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Port Charles Update Tuesday 8/19/03

By Beth 
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Alison and Rafe finish a run, and Rafe insists that she stretch for her own good. Alison agrees, but she can't stop thinking about how Caleb betrayed her. Noticing that she seems distracted, Rafe checks on her, but she claims to have a lot on her mind. She doesn't want him to worry. Accepting this, Rafe tells her that he has to get back to the gym, since he has a kickboxing class in an hour. Alison decides to stay at the park, where she can enjoy the sun. She sits down on a bench and closes her eyes. "What a beautiful day," Caleb says, announcing his presence. "Well, it was," Alison replies, her day ruined. She tells him to go away, because she doesn't want to see him or talk to him. When Caleb asks whether she's still angry, she states that "angry" isn't the right word. "Furious? Disgusted? Am I getting warm?" he asks. Alison states that it's more like disappointed. "No, not that. Not 'disappointed.' Say it isn't so," he teases her. Alison can see that it means as much to him as she thought it would. Caleb points out that she thought she could sweet-talk him out of his ring, but she was wrong. He asks whether she's going to sulk about it for the rest of her life. Alison informs him that she can't just forget about it. Caleb tells her that she tried a con and it didn't work, so now she should move on, because nothing has changed. Alison tells him that he's wrong; everything has changed.

Olivia returns to the bar and informs Jack that something is wrong. She says that she came very close to believing that he was actually trying to be nice to her. Fortunately for her, she came to her senses. Now she would like to know why he went to the trouble of lying to her. Jack tells her that she's a sad person for being suspicious of a simple compliment. "It's not like I crowned you Miss America or anything. I said you were a lovely person, just like any stray dog," he states. This is the Jack she remembers. Jack tells her to take it however she wants, but he doesn't know what he could possibly gain from giving her a compliment. Olivia doesn't know either. All she knows is that this is the nicest he's been to her in a really long time. She also knows that he holds grudges against her, and she knows better than to think that he would forgive her. Hearing all this, Jack decides to take it all back. He asks whether she feels better now. She says that at least he's being honest. Jack changes the subject, reminding her that she accused him of being unhappy and bitter when they were in the hospital elevator together. He admits that she was right, and it's why he and Reese broke up. Now he thinks it's time to take a good look at himself and change. Olivia thinks about this and then concludes that he wants her back. She tells him to admit it. The only thing Jack will admit is that she's completely insane to think that he would get mixed up with her again. "Look, you made your bed of nails with that bloodsucking hero, so why don't you go home and sleep in it?" he asks, walking away. Olivia follows him to a table as he cleans it off. She doesn't need his opinion about her relationship, and it was a mistake to confide in him about her problems. Jack tells her that her only problem is the same one she had when they were together. She can't be loved enough, and maybe she never will. He can't figure out why she isn't happy; she and Caleb have everything they've ever wanted, including the ring. Instead of being happy, she's walking about all depressed and taking it out on other people. As they talk, Rafe comes in and sits at the bar, where he can eavesdrop.

After sharing a long, slow kiss, Jamal asks Imani what she's thinking right now. She admits to thinking a lot of different things. For one thing, she knows that she'll be thinking about the kiss for the rest of the day. She's also thinking about how strange it is to have met someone like Jamal now. Also, her lips are still tingling, and she wonders whether any man has ever kissed a woman that way before. Mostly, she's thinking that this is a big mistake. Jamal assures her that they are not a mistake, and neither was their kiss. When Imani argues him that nothing can ever happen between them, Jamal would like to know why not. Imani admits that she isn't free to become involved with him. Jamal doesn't like the sound of that. He doesn't want to hear that she's still in love with the guy who's been chasing her. Imani assures him that she's not in love with anyone else. She just wants him to know that it could be dangerous to get involved with her. Jamal tells her that it's too late; he's already involved, and so is she. This feeling doesn't come along every day. Imani admits to feeling the same way, but she's afraid he'll end up regretting ever having met her. Jamal assures her that it would never happen.

Jack knows that Olivia always blames someone else for her problems, and he's telling her this for her own good. Reminding her that she actually blames Alison for their breakup, he asks whom she blames this time. Seeing the look on her face, he can't believe it. She blames Alison. Olivia wants to know why everything always thinks of Alison as such an innocent bystander. She wishes that Jack could see the way Alison throws herself at Caleb. Pointing out that Caleb isn't exactly fighting her off, he accuses her of knowing nothing about guys. While he won't say that Caleb is off hooking up with Alison, he points out that Alison is beautiful and sweet. It would be tough for any guy not to respond to that. From his place at the bar, Rafe is becoming very angry.

Caleb doesn't see any reason not to be friends just because he had a little fun with her. Alison tells him to give her a break; she went to him with her heart on her sleeve, but he actually enjoyed being cruel to her. Caleb accuses her of enjoying this, the way she's making it into some sort of tragedy just because he hurt her little feelings. He tells her to snap out of it and toughen up a little. Alison has no intention of doing that. She doesn't want to become like him; she doesn't want to go around hurting people's feelings and not caring what they think or feel. She had assumed that his time as a mortal might have changed him and that he would have learned something, but now she realizes that she was wrong. Caleb refuses to take the blame for her mistake; she saw what she wanted to see, but he is who he is. He doesn't pretend. Alison angrily reminds him that he broke his promise to never hurt her. Caleb disagrees. Guilt trips don't work on him, and her definition of being hurt isn't even on his radar. Alison points out that she had started to trust him, and she thought it went both ways. She didn't really know whether he would hand over his ring, but she did expect him to hear her out. She certainly didn't expect him to treat her the way he did. Caleb tells her to go cry to her boyfriend. Alison can't; she's too embarrassed to tell him about what happened. After all, Rafe always warned her that Caleb couldn't be trusted, but she didn't agree. Obviously, Rafe was right. Caleb accuses her of playing the victim; it's what humans do best. "Well, it's vampires like you that like to drain and torture people. That's what you do best," she retorts. She doesn't think he ever cared about her at all. She believes that their friendship meant absolutely nothing to him. She asks whether she's right about that.

Jamal is satisfied that everything is all right. Imani encourages him to go to the police station to check on his bike. Jamal intends to, but he won't leave until he knows when and where he'll see her again. Imani suggests dinner. Jamal was hoping for lunch, a snack, tea, and then dinner, but he can wait. He'll make it a special dinner. When Imani says that she'll meet him at the Pizza Shack, he reminds her that he said it would be special. He decides to head out, promising to call her later. As soon as he leaves, Imani's phone rings, and she dreads answering. The familiar voice scares her, because she's afraid that her caller has been found. The woman assures Imani that everything is fine; she knows she's not supposed to call unless it's an emergency, but she just needed to hear Imani's voice. She asks when she can see Imani. Imani reminds her that it's not possible. She can't risk being found.

Olivia wants to know whether Jack actually had a thing for Alison. Jack states that he did give it some thought at one time. When she asks whether it was when they were together, Jack wants to know why she even cares. Rafe angrily leaves the club. The argument continues until Jack's phone rings. After telling the caller that he'll be right there, he informs Olivia that he'll be back to finish their conversation. Jack goes outside to meet Rafe, who grabs him and shoves him against the wall. He demands to know what Jack thinks he's doing. Jack says that he's doing what Rafe asked him to do; he's trying to get her mad enough to steal the ring from Caleb. Rafe states that he doesn't want Alison to be used as bait. He wants results, but not this way. Jack tells him to do it himself. Olivia finds them, and her suspicions are confirmed; she knew that something was up.

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