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Port Charles Update Friday 8/22/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

After finding himself in the floor on top of Olivia, Jack apologizes and claims to have lost his balance. Olivia decides it's time to go home now. She rushes out of the house. Jack berates himself for his actions, thinking that he blew his chance to get his hands on Caleb's ring again. Seeing that she left the box of her things there, he quickly grabs it and runs to catch her. He finds her just outside. Trying to remedy his mistake, he admits that he didn't really lose his balance. "I almost kissed you, and you almost let me," he states. Olivia puts it down to talking about the past and feeling nostalgic. In her opinion, it's not a problem. Jack disagrees, claiming that the pictures and memories didn't cause this. He says that it was only possible because of Caleb. Olivia asks why he's making such a big deal about nothing. Jack knows that it was more than that. Even with all her talk about eternal love with Caleb and being soul mates, she's obviously still unhappy, and she keeps running to Jack. Olivia tells him that he's nuts, because he's the one who came onto her, not the other way around. Jack assures her that he's not going down that road again. Olivia accuses him of still not being over the fact that she chose Caleb over him. She tells him to take a good look at himself, because she's not the only woman who ever left him. He must not have been enough for Tess and Reese either. Jack accuses her of looking at him longingly and trapping him on the ground. Olivia reminds him that he's the one who came running after her just now. She would bet anything that he still wants to do what he didn't have the guts to do when they were in the house. Jack grabs her head and kisses her.

Caleb asks Alison whether she can handle being his friend. Alison asks him the same thing, and he replies that he likes a challenge. Alison informs him that his fancy little tricks won't work on her. Caleb asks jokingly whether there's still time to back out. He reminds her that she'll have to be patient with him, because this is new territory for him. Friendship is rare in his world. With his own kind, having friends seems kind of trivial, and he could never trust any mortals. When Alison accuses him of thinking too little of human nature, he suggests that she thinks too much of it. Alison concedes that maybe they can both learn something. Caleb says that it's possible, but he thinks he's pretty much seen everything. Alison informs him that he hasn't seen her. She decides to leave now, since Rafe is probably waiting for her. She really doesn't think Olivia is ready for their friendship. Caleb agrees that there will be challenges for everyone. They step outside the loft, and a photographer jumps out and takes their picture. Caleb suddenly appears right next to the guy, claims to have been looking for Apartment 5B. Caleb informs him that he's a nobody and that he's about to become even less. Alison tries to keep it friendly. She asks the man's name, which is Jason Powell. He claims to be a freelancer. Caleb informs him that he's invading his privacy. Jason states that it goes along with being a celebrity. Caleb is going to change those rules. He has a gorgeous, very sensitive brunette to protect, and it would hurt her feelings to see a photo of him with another woman. When her feelings get hurt, other people get hurt. Alison states that Mr. Clay might be willing to let bygones be bygones if Jason will just give him the film. Caleb takes the camera and smashes it. He then removes the film and destroys it. Jason threatens to sue for destruction of personal property. Grabbing him by the neck, Caleb tells Jason that he can sue from hell. Alison grabs Caleb's arm and tries to make him stop. Caleb tells her that it's too late. Alison tells Caleb that she's not worried about the photographer; she's worried about him.

Jamal pokes his head out the window and wonders what could possibly have happened to Imani. Hearing someone at the door, he cuts the lights and hides behind the door. Someone steps inside, and Jamal attacks, tackling the intruder onto the bed. It's Rafe. Jamal points out that Rafe could have gotten himself killed. Looking around, Rafe asks what happened. Jamal isn't sure, but Imani is in some kind of trouble. He tells Rafe that some guy has been following her around town. Jamal wants to find her before the other guy does. In fact, he wants Rafe to help him look. Rafe refuses, and he orders Jamal not to look for her either. He wants them both to walk out of the motel room right now. Jamal can't believe what Rafe just said. He cares about Imani, and she's in trouble. Rafe knows that, but he wants Jamal to pretend that he never met her. He tells him that all the wishes made on the ring are turning dangerous. Jamal's first wish was for the girl of his dreams, and she literally dropped into his lap. The problem is that they don't know who she is or where she came from. All they know is that her room is a wreck and that some guy is chasing after her. Rafe points out that there are some very interesting nasty marks on the window, and Jamal is stuck in the middle of it all. Jamal laughs off the slayer's concern. When Rafe says that there are all kinds of curses, Jamal informs him that Imani isn't a curse. She's a frightened girl who needs his help, and Rafe is in his way. Rafe changes his mind and offers to help find her, but Jamal laughs. He just doesn't trust Rafe with this.

