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Port Charles Update Monday 8/25/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

Jamal sits in Imani's motel room wondering how she could have just disappeared. He calls the police, but the desk officer doesn't think the situation is serious. As Jamal tries to explain, Imani walks in the door. Jamal hangs up. Imani realizes that he has a lot of questions, but she's too tired to talk. Jamal won't let this go. He informs her that he's been going out of his mind and looking for her ever since kicking the door in and finding this mess. He shows her the scrap of red material he found in the woods, and it matches her blouse. Imani tries to downplay what happened, saying that she panicked and took off when she heard a sound outside. Jamal is skeptical. He asks whether it was the guy who's been following her, but she swears that it wasn't. Jamal wants to know why she had to leave in such a hurry--and leave scratch marks on the windowsill. Although Imani denies that the marks are hers, Jamal points out that her nails are torn and bloody. She looks at them and sees that he's right. She wants him to leave her alone and not force her to lie to him. Jamal wants her to tell him the truth. He doesn't see how it could be any worse than the fact that he's a vampire. Imani pretty much reiterates what she already told him. Now she knows that it wasn't necessary to take off the way she did. It was obviously a false alarm, because the guy would have found her if he had been close; as long as he thinks she's alive, he won't stop, and she'll have to keep running. Jamal reminds her that he's there for her. Imani admits that her first instinct was to just escape. Jamal understands that all too well, but he asks her not to run away from him. Imani doesn't want to involve him in this because it's so risky. "I'd face anything for you," Jamal assures her. Her eyes welling with tears, Imani says that no one has ever been there for her that way before. Jamal tells her that the world is filled with a bunch of blind idiots. He pulls her to him. Being with him, Imani can almost forget that she's being followed. She can almost pretend that everything is okay and that she's normal. Jamal promises that everything will be better when she moves into his place. Imani protests that she already made her feelings about that clear. Jamal doesn't want to hear it. "You're moving into my place, or I'm bedding down at your doorstep," he vows. Not seeing an alternative, Imani goes to the closet and gets out her suitcase.

Kevin looks at the morning paper, which is nothing but bad news. Lucy comes home from jogging and tries to avoid him, but he presses her, apologizing for taking out his pain on her. Saying that she understands, Lucy excuses herself to track down Ian in the bedroom. She tells her lover that she needs to tell him something right now that she should have told him last night. It's about the real reason Kevin is staying there. She fills him in on her encounter and long conversation with Rafe about the ring. She explains that it grants wishes, but with a catch; things always go wrong. When Ian asks who wished for Kevin to live with them, she admits that it was Christina. Her wish came true, but it nearly killed Kevin in the process. "Be careful what you wish for," Ian muses, stating that it's a line from one of Caleb's songs. Lucy takes this as proof that this really isn't just bad luck after all; it means that they're dealing with the devil.

Jack thinks about what happened at the house yesterday and vows not to go down that road again. When Rafe comes in to find out how it went, Jack reports that he's had better nights. Rafe wants to talk to him about this, but Jack won't do it at the bar, since Olivia almost busted them before. Rafe understands that it's getting complicated. Jack agrees but says that he's taking care of it. He believes that she is almost ready to steal the ring from Caleb. Rafe thanks him but says that he doesn't need Jack's involvement anymore. He's surprised by Jack's negative reaction. Jack would like to know who put Rafe in charge of this. He will stay involved no matter what Rafe says. No matter what Rafe thinks, he's not being taken in by his ex. Rafe points out that he doesn't think that Jack is being seduced by Olivia. It's the ring; he believes that Jack wants it for himself. In Jack's opinion, Rafe is paranoid. He points out that he had the ring and ended up giving it back. Rafe reminds him that he did that before finding out what it could do. He thinks that Jack wants to use it to get the old Livvie back. Jack orders him to get out of his club. He's been handling her just fine, and it feels good to get her back. When she gets the ring, Jack just might make some wishes, and Rafe won't be able to stop him. When Rafe says not to be so sure about that, Jack asks whether Rafe is going to kill him. "Kind of makes you wonder who the real nut job is around here, huh?" he scoffs. Glaring, Rafe states angrily that killing him isn't an option, but he would break a couple bones to get the ring back. Jack mocks his know-it-all attitude, but Rafe says that he simply has more experience with this type of thing. Jack isn't impressed by the vampire slayer who used to be an angel. "Who do you think you are, God himself?" he asks. At this, Rafe punches him. Rafe tries to help him up, but Jack protests. "Get your hands off of me! What's wrong with you, man? I decide not to do things your way, so you go off and hit me? Rafe, Rafe, the man with all the answers. Unbelievable," he says, adding that he doesn't know how Alison deals with him. Rafe tells him to leave her out of this, but Jack won't do that. He's tired of Rafe walking around with all this self-righteous crap. Rafe tells him that the ring is dangerous, and they have to get it away from Caleb. Jack thinks that Rafe wants it for himself. "You have everything anybody could possibly wish for. You're just too stupid to see it and appreciate it," he says angrily.

