PC Update Tuesday 8/12/03

Port Charles Update Tuesday 8/12/03

By Beth 
Pictures by Juanita

After Ricky picks up his order at the Elixir, he turns around and collides with Reese. He apologizes, and Reese wants to make sure that he's doing all right. She's convinced that he's been seeing Casey again, although he denies the accusation, claiming that he's just been really busy. When he gets outside, he finds Casey waiting for him. Ricky isn't amused, because she's supposed to be gone for good this time. Casey points out the difference between what she says and what she actually does. Ricky is frustrated with her for popping in and out of his life all the time. Casey offers to leave again, but he stops her and asks what she wants from him. Casey claims that she just wants to have fun; she wants him to lighten up and stop moping around. Ricky blames her for most of his moping around. Casey wants to fix that. She wants to heat things up with something hot and dangerous. Kissing him, she says that trouble is just screaming for them to find it.

Reese orders coffee, and when Jack asks whether it's for here or to go, she makes a crack about how Ricky is waiting for her outside so that they can have sex on the bench. Jack apologizes again for hurting her feelings. He really likes her and thinks they have something good. Reese corrects him by saying that they used to have something. Jack tries to explain what happened. He tells her about how Caleb's ring granted his innocent wish, but his little confession just digs him in deeper. He explains that she came on a little strong about getting the key and wanting to move in with him. He was being selfish, and he wishes that he could change what happened, but he can't. When he blames the ring, Reese accuses him of conning her. Going outside, she finds Ricky with the invisible Casey. Getting his attention, she accuses him of doing it again. Casey tells Ricky to ignore her, but Ricky wants to talk to her. He tells Reese that Casey is right there. Reese doesn't see her. She challenges Casey to show herself. Changing her mind, she tells her to go back to wherever she came from and leave Ricky alone.

Christina asks Lucy whether Kevin can stay with them. Kevin tells her that he has a nice home of his own. He moves his arm toward her, grimacing from the pain. Christina asks whether it hurts. "As long as you're looking at me, nothing hurts," he assures his little girl. Christina sees this as a good reason for him to go home with her. Lucy says that she's right. Kevin argues, but Lucy believes that he and Christina need each other right now. It's settled; he's moving in. Seeing Ian standing in the doorway, Kevin isn't so sure about that. Christina happily tells Ian the news, but he already knows. Lucy decides that the three of them should talk about this and let Kevin rest. Kevin asks Christina for a kiss, and Lucy picks her up to make that possible before they leave.

Elizabeth goes to the hospital to show Chris the newspaper, but he has already seen it. Elizabeth is excited about how much the press loved them. Chris points out that they loved her; he's back to being a doctor with a paralyzed patient. "Is it really awful to at least feel a little relieved that the show was over before he got hurt?" she asks, and Chris replies that it is. Elizabeth explains that it was hard to let "Georges" take all the credit. It's the story of her life; she is never given credit where credit is due. Chris compliments her on the great job she did with this. After thanking him for being such a wonderful "Georges," she spontaneously kisses him. Eventually, she pulls away and slaps him. "Don't ever do that again," she orders the bewildered Chris. Elizabeth accuses him of taking advantage of her. If he ever tries anything like that again, she'll slap him again. Chris demands to know what's wrong with her, because she's the one who kissed him. Elizabeth denies any such thing. She's not even remotely attracted to him. Chris assures her that it's quite mutual. Calling her "Sybil," he promises not to forget. After she storms off in righteous indignation, Chris looks heavenward. "You saw that, right? She kissed me," he maintains, perplexed.

Lucy tells Ian that Christina went to the park with Gail, where they'll meet up with Carmen and Danny. Ian is pretty quiet, trying to get used to the idea of having Kevin stay with them. Lucy admits that she shouldn't have agreed to it, but she couldn't say "no" to her little girl. She thinks that Christina just doesn't understand what's acceptable and what isn't. Ian points out that Lucy does, and she still went along with it. The fact is that Ian doesn't want Kevin to live with them. Lucy doesn't want that either, but this is about Christina. Being around her could help Kevin get better. Ian is afraid it will get out of hand, but Lucy promises not to let it. She doesn't know what else to do. She can't find Victor, and Kevin certainly can't turn to Olivia. She doesn't want Kevin to have to face this alone. Ian still doesn't want him sleeping down the hall from them, but if Lucy really thinks that this will make things easier for Christina, he'll go along with it.

As Kevin tries in vain to reach for his water glass, Olivia comes in and gets it for him, putting the straw to his mouth. Kevin is feeling sorry for himself, and she reminds him that it could have been much worse. Kevin isn't so sure that the prospect of spending the rest of his life in a wheelchair is really better than death. Olivia assures him that it is. She points out that he can still paint, but Kevin reminds her that he's left-handed, and he can't move that hand at all. Olivia wants to help him, and she intends to have him live with her and Caleb. Kevin informs his daughter that Lucy made him a similar offer. Olivia doesn't want him to live with Lucy and Ian. In her opinion, he'll be much happier with her and Caleb. She'll take care of him, and maybe he can help her. Suspicious, Kevin asks what she needs help with. She admits that she and Caleb haven't been getting along lately, and even though the two men in her life don't really like each other, Caleb does respect her father. She's hoping that Kevin will talk to Caleb and make him see that she's hurting. He's a shrink, so he must be able to see what she's going through. "Actually, Livvie, I've been a little preoccupied wondering if I'm ever going to be able to walk again," he remarks. Olivia says that she's in a lot of pain, just like him. Kevin informs her that she could walk away from that situation if she wanted, but he can't do the same. He won't be moving in with her. Olivia tells him that she loves him and wants to take care of him. "You know, based on what I'm seeing right now, I seriously doubt that you're even capable of it. What you want to do is use my condition to manipulate Caleb. You have taken the 'It's All About Me' syndrome to a whole new level," he accuses. Horribly offended, Olivia runs out just as Lucy and Ian return. Kevin explains that his daughter demonstrated her usual behavior. He informs them that he won't be moving in with them, but Ian insists on it. Kevin reminds them that the picnic was uncomfortable enough. He's fighting for his life now. They know that, and they want him to do this for himself and for Christina. Lucy believes that this is the right thing to do.

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