PC Update Monday 8/18/03

Port Charles Update Monday 8/18/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

Now that Kevin is out of the hospital, Lucy tries to make him feel at home while staying at her place. She tells him that his housekeeper will take care of things at the lighthouse. Ian brings Lucy a bottle of water for Kevin, which she helps him with while assuring him that he's not in the way. Ian decides to head for the hospital early, and when he kisses Lucy, it's obvious that she's uncomfortable doing that in front of Kevin. She walks outside with Ian, who informs her that he's moving back to the loft. Lucy tells him that he can't, because Christina needs both him and Kevin there. She adds that she herself also needs Ian to be there. Ian pulls her close to him.

Jamal looks for Imani at the Elixir, but Jack hasn't seen her. He also asks about Ricky, who still has his bike. Jack doesn't know anything about him either, but the guy certainly isn't on his good list, considering how he's been hanging out with Reese. He warns Jamal to be careful what he wishes for. This reminds Jamal that he wanted to talk to Jack about Caleb's ring. He wonders whether there's another way to go about this; he doesn't think that they really thought this through. Jack thinks there's something Jamal isn't saying. "You still think that I have a thing for Livvie, don't you?" he asks. Jamal denies thinking any such thing. He's just saying that maybe he and Rafe shouldn't have talked him into conning his ex-girlfriend. Jack says that she was the worst thing that has ever happened to him--even worse than being bitten by a vampire and crawling out of a grave. It's pretty tense between the too guys. Jack is ready to get back to work now. Jamal jokingly offers to give him a hug. Laughing, Jack throws some ice at him.

Olivia goes Imani's motel to talk. She admits that she's not supposed to go around biting people, and she can't afford to let anyone find out. That's why Imani has to leave town. Imani can't believe the nerve. Olivia hands her a wad of money and says she can get more if necessary. She can also answer Imani's questions about becoming a vampire. Imani denies being a vampire. Olivia is certain that she is, but when she looks into her eyes, she realizes that Imani is telling the truth. "What are you?" she asks. Imani claims to be just like everyone else. As far as their little meeting in the alley is concerned, it never happened. Returning the money, she kicks Olivia out. Jamal shows up at that exact moment and wonders what she was doing there. Imani claims that she came by to apologize for an earlier incident. Jamal warns that she never goes out of her way to apologize, so she must want something. Imani assures him that if she does want something, she won't get it from her. Jamal is happy to hear that. He starts going through his backpack and pulling out some items. Since Imani won't stay at his place, he wants to make her room a little safer. He has some window locks and a few other things to install. Imani thinks that this is probably the nicest thing anyone has ever done for her. She agrees to let him make a few installations. When Jamal realizes that he forgot to bring his hammer, Imani pulls one out from under her pillow and tosses it to him. Jamal gets a splinter or something in his left eye. Imani takes a look at his eye and sees something in the corner. Saying that she's going to do something her grandmother taught her, she gently blows in his eye. It works. They're very close now, and they are about to kiss when Jamal's phone rings. Thinking it could be about his bike, he answers it. He tells the caller that he'll be there and make it official. After hanging up, he promises to come back to Imani's room in a little while. He leaves, and Imani breathes a sigh of relief that they didn't kiss. There's a knock at the door, and it's Jamal again. He forgot something. To Imani's surprise, he kisses her.

At the hospital, Ian approaches Chris, hoping they can work on their research. Chris points out that Ian is probably the only person in the world who actually wants to shorten his life instead of being happy about the prospect of living forever. Ian argues that he doesn't want to shorten his life; he just wants a normal life with a normal lifespan. Chris hands over his notes and says that he needs to take care of some things. When Ian guesses that it has to do with "Georges," Chris admits that he's right. He suggests working on the tests tonight, but Ian can't do it then, because it's Kevin's first night at Lucy's. Hearing this, Chris can't blame him for being concerned. Ian claims that Kevin is no threat to him. "Oh, well, that's good. Of course, if you really believe that, you're a bonehead," Chris tells him. Ian tells him to stop being paranoid. He knows all about Kevin and Lucy's history, but now Kevin is paralyzed and needs some help. They're doing this for Christina. When Chris states that he has a vested interest in Christina, Ian doesn't know what he's talking about. Chris informs him that he actually delivered her, and she was named after him. Ian assures him that Christina will be fine, and so will he and Lucy. Chris accepts this but warns him to keep an eye on Kevin.

Lucy brings Kevin something to eat. When he is unable to hold the fork in his hand, she tries to feed him a bite. Kevin turns away. A tear streaming down his face, he asks why she's doing this. Lucy goes to him and looks him in the eye. She tells him that she's doing it both for him and for Christina. Kevin believes that there's more, and he wants an honest answer as to whether or not she still has feelings for him. Lucy admits that she will always have feelings for him. However, things have changed. She will help him get through this. Kevin moves his hand toward her, and she takes it in hers.

Olivia sits down at the bar. When Jack greets her, she tells him to buzz off. She's having a terrible day and isn't in the mood for another one of his lectures. In fact, she would be perfectly happy if he never spoke to her again. She just wants a drink. Jack orders her to get out of his bar. After arguing that she has nowhere to go, she turns to leave, but Jack changes his mind. He says that they can be in bad moods together. She is suspicious, not knowing why he's being nice to her all of a sudden. Jack says that holding a grudge takes too much energy, and she's really not such a bad person. Believing in his sincerity, Olivia thanks him for saying that. She excuses herself for a minute, saying that she'll be back. Jack is pleased that she bought his act.

Lucy has some jazz music playing for Kevin, since it's his favorite. Christina comes home and goes to her daddy. She gives him a kiss, which Kevin thinks is a great gift. Christina would like to paint with him now, but he tells her that they'll do that soon. He offers to read her a story. Christina picks out the wedding album, although Lucy tries to discourage that. She sits on the couch with Lucy, and they all talk about the wedding day, when Christina came home to them. As they talk, Ian steps inside the house, carrying a bottle of wine. He leaves again when he hears the topic of conversation.

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