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Port Charles Update Wednesday 8/27/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

Jamal moves Imani into his apartment. She doesn't have much, but she still thinks the place is small. Jamal assures her that he will be sleeping on the couch so that she can have the bed. Imani protests, but Jamal insists. He shows her a privacy screen to help divide her space from the living room. After opening it up for her, she shows her where she can put her things. Now that they're roomies, he really would like to know about the guy she's running from. Imani tells him that he was obsessed with her and wanted to own her. Not having anyone to turn to for help, she finally just started running and never really stopped. She never stayed in one place for more than a month, because she knew that he was on her trail and would catch her. When Jamal asks how long it's been since she's seen him, she guesses that it's been a year, but that's not nearly long enough. Jamal doesn't want her to worry about it anymore, because it's over. The guy would have to go through him to get to her, and that's no easy task. She's safe with him. Imani lays her head up against Jamal's chest. Realizing that it's time to get ready for work, she steps behind the partition to change clothes. Watching her silhouette undress, Jamal has to fan himself with his shirt.

Alison is confident that Caleb thinks of her as a friend and therefore won't hurt her. Rafe tells her that Caleb has no friends; he only has lovers, acolytes, and enemies, and Alison will be an enemy if he even suspects her of conning him. Alison accuses Rafe of trying to scare her, and she's right. He wants her to understand how dangerous this is. Alison points out that she's been in more scary, dangerous situations than anyone she knows, and she's still standing to talk about it. She wants Rafe to help her figure out what to do now. Rafe is hoping that no one has found the charm yet. Alison says that she dropped it near the couch, but not in a completely obvious spot. Rafe wants to get it back before anyone finds it. The first step is for her to call Caleb.

As Caleb looks at Alison's charm, Olivia gets up and asks what's in his hand. When he opens his fist, there's nothing there. Caleb answers the ringing phone. It's Alison, who asks him to meet her at Elixir. She has a proposition for him. Caleb agrees to meet her, and after hanging up, he tells Olivia about the call. He wants her to go with him, and she jumps at the chance. She excuses herself to get ready. Opening his hand, which now holds the charm again, Caleb accuses the absent Alison of having been a very bad girl.

Alison reports that Caleb is on his way, and she's certain that he won't be alone. While she keeps them busy, Rafe will be trying to find her charm.

Outside the club, Reese fills Ricky in on what happened with the light post. From his behavior, she assumes that he's looking for Casey, although he denies it. Reese talks about the changes in her life since becoming mortal again. She's no longer the party girl she once was. She admits that when she found him looking so sad near Jack's house, the old Reese would have tried to take advantage of him. Instead, she just wanted to hold him and make him feel better. Something about his sadness and sweetness really touched her. She goes on to say that when she kissed him earlier, she felt something more. Now she needs to know whether he also felt it. Ricky says that of course he felt something, because she kissed him. He also thought that she was trying to prove something. Reese says that she was trying to prove that she likes him a lot. Ricky warns her that it could never go anywhere. Thinking of Casey and Karen, he says that the girls he gets close to have a tendency of going away. Reese points out that at least he's loved and been loved. He also has a family that cares about him, which is something she's never had. Besides, every guy she's been involved with was just looking for a good time before going back to the ones they really cared about. She won't feel sorry for Ricky just because he's afraid to put himself out there. She starts to leave, but Ricky stops her and invites her inside for a drink.

Jack gives Alison a hard time about "Rafe, the Almighty," which she tells him is rude. Jack still says that Rafe is starting to make Joshua look good, with all the orders he's barking around. Alison states that he's trying to help people, and she would appreciate it if Jack would refrain from comparing him to Joshua in front of her. Jack gives in and asks about the new plan to get Caleb's ring. Alison tells him that it's the same plan, except that she will be the one driving Olivia crazy with jealousy. Jack is angry that Rafe would put her in the middle of all this. Alison says that she put herself in the middle, and it took some convincing on her part. Jack is skeptical, but Alison states that she is quite capable. She can do this, although she did screw up the first assignment a little bit. That's where Jack comes in; she needs his help. She wants him to distract Olivia when she gets to the club. Jack reminds her that Rafe pulled him off the case. Alison promises not to put him in the middle; all she's asking is for him to occupy her for a little while. She is convinced that after tonight, he won't want any part of Olivia, Caleb, or the ring. Jack suggests that he might have his own agenda and may want to use the ring for a couple wishes. Alison warns that the ring is poisonous to anyone who wishes on it. Seeing Caleb and Olivia come in, she asks Jack again to do her that favor.

Over a beer, Reese apologizes for losing it earlier. Ricky understands. He invites her to a family barbecue. Reese turns him down, thinking it's a pity offer. Ricky tells her that she may have been right; he does have a lot to be thankful for. If she is still willing to take a chance and meet a slew of Garzas who are even crazier than he is, she's welcome to come to the barbecue. Reese tells him that she would love to meet his family. Ricky kisses her cheek before she goes home to change. Alone, Ricky looks heavenward and orders Casey to leave Reese alone. Casey laughs, not bothering to appear to him this time. Ricky also wants her to leave him alone.

Olivia really wants to know what Alison's proposition for Caleb could be. Caleb munches on some nuts as Alison asks him to play at her next fashion show. She knows how busy he is, so she wanted to see what he thought. Caleb agrees to do it. "What are friends for?" he asks rhetorically. Alison is surprised that it was so easy. Olivia says that it will be great publicity for both parties. Claiming that she doesn't mind at all, she gives them time to work out the details while she goes to the bar. Jack goads her by bringing up the matter of the ring. She tells him that she doesn't need to ring as proof that Caleb loves her. She's very satisfied, and Caleb has made her see that she has nothing to worry about, especially when it comes to Alison. Jack tells her that although it sounds good in theory, it won't take much to change that, and he doesn't want Alison to be caught in the crossfire. Olivia resents his attitude and the fact that it's always about Alison. Jack points out that Alison is his friend. "What about me? Am I your friend?" Olivia asks. Jack claims to care what happens to her. Olivia accuses him of lying; they had a little moment, and he got carried away and kissed her. She walks away, but Jack fantasizes a different scenario that ends with a kiss and her declaration of undying love for him. Olivia returns to ask whether he's seen Caleb, but he hasn't.

Caleb tells Alison that it would have been faster to work this out over the phone. Alison admits to "losing" her charm at his place and says that she didn't want to mention it in front of Olivia. She hopes that Olivia didn't find it. Caleb assures her that his lover didn't find it; he did. Relieved, Alison says that she wouldn't want to make trouble for him and Olivia. When Caleb tells her that she already has, she asks what he means. Caleb thinks it would be better to continue their conversation outside. They go outside, and Caleb pulls out the charm. Alison asks where he found it. "Well, a suspicious person might say, 'Right where you left it,' but a friend--he would just return it. Right?" Caleb asks. Alison holds out her hand, and Caleb places the charm in it, closing her fingers around it. At that moment, Olivia looks out the window and sees what looks like the two of them holding hands.

Rafe looks around Caleb's loft but can't find Alison's charm. When he rests his hand against the wall, a small panel turns around to reveal a book inside. Taking a look at the book, Rafe can't believe his luck. It's too good to be true.

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