Olivia breaks away and orders Jack to get his hands off her. She's angry with him for ruining the first good time they've had in ages. Jack accuses her of hating the truth about her relationship with Caleb. The way he sees it, Caleb is up in the clouds, and everyone else is expected to bow down at his altar. Olivia claims that Caleb has her on a pedestal, but Jack laughs. He tells her that she's Caleb's little trophy and that she isn't supposed to cause him any trouble. If she thinks she's his equal, she's wrong. Olivia accuses Jack of being jealous. Jack asks why things never quite work out with her and Caleb, and why she's still at his house. Olivia thinks it's funny to hear Jack giving out advice about love. Jack tells her that the ring is proof that he's right about this. Whoever has the ring has the power, and she doesn't have physical possession of it. Olivia maintains that it belongs to both of them. "For right now. But with your track record, you won't be lasting through eternity. See, Livvie, Caleb is going to wake up and see that you're high maintenance, and then some blonde is going to turn his head and he's going to jump at it. And when he does leave, he's going to take the ring with him, and you're going to be left with nothing," he says, planting more seeds of doubt. He tells her to consider him her wake-up call. Caleb has all the power, and he doesn't trust her with the ring; he never will. He wants it all for himself. Olivia is sick of the sound of Jack's voice. She doesn't want the box of her things. She doesn't need the memories; she has a real life. She just wants to get out of there.

Alison insists that Caleb let go. He does, and he orders the man to get out of there, tossing some money on the floor to pay for the damages. The guy grabs the money and flees. They go back inside, and Alison tells Caleb that he was being stupid. Caleb accuses her of being naive if she thinks that her friendship will change his nature. It's been tried before, and he likes who he is. Alison knows that, as well as what he's capable of. She knows that he doesn't kill people for sport--not because he's become nicer, but because there's no advantage to it. She points out that if he had harmed the photographer and people found out about it, his cover would be blown. Caleb asks why she cares. Alison is taken aback by the question. It's obviously been a long time since he's had a friend. She decides to leave before his little "sensitive" brunette comes home. She surreptitiously removes what looks like a charm from her bracelet and drops it on the floor. Caleb says that he owes her, because if he had let that jerk get to him, he might have done something that would have caused problems. He thanks her for looking out for him.

Jamal looks around outside, using a flashlight to help him see in the dark. He calls out to Imani, but there's no answer. He finds what looks like a paw print on the ground, and a scrap of cloth on a tree.

Jack looks at an old picture of happier times. Deciding to pack it away, he puts it back in the box and tapes it up.

Alison finds Rafe and tells him that she went to see Caleb, but he had already figured that out. She tells him about convincing Caleb that she's really his friend, as well as the incident with the photographer. She has to go to see her mother now. She's already late, and Elizabeth hates that. After she leaves, the photographer approaches Rafe to say that he's not being paid enough for this. He quits, leaving Rafe on his own.

Finally home, Olivia pours two glasses of wine and sits down with Caleb. They both claim to have had uneventful days. Caleb says that he wanted to rehearse but couldn't track down any of the band, Olivia tells him that she ran a few errands. Looking at his ring, she asks him to let her feel it. "Not tonight, sweetheart," he says. He begins to kiss her face, saying that he missed her. Olivia's mind wanders to Jack's allegation that Caleb will leave her with nothing after falling for "some blonde."

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