PC Update Monday 8/11/03

Port Charles Update Monday 8/11/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

Rafe is still angry with Jamal for not bringing him up to speed on the ring's power. Jamal explains that he thought he could deal with it. Besides, he didn't expect the ring to find its way back. He can't change the way he handled the problem, but he can help Rafe now. Since Christina lost it at the gym, maybe it's still there and no one has found it yet. Rafe hopes that's the case. "My guess would be that you're too late," Caleb says from behind them, the ring on his left hand. Jamal wants to take it back, but Rafe reminds him that the ring protects Caleb from other vampires. He wants Jamal to leave now. Jamal refuses. Caleb says that Rafe is right; there's nothing Jamal can do. Now that he's back, he's going to remember who was naughty and who was nice, and Jamal shouldn't have taken something that didn't belong to him. While they argue, Rafe picks up a scalpel. Jamal tells Caleb that in his opinion, the best place for the ring is at the bottom of the river, and someday it will be there again--with Caleb's finger attached to it. He storms out. Rafe asks Caleb what his first wish will be. Caleb informs him that the true secret of the ring's power is in possessing it and not making foolish little wishes. Rafe says that he won't feel safe until the ring is off Caleb's finger. Caleb is aware of that. He wants the slayer to put down the scalpel before one of them gets hurt. Alison comes along, and Rafe tells her to stay back. Not seeing any reason to, she keeps coming. Rafe tells her that it's Caleb, but then he realizes that his enemy is gone. He tells Alison that Caleb has his ring back. Alison would like to know why her fiance is holding a scalpel. When Rafe replies that he was going to cut the ring off Caleb's finger, Alison looks disgusted with him. She's glad he didn't do it. She's also glad that Caleb has his own ring back.

Olivia refuses to accept her father's paralysis. She insists that there must be something that can help him walk again. Lucy points out that they don't really know anything yet; Kevin might be not be paralyzed. They just have to wait and see. Olivia can't wait. She barges into Kevin's room and demands to know what's happening. Lucy follows her. Chris and Ian both explain that they won't know the full extent of the damage for a couple more days. Unable to deal with the reality of the situation, Olivia flees the room. She runs to the stairwell, where she cries and cries. She never meant to hurt her father! Caleb appears and holds her close. She asks why this had to happen. "Oh, I think we both know why it happened, and I'm guessing you know how," he charges. When she asks what he's talking about, he reminds her that Kevin wasn't supposed to be on the stage. He knows that she tried to set Alison up and that her father got in the way. Olivia feigns shock at the accusation. "You heard me. You did this to him," Caleb says, holding her head to make her look at him. "That's why all this happened. You were trying to hurt Alison," he continues. Olivia denies wanting to actually kill her. She claims that she just wanted to ruin the fashion show because she was so mad. Caleb is furious with her for sabotaging his plan. Apologizing tearfully, Olivia claims that she didn't mean to sabotage him. She was really mad about the picture in the paper, and she just wanted to warn Alison to stay away from him. Caleb is angry with her for lying to him about her feelings about the photo. Olivia admits that she just gets crazy sometimes. Kissing his hand, she notices that he's wearing his ring. She's excited, because this means that he can help her father.

Chris tells Lucy that there's still a chance that Kevin will be all right. Lucy would like to know how much of a chance. In his bed, Kevin begins to stir. Lucy gently tells him that he's in the hospital, but Kevin is scared. He can't move, and he wants to know what happened to him. Lucy explains that one of the big lights from the fashion show fell from the ceiling and landed on him. Kevin remembers. Lucy assures him that he'll be fine. Looking past her, Kevin asks his doctors about the damage. Ian tells him that there is a small fracture on his vertebrae. Chris adds that there was also a questionable small bleed in the right parietal region, but other than that, the C.T. was negative. Kevin wants to see the x-rays. Chris tells him that there isn't much to see; he has a hairline fracture with a possible cord contusion. Ian says that he is receiving steroids to minimize the swelling, but it will take a few days to see exactly what the injury was. Kevin understands that there's a chance of permanent paralysis, and he knows that the next step is a neuro consult. Ian assures him that Dr. Light is on the way. Kevin is pleased with that, since she's very good. Lucy tells him that Ian insisted on bringing in the very best neurologist. Kevin appreciates that, but he wants Ian to remove himself from the case. Lucy protests, but Ian agrees with Kevin. When Kevin asks about Christina, Lucy admits that she was pretty traumatized by what happened. Kevin wants to see his little girl. Ian volunteers to find her and bring her to him. Chris leaves, promising to check back later. Kevin tells Lucy not to look at him that way.