Finally back in town, Casey sits on Jamal's bike as she urges Ricky to take her back to Atlantic City. Ricky promises to take her someday, but for now, he's worried about what Jamal is going to do to him for taking off with his bike. Casey thinks that Jamal will understand, but she points out that they can always just head for Las Vegas instead of telling him. Ricky tells her that the fun is over, because he can't be a party animal forever. "You can say that again," Reese says, announcing her presence. She is angry with Ricky for vanishing for days to be with Casey. For the most part, she wouldn't care, but she had to cover for him with Caleb, and that can be a bit risky on the neck. Ricky points out that he didn't ask her to cover for him. He doesn't know what she wants. Reese would appreciate a big "thank you," but she would settle for a little one. She wants him to come back to the real world instead of hanging out with a dead girlfriend no one else can see. Ricky tells her to stop it, because it's complicated. Reese doesn't agree; it's fantasy. "This is real," she says, planting one on him. Ricky reels from the kiss. Reese tells him that this is what kissing a real girl is like. He can have this whenever he wants, but he has to forget about his imaginary girlfriend. Ricky protests that she's real, but Reese tells him that he's missing out on life. She has a big surprise for him; she wants him to spend the day with her. Ricky tells her that he can't do that right now. He takes off, leaving her there. Reese complains about what a waste it is for a guy like him to waste his time on a dead girl. Suddenly, the light on the post near where she's standing breaks. This spooks Reese, and she decides to get out of there. Casey watches, pleased with herself.

Christina is standing on the coffee table. She's holding her stuffed tiger and enjoying just being near her daddy. Kevin shows her a picture of a dog holding a book between its paws. He tells her that sometimes people can tell what dogs are thinking if they listen really hard. Christina likes having him there with her. Kevin tells her that he loves every minute he gets to spend with her. "You're going to be here forever, Daddy," Christina promises.

Ian is stunned to hear that Christina had Caleb's ring. Lucy assures him that she even heard her little girl make her wish. She tells Ian about the wish she herself made when Jamal was there, immediately before Kevin snapped out of it and became himself again. This could be very bad. Ian agrees, saying that everything Caleb touches is bad. "Exactly. And Christina touched it. My little girl held that ring, and she wished for her daddy to come live with us, and he almost died to make that innocent little wish come true!" Lucy says, getting more upset. Ian thinks there's only one thing to do now. They have to get Kevin out of the house today. Lucy can't do that, but Ian says that she has to. Lucy suddenly realizes that Christina must have wished for her and Kevin to kiss. Ian still wants Kevin out of there. He thinks that maybe they can undo the wish somehow, because it certainly hasn't done Kevin any good so far. Lucy tells him that he's right, but this will break Christina's heart--and Kevin's. Ian thinks that Kevin will be fine. He's going to go get the lighthouse ready and call the nursing service. It will all be ready tomorrow. He heads out. Lucy heads for the living room, but she stops before going in. Kevin is singing to Christina, who is asleep in her daddy's lap.

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