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Port Charles Update Thursday 8/21/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

Lucy and Ian rush to check on Kevin, who says that he felt a pain in his left arm. Lucy takes this as a good sign, but Kevin can't feel Ian's touch when he tries to examine him. Lucy wants to try, but Kevin orders her to leave him alone. Ian suggests that Lucy get some air while he finishes examining Kevin, and she takes his advice. Ian tells Kevin that Lucy was right about the pain being a good sign. Kevin still wants to be left alone. Ian understands that he's angry, but he won't let Kevin take out his anger on Lucy. "Yeah, I'm angry," Kevin states. "I'm angry that I was just getting my life together, and then this changed all that in the blink of an eye. I'm angry that my little girl had to see it, and now it'll probably take her longer to get over it than me! And I'm angry that I ever let myself be talked into coming here. Which brings me to the most overwhelming anger of all, which means I get to sit here helpless while you're upstairs making love to my wife!"

On the phone, Caleb orders someone to find Ricky and Reese and inform them that they can easily be replaced. He hangs up, complaining about amateurs. He gets out his guitar and again wonders where Olivia is.

At Jack's house, Olivia is embarrassed by Jack's state of undress. "I just came by to check out your stuff," she says, turning around. Immediately regretting her choice of words, she clarifies what she meant to say, offering to leave if it's a bad time. Grinning, Jack assures her that it isn't. It brings back memories of the first time they met, down by the river. Telling her to have a seat while he gets dressed, he promises to bring her a beer when he's done. She thinks about it and figures it won't hurt to stay for a few minutes.

Rafe refuses to discuss Alison's idea, and she has no problem with that. She doesn't need to discuss it, because she's going to do it. She plans to go straight to Olivia and rattle her cage so badly that she will do anything to get the ring. Rafe argues that it's too dangerous. Alison understands that, but she reminds him that Jack brought her name into the equation almost immediately, and he did that because he knew how much it would upset their target. They all know that Alison is the one person who can get to her enough to make the plan work. Rafe won't use her as bait; she's not a slayer, and she didn't choose this life. Alison points out that she did choose him. Besides, Caleb and Olivia have hurt everyone she loves. This battle is just as much hers as it is his. Everyone has a purpose in this, and she believes that she's the piece of the puzzle that can make this work. Rafe shouts that he can't let her do this. He's supposed to protect her above all others. Alison reminds him that she is his partner, and while they are both very strong individuals, they are invincible together. Rafe really hates this, but he knows it's useless to argue any more. He asks what she wants to do. Alison just wants to talk to Caleb and flash him a smile; Olivia's twisted mind will do the rest. Rafe reluctantly agrees but says that he will be keeping an eye on her. As they embrace, Lucy comes along and greets them. She informs them that Kevin isn't doing any better. Alison gives the cousins time to talk, saying that she has some errands to run. Rafe understands exactly where she's headed. Lucy admits that having Kevin stay with her has turned all their lives upside down. She also says that Kevin was on the right track. When she mentions the old adage about being careful what you wish for, Rafe's ears perk up, and he asks her to repeat it. Lucy says that she actually wished that Kevin would go back to being his old self again. Rafe tells her that it's all starting to make sense. He guesses that she was with Jamal at the time, and when he's right, Lucy doesn't know what to make of it. Rafe sits down with her and tells her about the ring's power to grant wishes.

Jamal happily gets ready for his date with Imani. He goes to her motel, holding some flowers behind his back while calling out to her. Imani doesn't answer, but Jamal hears heavy breathing inside, as if someone is panting. Hearing more strange noises, Jamal quickly tries the knob, but it's locked. He kicks the door in.

Sitting on the floor with Jack, Olivia goes through her belongings. She finds some old clothes as well as pictures from happier times. Jack compliments her on her photography skills. Their relationship seems unstrained and carefree as they reminisce about the good times they had together.

Caleb has waited long enough. He starts to leave, but when he opens the door, Alison is standing there. He lets her come in but warns that he doesn't have much time. He expects her to criticize his relationship with Olivia again. Alison tells him that although she will never understand it, it's obvious that they love each other. She regrets judging them, because she hates when people judge what she and Rafe have. That's why she wants to apologize. However, she still thinks that tricking her with the fake ring was rude. It happened when she had just started to respect him, and she thought that it was mutual, so it really hurt her feelings. Caleb accuses her of making another lame attempt to get his ring. Alison denies any such things. She says that this was actually an attempt to apologize, but she can see that it means nothing to him. It would mean something to her, but that's fine. She heads for the door. Caleb stops her. "Maybe it does mean something," he admits.

Ian pours himself a drink and sits down. He informs Kevin that Lucy is no longer his wife. He is well aware that she would have waited for Kevin, but ultimately, she had no choice, because he kept hurting her. Ian points out that he is also angry. It's not easy to start a life with Lucy while Kevin is living with them, but this is what's best for Lucy and Christina. Kevin isn't at all convinced that this is best for him. He understands that Ian is trying to help, but it's hard to be grateful. Every time he looks at Lucy, he sees the woman he's been in love with practically since the day he hit town. "And when I look at you, I just see the man who's sleeping with her," he states. Saying that everyone has burdens, Ian tells Kevin to call if he needs him. He takes his drink and leaves the room. Kevin wonders what the universe had in mind when it pulled this one.

Lucy can't believe this. She worries that the wishes aren't real or that they could just fade away somehow, but Rafe doesn't think that could happen. Lucy realizes that they could use the ring to heal Kevin. Rafe tells her that there's more to the story. After Jamal tossed it into the river, Christina found it, and she wished for something she wanted very badly. Lucy tries to figure out what that could be. A sick look coming over her face, she realizes that Christina wished for her mommy and daddy to live together again. Lucy doesn't want to believe it. She maintains that Kevin is living at her place because of the accident. Rafe informs her that it's actually because Christina made the wish before the accident. Because Lucy and Ian were happy, and Kevin had granted the divorce, it took something extraordinary to make his moving in even a possibility. Christina got her wish, and Kevin may never walk again. The ring gives people what they want, but with no thought to the consequences. Lucy understands that it's like messing with the universe, and there are repercussions. Rafe agrees. With each wish, someone has been hurt--or will be. Jack got his wish, but it left him alone and vulnerable. The problem is that Jack isn't good at being alone, so he's probably out there looking for trouble. Lucy thinks there must be a way to use the ring for good, but Rafe reminds her that it belongs to Caleb.

While Rafe and Lucy talk about the ring, the repercussions of its powers are felt all over town. Kevin struggles to use his right arm to move his left one. Jamal enters Imani's motel room. The place is a wreck, and Imani is nowhere in sight. After looking all over for her, Jamal goes to the open window and finds several strange-looking scratch marks on the sill. Playing around like old friends and lovers, Jack falls on top of Olivia, their faces very close. Caleb and Alison seem to become closer. As they try to work out their disagreement, Caleb hands her a bottle of water.

Caleb apologizes to Alison, who is stunned. Caleb admits that he's never had any female friends to talk to before, but now he does. Alison extends her hand in friendship, and they shake on it.

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