PC Update Wednesday 8/20/03


Port Charles Update Wednesday 8/20/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

While Ian goes over some research notes, Lucy works with Kevin's left hand, hoping to somehow make the feeling return. Unfortunately, it doesn't do any good, and her unwillingness to take a break frustrates Kevin and annoys Ian. Getting up from his work, Ian pulls the protesting Lucy aside to tell her that it's no use; she can't conjure up a miracle. He points out that she has been trying alternative treatments for hours. Lucy realizes that, and she has no intention of stopping now. She wants Kevin to get better. Ian informs her that Kevin needs to rest. Lucy admits that she may be pushing a little too hard, but she wants him to get well as soon as possible. Ian thinks that they should give nature a chance to work it out. Kevin needs a break, and so does she. Ian asks her to go lie down with him for a few minutes. When Lucy tells him that she can't, Ian leaves her there. Regretting the scene, Lucy goes back to tell Kevin that she's going to get some rest.

Olivia is pleased with herself for catching Jack and Rafe conspiring against her. Now she knows why Jack was being too nice to her, and since Rafe is involved, it probably has to do with Caleb. Jack tells her that she's wrong. He prompts Rafe to confess what he's been doing behind her back. When Rafe won't say anything, Jack says that Rafe was telling him what a big mistake it would be to get mixed up with her again. Olivia accuses him of lying. Jack asks when he and Rafe have ever been friends. The big bad slayer is just trying to keep her from recruiting anyone else. Playing along, Rafe confirms Jack's story and accuses him of having no pride. Jack tells him to get lost, and Rafe leaves, saying that Jack deserves whatever happens to him now. Jack is tired of being called a liar for trying to make peace with her, and he doesn't appreciate hearing Rafe tell him how to live his life. As far as he's concerned, they can both go to hell. Olivia regrets making him angry when he was defending her honor. Jack says that he can't defend something that doesn't exist. His problem is that Rafe is telling all the mortals how to live, just like Caleb is trying to control all the vampires. Jack is done with that. He calls his own shots, whether Rafe likes it or not. He goes back inside, and Olivia follows. She still wants to know whether he meant what he said about her being lovable. Jack says that he did mean it, but it doesn't mean that he wants to get back together with her. Olivia admits that she hurt him and that she gets lonely sometimes. Jack is sick of everything always being about her. He is the one who's alone, whereas she has the vampire of her dreams. "You hate that I'm with Caleb, don't you?" she asks. Jack doesn't care about that. He tells her that she can pick up her things from his house. She can't believe he kept her things all this time. Jack tells her that they're boxed up; she can even get them right now if she wants. She says she can't do it at the moment, because she has to go home. Jack tells her to suit herself; she has a key, but she should make it soon, because he's probably going to get rid of her things. For right now, he has somewhere to be. Assuming it's about a woman, Olivia asks who she is. Jack doesn't tell her. After he leaves, she tries to call Caleb, but he doesn't answer the phone. She complains that he's never home anymore.

Alison wants an answer. She demands to know whether Caleb really doesn't care about what she thinks. Caleb laughs it off, asking why someone like him would care about what someone like her thinks. Alison says it's because she knows how to get to him. She's seen him operate. "Those longing stares, the raspy voice. And it's good. I'm telling you, it is so good. But it doesn't work on me, and I think on some level that really irritates you," she states. She knows that he's not exactly immune to vanity. After all, he did come back as a rock star so that more women could fall at his feet. "Oh, what's an immortal rock star to do?" he asks jokingly. Alison challenges him to open his immortal eyes and see that she is neither amused nor impressed. She has a real man, with a real heart and soul, and he would do anything for her. He would even go to hell and back. "That's a slow Tuesday for me, sweetheart. Literally done that without breaking a sweat," he claims. In Alison's opinion, it bothers him to know deep down that Rafe is twice the man he will ever be. As for his power and his so-called charm, she thinks he's totally empty inside, and he's absolutely nothing without his little tricks and his stupid little ring. Saying that the truth hurts, she turns to leave. Caleb grabs her arm, but suddenly Rafe is there, waiting to hear what he has to say. "Your girlfriend was just telling me how you're the grand prize in the love sweepstakes," Caleb says. Rafe reminds the vampire that he was ordered to stay away from her. Caleb acknowledges that he was warned long before last night. From behind Rafe, Alison tries signaling Caleb to keep quiet, but when he continues, she decides to come clean with Rafe.

Lucy goes to the bedroom and finds Ian lying on the bed. She apologizes and lies down with him. She just wants Kevin to get better and get out of there so that they can get on with their lives. She really needs to make love to Ian to prove that he's the one she wants. Ian doesn't need any more proof that he has when he looks into her eyes. While they're together, Kevin struggles unsuccessfully to move his hand. Before they can make love, Kevin cries out in frustration. Lucy pushes Ian away and sits up.

As Alison tries to fill Rafe in on what she did, Caleb chimes in that she charmed the ring right off his finger. Rafe is stunned, but Caleb points out that it wasn't the real ring. "That's some fine woman you got there, Rafe," he says. Rafe states that Caleb has no idea what kind of woman she is. She's always there for him, and she always tells him the truth, no matter what. Caleb has noticed that, and he gives her bonus points for honesty. Rafe asks how many negative points Olivia gets. She's the bottomless pit of wants and needs. Nothing is ever enough for her. "Well, now, that's just mean," Caleb tells Rafe, who could never understand what he and Olivia have. It would take a lifetime to get that close, and of course, Rafe will never have that, because Alison will grow old and die. Caleb tells Rafe to love her while he can. As for himself, he has a whirlwind of passion waiting for him at home, desperate to love him. He vanishes. Alison wants to apologize for telling Rafe that she was with her mother when she really went to see Caleb. Rafe assures her that it's okay. He tells her about his plan to get the real ring away from Caleb. Alison thinks it's very dangerous, and Rafe agrees. He tells her that he had to stop Jack from using her, but Alison thinks that Jack had the right idea. If anyone can make Olivia jealous, she can. She can walk straight into a room and there's steam already coming out Olivia's ears. If he really needs the ring and needs Olivia to be insecure, she's the key. Rafe won't allow it, but she insists.

Caleb goes home and calls out to Olivia. He looks in the bedroom, but she's not there. Pouring himself a drink, he recalls his words to Rafe as he wonders where his "whirlwind of passion" could be.

Olivia lets herself into Jack's house. She starts to look around, turning her nose up at the alleged filth and saying it's just like old times. "What's like old times?" Jack asks, fresh from the shower and wearing only a towel.

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