Jamal checks on Christina, who is finally asleep. Ian finds them, and Christina wakes up and goes to him. Ian tells her that her daddy wants to see her. Thanking Jamal and Imani for watching her, he says that they don't need to hang around the hospital any longer. Christina is ready to go see Kevin, but Ian wants to take her for some juice first, so that her mommy and daddy can finish their talk. Christina tells Ian that she said her prayers. Ian assures her that they will help.

Kevin can't stand the look of pity in Lucy's eyes, but Lucy denies looking at him with pity. As a doctor, Kevin understands both the damage and his odds. In all likelihood, he'll be spending the rest of his life in a wheelchair. Lucy argues that no one ever said anything of the kind. She wants him to stay strong and believe that he will get better. He has to keep a positive attitude for a really strong recovery. Kevin admits to having sold that line to many patients over the years. The way things are now, he probably wouldn't be able to give Lucy the life she deserves any more than Ian could. He doesn't like to sound as if he's feeling sorry for himself, but he doesn't have many positives at the moment. Lucy disagrees; he has two daughters who love him very much. He also has his sanity back, as well as the very real possibility that he is going to be okay. Kevin admits that he really thought he was on the right track by making amends and atoning for his sins, but apparently it wasn't good enough, and now he has to pay for what he did. Ian arrives with Christina, who has some flowers for her daddy. Ian leaves to give them some privacy. Kevin tells Christina not to worry, because he's going to be just fine. Christina wants him to go home with her and Lucy so that they can make him well again.

As Jamal and Imani get ready to leave, the photographer who took Imani's picture at the fashion show runs into them. When he sees her, he gets scared. He tells her to stay back, because he won't be taking any more pictures. After he flees, Imani tries to play it down, but Jamal admits to having seen what happened at the fashion show. Imani says that she can't take the chance of being found. Jamal understands. He reminds her that if she wants to move into his place for safety, the offer stands. Imani thanks him but says that she doesn't think it's necessary. Holding out her hand, she asks him to walk her to work. He takes her hand, and they walk to the elevator together.

Caleb glares at Olivia. Jerking his hand away, he states that what's done is done. Olivia urges him to undo it and help her father if he loves her. "'If I love you?' I'm sorry. This is you, sweetheart. This is all you, and your father is going to have to live with the consequences," he states. Crying harder, Olivia asks whether he's trying to teach her a lesson. Caleb isn't sure that's even possible; she's made so many mistakes that he's beginning to wonder. He stops himself before completing the thought, but Olivia does it for him. She thinks that he wonders whether she's worth it. Instead of commenting, Caleb suggests that they go home. Olivia refuses to go anywhere with him. "As you wish," he says, leaving her there.

Rafe can't believe his ears. Alison actually thinks it's a good thing that Caleb has his ring back. She points out that she doesn't really care about the ring. She's just glad that this war is finally over and they can finally have some peace. Rafe informs her that it isn't that simple, because now he knows that the ring grants wishes. "It can give Caleb anything that sick brain of his can dream up," he alleges. Alison thinks about this for a moment. She believes that they can trust Caleb not to go completely crazy with the ring. After all, he had it for a very long time before Joshua got hold of it, and he didn't try to create hell on earth the way Joshua did. Rafe can't believe that she actually thinks that Caleb has changed so much that he wouldn't use his power against them. Alison says that she has to believe that; it's a risk she's willing to take so that the war will be over. Rafe accuses her of living in a dream world. Alison would like to know what is so wrong with wanting peace. Rafe tells her condescendingly that she can't just close her eyes and hope that evil will just disappear. Alison knows that, and she knows that Caleb has done some truly awful things in the past. Rafe asks whether she really thinks that Caleb has acquired a conscience. Alison doesn't know, but she wants to believe that he has. Rafe is really frustrated with her for constantly forgetting who Caleb really is, and the horrible things he's done. Alison really doesn't think that he's the same person anymore. "Caleb wants what he wants, and he's going to do anything to get it. So we can't just let him just ride off into the sunset with his magic ring with Livvie! Do you want to give Livvie that kind of power?" he asks. Alison coldly informs him that he made his point, but when she tries to continue, Rafe interrupts her. He can't let Caleb keep the ring. He has to get it back, whatever it takes.

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