PC Update Tuesday 8/26/03

Port Charles Update Tuesday 8/26/03

By Beth 
Pictures by Juanita

Chris is all decked out in a suit and tie. When he asks Ian how Kevin took the bad news about having to move out, Ian says that Lucy is telling him right now. Seeing Elizabeth, Chris makes a remark about more bad news. Rushing up to Chris, Elizabeth says that she has to talk to him. "This is a hospital. I'm the doctor. I'm working now, okay? Later," Chris states. Elizabeth insists that it's important, but Chris is more concerned about a patient with an enlarged prostate. Elizabeth's phone rings, giving Chris a short reprieve as she steps aside to take the call. Ian asks Chris about "Georges," but Chris would rather know what prompted Kevin's move back to the lighthouse. Not wanting to reveal too much, Ian says that his moving in with them wasn't a coincidence, and he's going to leave it at that. He asks about the research, and Chris reports that it's slow. He's still looking for the added ingredient, but he'll get it. He thinks that they may be able to work on it together, now that Kevin is out of the picture. "I don't care what anyone says. You're all right," Ian tells him. "Oh, you mean the being nice thing? No. Let me tell you something. I've been a jerk my whole adult life and parts of my childhood. And I'll tell you, saving her butt now with 'Georges,' yours in the research lab--it's exhausting. Way too much work," Chris states. His pager goes off. He doesn't know how Ian has been such a good hero all these years. When Ian jokingly describes himself as a natural-born hero, Chris says that at least he used to be. Ian asks what he means by that. "Oh, here I am saving the world, and you're kicking poor old Kevin out in the cold. Shame," he says, walking away.

Lying in Caleb's arms, Olivia can't stop thinking about her conversation with Jack. She fiddles with his ring, hoping to get it off, and it wakes Caleb up. He asks what she's doing. She claims that she was trying to get up and didn't mean to wake him. Caleb can tell that something is on her mind. Olivia asks whether he's bored with her. Caleb assumes that this is about Alison again, but she claims that it's actually a little bit of everything. She knows him, probably too well, and now that he has everything he ever wanted, she doesn't know what to do. Caleb begins to kiss her passionately.

Rafe tells Jack to have someone bring the check over to him. The antagonism is still there between them. Rafe goes over to where Alison is sitting. She tries to talk to him, but he's lost in thought. Finally getting his attention, she asks whether he's trying to figure out how to get Caleb's ring off his finger. Rafe informs her that he thinks about other things besides Caleb. Alison tries again, saying that she wants to talk about something that happened at Caleb's loft, but Rafe doesn't want to talk about Caleb. In fact, he's sick of talking about him. Getting worried, Alison asks whether something is going on. "Do you think I have a God complex?" he asks. Alison laughs and asks what he's talking about. That isn't the reaction he was expecting. Alison apologizes but says that he looked so serious. Rafe tells her that he is serious. He says that some people think he acts like the man who knows everything about Caleb and his ring. Alison thinks about this. She doesn't know anything about a God complex, but Rafe did come from heaven, and he does sort of know more than most people. She chooses her words carefully. In her opinion, he might not always give people credit for having good ideas, and he may come off a bit harsh, which might rub people the wrong way. Rafe accuses her of saying that he's just a world-class ass. Alison denies saying any such thing. Rafe asks whether he rubs her the wrong way. He wants the truth. Alison assures him that he doesn't, but she does think that there are times when he expects her to read his mind and do things the way he would. On more than one occasion, she has wondered whether he respected her choices.

Lucy approaches Christina, who is sleeping on her daddy's lap. Gently waking her up, she tells her little girl that she can't take a nap right now because of her play date. Christina understands that she has to clean her room. She gives Kevin a kiss before Lucy helps her down from his lap and tells her to put all her toys in her toy box. After Christina scampers away to her bedroom, Lucy tries to broach the subject of getting Kevin to move out, but he already knows what he has to do. He admits that this isn't working for anyone and that it would be best if he were to leave. It's one thing to know that Lucy is with Ian, but it's another to see it and live with it. His body may have betrayed him, but his heart works just fine, and it hurts. Lucy tells him that even though she knows that he's the old Doc again and that they will always be connected, it's too late for them. Kevin says that if he could turn back the clock, he would turn in back to their wedding day. If he could be the man he used to be instead of being trapped in a wheelchair, he would fight for her. Lucy tells him that it would be a losing battle, because she loves Ian. Kevin accuses her of also being in denial about who Ian and what Ian is, as well as how that will affect her future. Unfortunately, he's hardly in a position to offer an alternative. Ian comes in, and Kevin tells him that he's leaving. When Ian says that he took care of all the details, Kevin realizes that they had already decided to kick him out. Lucy tries to explain, but Kevin tells her not to; it just means that they're on the same page. He thanks them for taking care of the details and giving him some privacy one last time. He wants to talk to Christina alone. Granting his request, Ian and Lucy go to do some packing. Christina comes in and asks her daddy to stay.

Caleb asks Olivia why she always questions his love for her. He's walked through fire for her, and he would do it again. She is all he's ever wanted; she's all he needs. Olivia admits that she has nothing to worry about, but she just doesn't trust Alison. Seeing Alison's charm on the floor, Caleb puts his foot over it and moves it out of sight.

Signing out, Chris looks forward to a martini, but Elizabeth stops him. He agrees to give her five minutes of his time before going home. Elizabeth advises him to prepare himself. The teleconference went so well that now they are really in business. They even have employees; she actually found "inexpensive American labor." Chris doesn't know what this has to do with him. He's ready to go home now. "That's actually the problem," Elizabeth informs him. She had to find a place to begin production with the new employees, and his penthouse is perfect. "Chris, won't worry about it. There's still room for you," she promises. Chris can't believe this.

A waitress drops off Rafe's check. Rafe apologizes to Alison. He would never want her to think that he doesn't value her and respect her choices. If it happens again, he wants her to tell him that he's being a jackass. It's a request, not an order, and it comes to her with complete love and affection. Alison assures him that she knows what's in his heart, and she never doubts his love for her. She just thinks that sometimes he needs to let her make her own mistakes. Rafe agrees and adds that he needs to stop taking life so seriously all the time. He's ready to pay the check and get out of there so that they can take the day for themselves. Alison can't do that. She tells him about planting the charm from her bracelet at Caleb's place so that Olivia would find it. "That was the wrong thing to do, Alison. You went way too far," he criticizes her loudly. Jack observes from the bar as Alison informs Rafe that his reaction was very rude. She wants to know what happened to letting her make her own mistakes. Rafe tells her that it was a dumb move on her part. Alison lets him know that this might be one of those jackass moments he was talking about. Rafe tells her that she should have come to him, because he would have helped. He could have stopped her! "Or maybe you could have what, backed off a little bit?" Alison asks. Rafe doesn't like this at all. He's afraid that Caleb will find it and know that she was playing him. Alison doesn't think so. She figures that Caleb will just assume that she lost her charm. Rafe disagrees, and he worries about the prospect of dealing with an out-of-control Caleb.

Caleb picks up the charm and examines it, knowing exactly where it came from. He muses at how it was so conveniently located where one of them would find it. "Friends, huh?" he questions, gripping the charm in his hand.

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