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Port Charles Update Thursday 8/14/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

While Kevin sleeps, Lucy sits near his hospital bed, fantasizing about a cure for her estranged husband. In Lucy's fantasy, Kevin thanks both her and Ian--who is dressed much like Indiana Jones--for coming up with a cure for his paralysis. He also declares Ian and Lucy to be perfect for each other. The two men shake hands and agree to be friends for the sake of the children. Lucy comes back to reality, and when Ian peeks inside the room, she goes outside to speak to him. Ian fills her in on the test results. Although the swelling is down, there's still no movement on Kevin's left side, which means that he will definitely be going home with them.

Rafe is still asleep when someone starts pounding on his door. He wakes up and finds the note from Alison, which states that her mother wanted to see her. Rafe opens the door and Olivia immediately barges in, demanding that he and Alison leave town. Rafe tells her to keep on dreaming. Olivia argues that it would be as much to his benefit as to hers, because the four of them together are poison. Rafe reminds her that he and Alison have just opened a business together. Therefore, they're not going anywhere. However, if Caleb and Olivia would like to leave town, he will throw them the biggest going-away party that Port Charles has ever seen. Olivia admits that nothing is keeping her there other than Caleb, who seems strangely attached to the town. Thinking she might have better luck with Alison, Olivia looks around for her, but Rafe tells her that she's with her mother. Besides, he wants Olivia and Caleb to stay away from her. Olivia points out that if Rafe and Alison relocate, Alison won't cross paths with Caleb ever again. Rafe refuses to allow them to stay in town with the ring. He's curious about what has her so worked up. She starts to tell him about her love life, but he decides that he really doesn't want to know. Rafe thinks that she's ignoring the obvious; Caleb will listen to her. Olivia admits that he's actually been tuning her out lately. Rafe reminds her that she can be quite persuasive. In his opinion, she should get hold of the ring and use it to make a wish that she and Caleb could leave town for good and get a fresh start somewhere else. Olivia thinks that's a great idea. She thanks Rafe and heads back out.

Kevin wakes up. Seeing Lucy and Ian outside his room, he begins to fantasize. In his fantasy, he is well again, and Lucy wants to be with him. He refuses to come between her and Ian, but Lucy chooses him. As soon as Ian takes his belongings and leaves, Kevin and Lucy kiss passionately. In his hospital bed, Kevin smiles.

Caleb is surprised to see Alison instead of Rafe. He doesn't expect the slayer to stop hounding him until he figures out how to take his ring. Alison says that she really wants to talk to Caleb alone. In fact, Rafe doesn't even know where she is. Thinking that it's getting more interesting by the minute, Caleb invites her in. Since Olivia isn't there, Alison goes inside. Caleb assumes that she wants the ring, but she has something else on her mind. If he will agree to leave town, she will do anything he wants. Caleb asks whether she's really prepared to do anything he asks, and she says that she is. She wants to stop the battle before someone gets hurt. Shaking his magic 8 ball repeatedly, Caleb informs her that people do get hurt in a war. He asks whether she's afraid of him. When she says that she's not, he asks why she keeps glancing at the door. He cracks the door to make her feel better. Alison thinks there must be a way to stop all this and let everyone win. Caleb says that she could ask Rafe to back off. Pointing out that Caleb could live anywhere in the world, Alison suggests that he go back to Transylvania or wherever he came from. Caleb tells her that he happens to like Port Charles. He can be himself and not have to hide his true identity from anyone. Alison realizes that he thinks of Port Charles as his home. When Caleb says that he never quite thought of it that way, Alison reminds him that many important things have happened to him in Port Charles, and he did all of them without the ring. She wants him to think about it; things were going well for him until everyone started fighting over the ring. She understands his obligation to protect the ring, but he certainly doesn't seem any happier because of it. In her opinion, Jamal had the right idea when he threw it into the river. "In a perfect world, what would you have me do?" he asks. Alison asks him to give the ring to her. She promises to make sure that it doesn't cause anyone any more harm.

It's Ian's turn to daydream. Looking in on Kevin, he imagines Lucy telling him that she sent Kevin away so that he would stop cutting into their time together. Wearing the same outfit that he wore in Lucy's fantasy, he puts his hat on her head and kisses her. Coming out of his reverie, he leaves the sleeping Kevin in peace.

Jamal is very upset with Ricky for taking off on his bike. To cheer him up, Imani brings him a small remote-control motorcycle. This really tickles Jamal. After testing it out, he talks her into trying it. She accidentally runs it up onto her foot. This causes her to back up into Jamal, but he catches her. As he gazes into her beautiful brown eyes, his phone starts ringing. He reluctantly answers it; it's Rafe.

Lucy checks on Kevin. She tries to help him use his right hand to hold a glass of water, but it only frustrates him more when it proves impossible. Lucy promises to help him pull through this. Kevin hates the idea of her and Christina seeing him this way. Lucy assures him that Christina will be fine as long as her daddy is around. Ian returns and informs Kevin of the latest MRI results. Kevin gives them a chance to back out of taking him home with them, but they insist.

Olivia arrives outside the loft. Hearing Alison's voice, she stops. Then Caleb speaks. "You were always nice to me, Alison. You gave me a chance when no one else would. If this is what you want, I'll give you my ring," Caleb says. He places it in her hand. Jealous and furious, Olivia leaves without making her presence known. Alison thanks Caleb. "I trust you. I trust you like no one else," Caleb admits. Alison promises not to let him down. He asks her to do the right thing with it. Alison assures him that the ring will never harm another person. She hopes that the feud between Caleb and Rafe will actually end in peace. Thanking him again, she gives him a hug and says that she owes him one. A shy smile on his face, Caleb says that he'll keep that in mind.

Just as Jamal is about to kiss Imani, Rafe arrives at the club and calls out to him. Seeing what he interrupted, he keeps going so that Jamal can catch up with him when he's finished. Jamal offers to walk Imani home, but she doesn't think it's necessary. He gives her a quick kiss before she leaves. Jamal informs Rafe that he has the worst timing in the world. He wants to know what was so important. Rafe tells him that he figured out a way to get the ring. He thinks that Olivia will get her hands on it. If so, they can probably get it away from her.

Outside the Elixir, Imani looks through her purse and realizes that she doesn't have her keys. Not looking where she's going, Olivia slams straight into her. They argue about who is in the wrong, and neither will back down. Olivia shoves Imani down to the ground. Her eyes glowing red, she bares her fangs and lowers her mouth to Imani's neck. Imani screams.

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