. He just needs to cool off a little bit. Lucy promises to never let Kevin come between them. She goes back inside, leaving Ian alone with his anger.

After making love, Caleb still has a hard time keeping his hands off Olivia. She admits to sometimes feeling very jealous and insecure. Sometimes she thinks there's something inside her that feels a little bit lost. She does feel Caleb's devotion. She is devoted to him, and she wants to hold onto this moment forever. Caleb tells her that this is how it should always be, with no lies or deception. He likes it when there's nothing dividing them. Looking guilty, Olivia admits that she sometimes does things that may seem a little bit selfish on the surface but are really what's best for the two of them. Caleb asks for examples. "I don't know. Stretch the truth a little, maybe," she hedges. "A little deception, maybe," Caleb suggests. Olivia denies that. Caleb asks whether there's something she wants to tell him. A knock on the door interrupts them, but Caleb doesn't intend to answer it. Suddenly, Alison starts calling out Caleb's name and saying that she needs his help.

Lucy accuses Kevin of trying to push all Ian's buttons by reminding him of his situation. She reminds Kevin that he himself had a "situation" for at least a year. Kevin admits that he behaved terribly, and he has no idea what turned things around. In any case, his behavior was treatable, but he has no idea how to fix a vampire. He isn't saying that Ian is to blame, but this is a fact of life, and he wants her to hear his side of this. He doesn't like Ian, but he does admire his struggle. Ian eavesdrops from nearby as Kevin explains his fear that the vampire is a danger to little Christina. Lucy believes that Ian is in control and that he would sooner die than turn them into a family of vampires. Kevin sees this as the problem; Ian can't die. He can only be destroyed by a slayer. That's why Kevin is counting on her to keep Christina safe from the monster that she's let into her life. Furious, Lucy storms off. She finds Ian just outside the room, his fangs bared and his eyes glowing red. He walks away before doing something he would regret.

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