PC Update Wednesday 8/13/03


Port Charles Update Wednesday 8/13/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

Alison tells Rafe that the number of gym memberships has doubled since the fashion show, but she feels guilty about it because of Kevin. Rafe assures her that Kevin will be all right. He plans to go to the hospital now to check on him and Lucy. Alison offers to go with him, but Rafe wants to go alone. Alison realizes that he's going to talk to Lucy about getting the ring back. She asks for a kiss before he leaves, and while they kiss, she takes his keys. She's not letting him go anywhere. Rafe points out that he will eventually have to go after the ring. He just can't let it go. Alison asks him to stop thinking about all that and just be with her for one night. That's all she's asking. She begins to unbutton his shirt, making this really difficult for him. Giving in, Rafe allows her to seduce him.

Playing along with Ricky, Reese orders the invisible Casey to leave her friend alone and go back to wherever she came from. "Do you think she got the message this time?" she asks Ricky, who confirms that she did--and that she's not happy about it. Casey threatens Reese, who wants to know why she can't hear her. Casey really loses her temper when Reese puts her hands on Ricky's arms, so Ricky has to take her hands off him.

Olivia goes to the Elixir for a strong drink. Jack offers tequila, and she asks for a double. He assumes that she and Caleb had a fight. She states that it's none of his business. She adds that she went to see her father, who was doing well enough to say some really hurtful things to her. She's glad that Jack is there for her. Jack interprets this to mean that he's the only person left who is still speaking to her. "Why is that, Jack? Why does everyone hate me?" she asks in all seriousness. After asking whether she has a few hours, Jack explains that people hate her because she does hateful things to them. Reese returns to get Jack's help with Ricky, who is flipping out. When Jack rushes to help, Olivia feels slighted yet again. Jamal comes in as Jack is leaving, and he agrees to look after things for him. When Imani comes looking for Jack, Jamal informs her that her boss left him in charge. Feeling lower than ever after being abandoned by Jack, Olivia turns around and sees Caleb looking at her. She thought that he was the one person who would always love her and be there for her, but she was wrong. Caleb says that this would be easier if he didn't love her. Olivia decides to make his life a lot easier. She tries to leave, but he won't let her. He picks her up, and when he puts her back down, they're at the loft.

Ricky doesn't understand what's going on with Casey; he always thought that angels were supposed to be peaceful. Casey starts to defend her actions but stops when Reese returns with Jack. Ricky promises to handle it. "Oh, Ricky. Who are you talking to, bro?" Jack asks. Ricky replies that he's minding his own business. Jack says that Reese told him he was talking to his dead girlfriend. "What's going on, dude? You're freaking us out," he continues. Ricky stands up to him, with Casey egging him on. She waves her arms around as Jack asks how to make her show herself. Ricky warns Jack to just leave him and Casey alone. He's ready to leave, but Jack stops him. In his opinion, Ricky should start hanging around his real friends instead of his imaginary ones. Jack wants him to come to terms with losing Casey. Ricky turns around, and she's gone. He tells Jack that he wouldn't keep losing her if people like him didn't keep scaring her off. He claims that her behavior is perfectly normal; she's an angel, and they appear and disappear. "Maybe she got a call to go help a little old lady cross a busy street," he suggests. Reese wants him to stop building a world around a dead person. She doesn't want to lose him. She's afraid that he's freaking out, and she won't just stand back and let it happen. Ricky points out that he's not hurting anyone. Jack asks him back inside for a beer so that they can talk this out. Ricky agrees, promising to just be a minute. When the others go back inside, Casey reappears.

Caleb informs Olivia that she's completely out of control. She's aware of that. She apologizes for sometimes getting jealous. Caleb points out that she lashes out without any thought at all, which is a very dangerous way for vampires to operate. Olivia accuses him of being vulnerable to Alison's big blue eyes. "You just don't get it, do you? You have no idea how irritating this is to go over with you again and again and again!" he says angrily. Olivia questions why he's even still there if she's so impossible and irritating. Caleb picks her up and kisses her passionately. It would be better if he didn't love her, but she's in his blood. Olivia asks why they're fighting when they could be making love. Caleb jerks away. Olivia doesn't understand; she thought he wanted her. "Wanting you is going to be the end of me," Caleb states. He reminds her that she destroyed him once before, and he really doesn't want to experience that again. Olivia swears that she would never betray him again, but he points out that she already did by making her own agenda more important than getting the ring back. Olivia is defensive, as always. She claims that she wasn't thinking clearly. She loves Caleb and asks him to forgive her, but this time, it's not good enough. "This obsession with Alison is like a stake through the heart for both of us," he charges. He tells her to imagine her life without him. She claims that she would survive, because she always has. Caleb finds that hard to believe. Olivia thinks it's irrelevant, since he would never leave her. She tells him that she's not that great on her own. Caleb reminds her that she now has the gift of eternity--an eternity of being alone. He wants her to think about that, because that's what she's facing if she doesn't control her jealousy. He accuses her of being her own worst enemy. Olivia knows that, but she just snaps when it comes to Alison. She's afraid that Alison will take away everything she loves, so she wants to hurt Alison before Alison can hurt her. Caleb accuses her of fighting a war all by herself, with herself. Olivia doesn't feel that way. Caleb says that they have nothing to talk about. Unable to bear it, Olivia promises to fix this. Caleb hopes that she can, because he's through being patient with her. This is her last chance. Olivia swears not to let Alison get to her anymore. They share another passionate kiss, and then she takes off, saying that she has to do something for the two of them.

Jamal fills in behind the bar. He wants to take Imani out for a motorcycle ride, but to his astonishment, she absolutely refuses. Jamal can't figure it out, but she explains that motorcycles aren't her thing. When he asks whether she had a bad experience, she claims that it's something like that. Unwilling to give up, Jamal talks her into taking a look at his bike. They step outside just in time to see Ricky drive off on it. Jamal can't believe that Ricky just stole his bike!

While Rafe sleeps, Alison gets up, writes out a note for him, and leaves it on her pillow.

Reese and Jack do shots together. Reese is impressed with him for helping her right after she dumped him. Jack has romance on his mind, but although Reese regrets being so hard on him before, she thinks that they should concentrate on Ricky for now.

While Caleb tries to work something out on his guitar, he's interrupted by persistent knocking at the door. When the person doesn't go away, he jerks the door open. It's Alison.

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