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Port Charles Update Thursday 8/7/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

The fashion show is scheduled to begin in an hour, and Alison is very excited about it. She's also apprehensive, because no one is there yet. Rafe assures her that the press will show up as soon as the designer does. For his part, Rafe won't go looking for trouble, but he does intend to be ready for anything that Caleb tries to do. Tuning up nearby, Caleb watches them in anticipation of his payback. Ian and Lucy arrive with Christina. A woman named Jennifer offers to keep an eye on Christina, who sits down and looks at her new ring before tucking it safely away. Lucy hopes that Alison doesn't mind, but Christina really wanted to come. Alison doesn't mind at all. Caleb reintroduces himself to Christina, whom he met at the lighthouse on Thanksgiving, and she offers to show him something. Before she can get out the ring, Kevin whisks her away. Alison explains to Lucy that Caleb is playing for the show. Caleb asks whether anyone knows where Olivia is.

Outside, Olivia pays a man through a chain-link fence. She reminds him to do what he's been paid for at exactly 10:30, which is when Alison is supposed to thank everyone.

Alison thinks that Olivia is probably getting ready for the show. She appreciates Caleb's willingness to play, and she wants to be sure that he's just going to do the songs on the schedule. "Unless you have an extra skirt you want me to model," he teases. He wishes her luck, saying that he hopes she has a good evening. He knows that he will. Seeing Lucy, Alison takes her aside to talk. Lucy clearly wants to know why Caleb is there, but Alison tells her that it's a long story. Rafe apologizes to Ian for Caleb's presence, but Ian understands that they need the publicity. Rafe tells him his theory that Caleb is up to something. Alison and Lucy approach Elizabeth, so is quite pleased with the way everything turned out. Chris is in full "Georges" mode. When Imani finishes curling Reese's eyelashes, he powders Reese's nose, and she's not remotely amused. He doesn't like the way she's dressed, but when he learns that she's in the band, he doesn't want to waste his time. In his real voice, he complains rather loudly about not having enough models. People turn to stare, but Chris goes back to his fake French accent. He takes a breather out in the hall. Reese asks Ricky whether his family is coming, but he admits that he didn't even tell them about this. Reese apologizes for the way she behaved earlier. Getting right up in his face, she says that she would love to meet his mother and tell her what a lovely son she has.

Alison and Rafe greet the members of the press as they arrive. Ian catches Lucy practicing her speech. They talk about their situation and Ian's determination to get his life back. Lucy wants to hear about the research. She knows it's going to work, but even if it doesn't, her feelings about him won't change. She gets rid of him so that she can finish rehearsing her speech. When Olivia returns, she claims to have been getting some things from the car. Suspicious, Caleb points out that she was gone for a long time. Olivia acts touched that he missed her, adding that he'll have to miss her a little while longer because she has to get ready for the fashion show now. Kevin admires the banner that Christina made, not knowing that Caleb's ring helped make it look so beautiful. He greets Carolyn (Hinsey), an old friend who works for the "New York Daily News." She's there to cover the show. Kevin had no idea it was such a big story. Elizabeth catches up with "Georges," who is upset that one of the models didn't show up. Elizabeth isn't worried; she knows that everything will be great. Chris thinks that she should fill in for the missing model, but she refuses.

Olivia orders the other models around, claiming that she just wants to help Alison stay on schedule. The other women don't appreciate the way she's going about it. "Georges" intervenes, annoying Olivia to no end. They do agree that it's time for the show to begin. Everyone begins filing out. Jack stops Reese, who is at the end of the line. He apologizes for offending her, but she's not interested; she doesn't appreciate being accused sleeping with Ricky. Elizabeth corners "Georges" to thank him for saving the day yet again. She kisses his cheek. He tells her that it's been kind of fun. He escorts her out to see what the world thinks of her designs. Olivia is annoyed that Alison isn't dressed yet, but Alison has decided to stop obsessing over the schedule. A photographer takes a picture of Imani, who freaks out, grabs his camera, and destroys the film. Jamal observes this and gets a kick out of it. Caz asks Caleb whether he's feeling good about the new song. "Yeah. I think it's gonna kill," Caleb replies. Kevin speaks to another friend, Regina. Ian doesn't like the news that Chris isn't coming. He calls his colleague's cell phone, and "Georges" excuses himself so that Chris can answer. Hearing his voice both on the phone and right next to him, Ian turns around and stares at him. Christina wishes Lucy luck before the show. Kevin also shows his support, and Christina likes it when he holds her mommy's hand.

Lucy begins her speech by thanking and welcoming everyone. After acknowledging Rafe, Alison, and "Georges," she introduces the band. The crowd cheers as The Experience begins to play the new song. After the song, Lucy introduces the models. Jack is first. Alison is excited about their guests' reaction to everything. Elizabeth is thrilled that everyone loves her designs so much. When Alison questions this, Elizabeth reminds her that she inspired the designs. As the person with the ring, Christina is trying very hard to go to Caleb as the song ordered, but Kevin holds onto her. Olivia makes a spectacle of herself on the runway. Ian approaches "Georges" to let him know that he knows. Chris asks him not to blow his cover. Ian agrees; this is Alison's evening, and he'll keep this secret--whatever it is. Chris wants to explain everything, but when he mentions Elizabeth, Ian says that he really doesn't want to know. Chris then tries to recruit Ian to be the last model. "What is wrong with you?" Ian asks. The way Chris sees it, there's only one thing to do. He stands up and puts Imani in his seat. Jamal flirts with Imani as he models his clothes. Olivia looks at the clock and sees that it's almost 10:30, and she starts to panic, because they're behind schedule. Lucy waits for the next model, but no one appears. She considers going to check on things, but then "Georges" appears in the remaining outfit and steals the show with his antics. Afterward, Alison prepares to wrap this up, but she's nervous about getting up there. Olivia urges her get up there where she belongs. Kevin generously offers to introduce Alison and give her a good buildup for all her hard work. Christina takes out the ring again. "I wish Daddy could come and live with us again," she wishes. Olivia screams in terror as she realizes what's about to happen. Suddenly, the light comes crashing down on Kevin's head, where Alison was supposed to be standing. Christina screams and drops the ring.

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