PC Update Friday 8/15/03


Port Charles Update Friday 8/15/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

Colleen tells Chris that he has three more messages from Elizabeth, but he tells her to throw them away. When Colleen says that they're urgent, Chris mutters that they always are. Before he can get to the on-call room, Elizabeth gets off the elevator, rushes over to him, and tells him to grab one of her two shopping bags. Chris assumes that she's been shopping, which she takes as an insult. Chris tells her that the whole fashion thing is over and "Georges" has flown back to Europe. Elizabeth wants Chris to get him back immediately, because she's in trouble. She shows him that the bags are filled with orders for the new clothing line. It's already more than they can handle, and more orders are coming in. They haven't even set up the company yet! "Not to mention the fact that our star attraction, 'Georges,' is you," Elizabeth states. Chris realizes that he should have seen this coming; she wants him to dress up as "Georges" again. Elizabeth promises that it will be very simple. All he has to do is go to the better stores and charm the buyers into delaying this order until they can actually make the clothes. Chris meets this idea with his usual sarcasm. Elizabeth goes on to say that she has arranged a teleconference with all the best buyers. Chris reminds her that they all know what the real Georges looks like. Elizabeth assures him that she's taken care of the problem, and she swears that this will be the last time she ever asks him to be "Georges." Chris thinks about it and decides to do it. Thrilled, Elizabeth throws her arms around him. Chris orders her to back off; the last time she tried to get cozy with him, he ended up getting slapped. This statement reminds Elizabeth of one more thing. Since they're going to be spending so much time together, they have to become lovers. Chris grins.

Olivia panics to find that Imani isn't breathing. Suddenly, Imani opens her eyes and complains about her head. Olivia apologizes and tries to help, but Imani orders her attacker not to touch her. She quickly stands up. Olivia tries to explain, but Imani touches her neck and finds blood. "Baby, you just made a big mistake," she tells the frightened Olivia. Backing her up against the wall, Imani demands to know what Olivia did to her. Olivia warns her to stay back and get out of her way, but Imani realizes that her attacker is a vampire who tried to bite her. "No, not tried. I did bite you," Olivia admits, confused. She apologizes, claiming that she was angry and Imani got in her way. Imani doesn't see that as an excuse. Olivia apologizes again and says that she would take it back if she could. Imani informs her that it's too late. Olivia doesn't understand how her victim can walk so soon after being bitten. Imani is tired of talking. She grabs Olivia by the arm and shoves her down. Olivia holds her arm in astonishment. She doesn't understand how the other woman managed to stun her arm.

In Jamal's opinion, Rafe's plan to use Olivia to get the ring back is impossible. Rafe is confident that she will do whatever it takes to keep Caleb. She just has to believe that she is only one wish away from having everything she wants. If she believes that, she'll get hold of the ring and wish to be number one in Caleb's life until the end of time. Jamal has his doubts that she would actually cross Caleb, especially if she got the idea from one of them. Rafe says that he already planted the seed, but he thinks that Jack might be able to seal the deal. Jamal is skeptical. He doesn't think that Jack will go along with it, but Rafe thinks it's worth a try. He takes Jack aside to talk, and Jamal joins them. Rafe tells Jack what he wants. Jack doesn't like it at all. Jamal admits that he didn't either, at first, but now he thinks that Rafe has a point. "Yeah, right on top of his head," Jack remarks. Rafe is convinced that Jack can get to her, and this is really important. He just wants Jack to push all her buttons and make her think that without the ring, she's vulnerable to the possibility of losing Caleb forever. Once she has the ring, Rafe will get it away from her. Jack thinks this is just about the worst idea he's ever heard. If anything goes wrong, Caleb will be all over his back again. He's simply not going to do it. Rafe won't accept Jack's refusal just yet. He wants Jack to think about something. Sometime in the future, Caleb could give Olivia the ring to let her make a few wishes and settle a few scores. She has a very good memory, and Jack has certainly said a few things he regrets. Jack asks for Jamal's opinion, but he already knows what he thinks. He finally agrees to do it, but he really doesn't like it.

