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Port Charles Update Thursday 8/28/03

By Beth
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Ian confidently reports that Kevin's nurses are all excellent. Kevin points out that it's rare for Lucy to be so quiet, which makes him think something is wrong. Lucy says that she still wants to help him explain this to Christina, but Kevin insists on doing it himself. Ian takes Lucy outside so that Kevin can talk to his little girl. Lucy worries about whether they're doing the right thing, and Ian assures her that they are. Lucy can't help thinking that none of this would be happening if not for that horrible ring.

Kevin tells Christina that being there with her has helped him very much, but now he has to finish getting better at his own house. Christina tells him that he can't leave her again. Kevin assures her that he's not leaving her. He promises that she can come visit him every day, and they can play games, read stories, and watch videos. Not saying a word, Christina looks at him sadly with her big blue eyes. Kevin asks her not to be sad, because he loves her very, very much. He always will. Christina asks about her mommy. Kevin says that he will always love her mommy, but he can't be there for her right now. Putting her little head down on his arm, Christina begs her daddy to stay.

Ian assures Lucy that Kevin wants to go home. Lucy keeps thinking about what would happen if they could turn back the clock and return to before he became that horrible man. Ian tells her that it would mean that they wouldn't be together. Lucy assures him that she would never want that. She loves him, and she's grateful for every minute they have together. She wouldn't trade it for anything. It's just that it's hard to explain. She sits down. Ian pulls up a chair and sits across from her, ready to explain it for her. He tells her that although he will never forget Eve, that part of his life was the past. Now, he loves Lucy, and he doesn't want her to apologize for her past. Lucy understands what he's saying, and they kiss.

Rafe looks through Caleb's book excitedly. He's always heard about it; it contains centuries' worth of vampire history, rituals, and incantations. He stops when he comes to a drawing of the ring.

Caleb advises Alison to be more careful with her charm in the future. He suddenly looks past her unhappily. Alison turns around and realizes that they've been seen. Olivia comes outside and points out that from where she was standing, they seemed to be holding hands. When Alison explains what really happened, Olivia asks why she's acting so guilty. If she didn't know better, she would say that the two of them are hiding something. Caleb asks his lover whether there's a problem, and she says sullenly that there isn't. Alison tries to reason with her, but Caleb tells Alison that there's no need to explain, because Olivia understands that it was all perfectly innocent. Olivia tells Alison to think about getting the charm fixed, because she might not be so lucky the next time. She's ready to home and pick up where she and Caleb left off. Verifying that his business with Alison is finished for the moment, Caleb agrees. Alison takes off, leaving them there alone. Olivia has a question for Caleb. "Is this a test or something?" she asks, adding that whenever Alison is around, Caleb finds a way to throw it in her face. She wants to know whether they're friends. "Maybe we're friends. Or maybe I have my own reasons for keeping her close by," he says cryptically. He won't reveal his reason. Olivia is trying to do as he asked and fight her insecurities about Alison, but she asks him not to make it any more difficult than it already is.

Alison finds Rafe waiting for her at home. She's not sure whether or not Caleb believes that she really lost the charm, but she hopes so. As for Olivia, Alison would probably be dead right now if looks could kill. The vamp seems to be on her best behavior, and Alison gets the feeling she's afraid of losing Caleb. Alison does wonder whether Caleb is just giving them enough rope to hang themselves. Rafe thinks it's possible that he's onto them, since Caleb doesn't trust anyone and never will. It's the reason he's survived for so many years. He's his own counsel, which is why Olivia will always feel partially shut out. Caleb will never completely let anyone in. In Alison's opinion, that seems very lonely. "Well, it is, but it's the life he chose. And it's his legacy to follow in the footsteps of his masters," Rafe states. Alison suspects that he's quoting something. Rafe says that he always knew all that but just had it confirmed in a book. He tells her about Caleb's book, which is a complete history of the vampire universe. He doesn't have it, because he couldn't risk letting Caleb know that he found it. Besides, he only needs the answer to one question. He wants to know how Caleb knew how to get his ring back. His guess is that he had to go to hell to ask his father. Alison can't even imagine what that was like. Rafe informs her that he's about to find out. Alison can't believe that he would do that. Rafe says that it's an option, but Alison doesn't like it. Rafe says they can explore the other options. "What do you want me to do? You want me to continue to let you cozy up to Caleb until that psychotic bride of his gets rattled enough that she steals the ring herself?" he asks. Alison reminds him that they agreed to that in the beginning. Rafe mentions another option, which is sitting back and letting them keep the ring. Knowing he has no intention of doing that, Alison protests that going to hell is a suicide mission and he can't do this. Rafe knows that he can take care of himself. Alison calls his attention to all they've accomplished together, as well as their hopes for the future. She's not willing to risk all that. Rafe silences her with kisses.

When Caleb and Olivia get back to the loft, Caleb believes that he senses something amiss, but he doesn't see anything suspicious. Alone, he opens the secret hiding place and sees that his book is there. He takes it out and leafs through it. Satisfied, he closes it and returns it to its hiding place.

Sitting in Ian's lap, Lucy says that she truly believes they belong together. She believes that they would have found their way to each other even if Kevin had never changed. Ian thinks she's right.

Now that Christina's wish is falling apart, Kevin senses something different. Looking down at his left hand, he manages to move his index finger. Overjoyed, his eyes fill with tears.

Olivia tells herself to stop thinking about it, but she just can't help herself. She remembers hearing Caleb give Alison his ring and say that he trusts her more than anyone. She thinks about the most recent incident, when she saw the two of them in the alley. Going through a jewelry box, she finds a ring identical to the one Caleb wears. She's happy, believing it's the fake that he gave Alison. Caleb joins her, and she announces that she has a little surprise for him. With Caleb lying on his stomach, she rubs his back and shoulders. Working her way to his hands, she removes his ring and puts the other one on his finger. She wants to be the only one to ever touch him his way. Caleb opens his eyes, apparently aware of what she just did.

After making love, Alison tells Rafe that their original plan really should work. She admits to seeing a vulnerable and sad side to Caleb, which makes her feel guilty for deceiving him. Rafe can't believe this. Alison just thinks that if they can be friends, she can make him see how damaging the ring can be to the people in their lives. She realizes that she shouldn't want to ask him for it again, but she does believe that things have changed a little since the first time. She thinks that her opinion matters to him. Caleb asks her to stop talking about this until morning, and she consents. She gets up for a minute and says that she'll be right back. As soon as the coast is clear, Rafe jumps out of bed and pulls on his pants. Determined to get the ring, he begins to say the words he believes will make that happen, speaking to Roderick Morley as if he is the vampire's son. Returning, Alison is horrified to see what he is doing. With a flash of lightning and a crash of thunder, Rafe vanishes before her eyes.

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