PC Update Friday 8/8/03


Port Charles Update Friday 8/8/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

Lucy and Ian rush to Kevin's side. At Lucy's request, Jamal and Imani take charge of Christina and get her out of the gym. Ian enlists the aid of Jennifer and Lisa, young nurses who modeled in the show. Rafe calls for an ambulance. Olivia stands around the corner, crying about what happened to her father. Chris, no longer in disguise, springs into action to assist Ian. Ricky, Caz, and Reese fill Jack in on what happened. Caleb can feel that someone present has his ring. "We may have a head injury with possible spinal cord involvement," Ian states. Olivia cries harder, and Caleb tries to comfort her. She tells him that it wasn't supposed to happen this way. Caleb points out that nothing about tonight turned out the way they planned. After hearing an ominous exchange between Ian and Chris, Lucy asks whether Kevin could be paralyzed. Without a word, Ian gives her a very grave look. The paramedics arrive, and as they carry Kevin out on the gurney, Chris says that he'll ride in the ambulance. Ian will meet them at the hospital. Lucy asks Ian again whether Kevin is going to be all right, but Ian simply doesn't know anything yet. Lucy explains that Jamal and Christina keep calling to check on Kevin; Christina is very scared. Ian says to call her back and tell her not to be scared, because he'll do everything he can. Alison still can't believe this happened. She regrets not cancelling the show. Rafe is stunned to think of how close he came to losing her.

Caleb asks Olivia whether she has any idea how this happened. She challenges why he would even ask her that. Caleb knows that Alison was supposed to be at that spot at that exact moment. Olivia denies knowing anything about the schedule, but he doesn't seem to believe her. Elizabeth makes the mistake of asking Alison whether Kevin might sue over this. Alison is disgusted with her for even thinking that way at a time like this. She goes to talk to Olivia, offering to drive her to the hospital. Olivia assumes that Caleb will take her, but he encourages her to go with Alison, saying that he'll catch up with her as soon as he can. He complains to himself that the elusive ring was almost his. Rafe taunts him, saying that it's too bad that his new song didn't bring in the prize. "Well, you know, you can't blame a guy for trying," Caleb states. Rafe asks whether he really thought it would work, and Caleb points out that he can be very persuasive. It might have happened if circumstances had been different, but he can always try again tomorrow. Rafe orders him to get out now, saying that he can come back for his things later.

After leaving the gym, Reese, Ricky, and Jack talk about the tragedy, which Jack refers to as "just another night in Port Charles." Reese thinks he's being paranoid, but Ricky thinks that Jack may be on to something. He reminds Reese that they've only had rehearsal once or twice in the last month. In Jack's opinion, it means that Caleb is putting everything else on hold while he concentrates on something he wants very badly.

At the hospital, Chris and Ian discuss Kevin's condition. There's definitely a vertebral fracture, and they hope there's no permanent damage to his spinal cord. Chris leaves to call in their top neurologist. Kevin struggles to ask why Ian is his doctor, and Ian replies that he's the best chance he has right now.

Alison offers to bring Olivia some water, but she just needs to be alone right now, so she walks away. Elizabeth reassures Alison that this wasn't her fault, but Alison feel fully responsible for what happened. Elizabeth reminds her that she wasn't the least bit negligent. She's thankful that before the accident, everyone really did seem to be enjoying the clothes. Hearing this, Alison walks away in disbelief. Alone, Olivia can't stop thinking about what happened. She can't believe it all went so wrong when she had it planned so perfectly.

Christina wants to see her daddy. Jamal tells her that the doctors are working on him right now. She asks about her ring, which she can't find. Jamal asks what her "little ring" looks like, thinking that he and Imani can help her find it. Christina tells him that it's big, gold, and shiny, and it has a bird on top. Jamal doesn't like the sound of this. He asks whether it could be a bat, and she nods her head. Jamal asks where she got it, and Christina tells him that she found it by the water. When he asks whether she means the river, she nods her head again. Imani can see that something is wrong, and she asks whether this is the ring that Caleb was talking about. Jamal confirms that it is. He asks Christina when she last saw the ring, and she says that she had it at the party. Looking very serious, he asks whether she happened to wish for anything. She nods. "I wished Daddy could come and live with me and Mommy again," she tells him. Jamal asks Imani to watch the little girl. He tracks down Rafe and fills him in on the how he found Jack with the ring and then managed to throw it into the river. Rafe is angry with him for not telling him this sooner. Jamal explains that it's back. He tells him about how Christina found it, stumbled on how to use it, and lost it. Rafe is stunned to hear that it grants wishes. Now he understand why Caleb is so determined to get it back. Jamal says that Christina had it at the gym. Jamal thinks they would know if Caleb had the ring. Rafe is just worried about the awful possibilities. If all Caleb's wishes come true, it could destroy all of them.

Frustrated, Caleb kicks some things around as he packs up his equipment. "I'm not giving up! And when I have the ring, then you'll all know what hell is!" he vows. On his way out, he drops some papers. Crouching down to get them, he sees what he's been looking for. He picks up the ring and places it on his finger, satisfied to finally have it back. "And the world is mine again," he states.

Ian tells Lucy that he and Chris have done all they can. Kevin will live, but there's a possibility that he will never walk again.

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