Promising to take good care of the ring, Alison assures Caleb that he did the right thing by giving it to her. Caleb admits that he had a good teacher. He sees how she always puts other people first, and it's a quality he's always admired. Alison tells him that he won't be sorry, because she'll make sure that it doesn't hurt anyone again. She's ready to leave, but Caleb isn't finished. He pulls out another ring--the real one. Alison is angry with him for tricking her. She expected a lot more from him, but now she realizes that she should have known better than to think that he had any sense of honor. In fact, he has no real feelings or emotions. "Nope," he confirms. Alison accuses him of caring only about power. She pities him and all the people he infects. She turns to leave, but Caleb grabs her arm and demands to know who she thinks she is. "What kind of arrogance leads you to believe you deserve to have anything that's mine? What in hell's name led you to believe for even one moment I'd hand over my ring to any one of you?" he demands. The ring belongs to him, and it will stay with him. He uses his power to slam the door. Caleb says that he expected a lot more out of Alison. He always thought she was smarter than the others. Now, he wants to get one thing straight, and she should pass this along to all her little friends. He once made the mistake of giving up his ring to protect Olivia. Joshua got hold of it, and everyone paid a price for that. Alison asks whether he really doesn't think it caused problems before Joshua came along. "I've made mistakes, but I learned from experience to be careful what I wished for. And I never make the same mistake twice," he asserts. He is the only one who really understands the ring and knows how to control its power. "But the real power is in knowing I can use it whenever I want and choosing not to use it. The challenge of finding a way to have whatever I want, even the impossible, without magic--that's what gives me pleasure, and that's the way it's going to be from now on," he states. Alison wants to make sure she understands this; he is the almighty one, and they're supposed to follow the leader. "I was right after all. You are the smart one," Caleb says. He has the ring, and they can all march to the beat of his drum from now on. He opens the door, and she rushes to leave.

Relieved that Imani isn't following her, Olivia stops running and tries to catch her breath. Suddenly feeling sick, she runs to a garbage can and vomits.

At the Elixir, Chris loudly calls Elizabeth by several pet names, but she reminds him that they're only pretending to be lovers. Since they're going to be spending so much time together, they need a reason. Alison already thinks they're lovers, so it's a good cover. Chris asks whether there's anything else. "The accent," she states. Offended, Chris wants to know what's wrong with the accent. Elizabeth reminds him that he'll be in a room with people who have met the real Georges, so he might want to brush up a bit. Chris agrees. They decide that it's time for a martini.

Seeing Imani, Jamal goes over to her. She says that she left her keys there. She goes to get them and then comes back. Jamal notices something on her neck. "Looks like you've got a little hickey going, huh?" he asks. Imani claims that it's actually a mosquito bite.

Jack tries to tell himself again why he's doing this. Reminiscing about the day he married Tess, he finds his answer.

When Rafe gets home, Alison is sitting in the dark, all huddled up in a chair. She asks him not to turn on the lights. Concerned, Rafe looks into her eyes and asks whether she's okay. Telling him that she loves him, Alison says that everything is all right now that he's home. She just wants him to hold her. He does, and she tries to feel safe in his protective arms.

When Olivia gets home, Caleb is sitting in the dark on the other side of the room. He asks where she was, and she claims to have gone out for a walk so that she could do some thinking. She's quiet, and when he asks whether she's all right, she says that she's just not used to him having his ring back. Caleb is convinced that something happened while she was gone. Olivia sits down and says she hasn't been feeling very well. She's not sick; she's just worried about her father. She also has a really bad feeling about staying in Port Charles, and she wants to leave. Caleb says that the idea of leaving seems to be quite a trend. Olivia says that she's managed to stay away from Alison, and now she just wants to leave. Caleb informs her that they're not going anywhere. Port Charles is their home. Responding to his passionate kisses, Olivia tells Caleb that he's right. She just needs to concentrate on him. Caleb orders her to tell him that absolutely no one can stop them now that they have the ring. "No one," she echoes. He picks her up and carries her off to make love.

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