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Port Charles Update Wednesday 8/6/03

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita

Elizabeth paces outside Body and Soul, waiting for Chris. When he arrives, he's in "Georges" mode. He's sorry for being late, but he had trouble getting the wig on. Elizabeth reminds him to also put on the accent. She asks where the clothes are. This question surprises Chris, who expected her to have them. Elizabeth says that they were supposed to be delivered to his apartment. She gives him the number to call and find out what's going on. He makes the call, and when he hears the news, he is so stunned that he temporarily slips out of accent. Hanging up, he informs Elizabeth that the clothes aren't coming because the check bounced. Elizabeth can't believe it. It's impossible, because there's money in the account! Chris points out that there clearly isn't enough money there. Now they have all these people but no clothes. His career is ruined. He clarifies that he's not talking about his own career but that of his alter ego, Georges. Elizabeth is worried about what this will do to Alison, but Chris is still ranting about how hard he worked to convince people that he's Georges, only to have her blow it by writing a bad check. Elizabeth wants to figure something out now, but Chris has had enough. Although Elizabeth protests, he leaves.

At Body and Soul, everyone is preparing for the fashion show. While hanging the curtains, Jack and Jamal agree that they're uneasy about Caleb's involvement in the show. Rafe tries to calm down Alison, who is worried about everything. Rafe is confident that he can handle whatever Caleb is planning. Alison is waiting for her mother and Georges to bring the clothes. She steps outside and asks her mother to come in. When Elizabeth says that she just needed to get some air, Alison knows that something is wrong, because she never gets air. Elizabeth reluctantly admits that the clothes aren't ready. Alison panics and storms back inside, with her mother following close behind. Elizabeth believes that she has a solution, but Alison won't listen. She announces that they have to cancel the show. Rafe asks why, and when Elizabeth says that it was just a little mix-up, Rafe accuses her of always promising things she can't deliver. Elizabeth maintains that he has this under control. She wants to go upstairs and rework a few of Alison's workout clothes. Alison refuses to allow it, but Jamal, Rafe, and Jack want her to give it a try. Alison appreciates their help, but she's calling it off. When she walks away, Rafe tells the guys that she's serious. Even so, they have to have the show anyway, and it has to be tonight. He thinks that something is going down with Caleb and that it has to do with his ring. Jack and Jamal are confident that the ring is long gone, but Rafe doesn't think so. He wants the show to go on tonight, no matter what.

Christina hides her new ring when she hears Ian coming. Ian brings her a flower, telling her to blow on it and make a wish. She wishes to go to the party, but Ian tells her to wish for something else, because the party is just for grownups. Christina then wishes for a pet ladybug. She blows on the flower, and Ian has to help her. Christina is delighted to show him that a ladybug is in her hand. She wants to show it to her mommy, but Ian tells her that she's busy. Christina knows that her mommy and daddy are in the house together.

Inside, Lucy tries to make Kevin understand that their little kiss didn't matter. It didn't mean anything, and it's over. Kevin would like to know whether she's trying to convince him--or herself. Lucy denies trying to convince herself of anything. She's happy to know that he's back to his old self again, but a lot happened while he was gone. When Kevin states that she had an affair with Ian, she counters that she fell in love with him. She has moved on, and she would like Kevin to do the same. She cares about him and wants him to be happy. Kevin also cares about her, and he's concerned about Ian's role in her life. Ian has been able to keep it together so far, but he could lose control. Kevin worries that Christina will see his fangs someday. As he voices his many concerns, Ian approaches the room. He hangs back, listening. Lucy asserts that this is the life she truly wants. She knows that Ian is a vampire, but she loves him and will deal with it. She doesn't want to have this discussion again. Kevin wishes her luck, and Lucy says to trust her on this. Ian joins them and tells them about Christina's ladybug, as well as her desire to go to the party. Lucy is fine with the ladybug, since it doesn't have to be walked. However, the party is out of the question.

Olivia asks Caleb whether he's excited about getting his ring back tonight, but he's just angry with himself for not thinking of this sooner. Telling her he has to check on something, he leaves the room. She vows that someone will pay tonight, and it might not be the person he thinks it will be. Ready to leave, she finds Caleb with a book. He tells her that he was just reminding himself of his family's history. Olivia is proud to be a part of his family. Caleb is proud of her, especially after with the way she reacted to the photo in the morning paper. Olivia claims to have finally figured out that Alison is no threat to them. After agreeing to meet him outside, she tells herself that all her doubts are gone; at the end of the fashion show, Alison will get exactly what she deserves.

Just arriving at the gym, Reese sees the look on Alison's face and comments on the bad vibes. Ricky thinks it's probably just nerves. He goes to set up the equipment. Jack greets Reese, and she returns the greeting, but Jack wants to talk. Reese is still looking at Alison, commenting that she looks really ticked off. Jack says that there's been some drama with the fashion show. He really wants to talk for a minute. Reese doesn't get it; she backed off, the way he wanted, and now he's mad at her. Jack says that he's just worried about her hooking up with Ricky and hitting the sheets. Reese slaps him.

Imani arrives with the food. This sets Alison off again; now they have food but no show. Rafe tells her to give it a little time. Jamal assures Imani that they're trying to work everything out with the show. Imani is looking forward to seeing him model some of the clothes. Jamal thinks that she should be modeling, but she prefers to stay out of the spotlight. Imani admires the friendship between Jamal, Alison, and Jack. Jamal assures her that there's always room for one more.

Ricky isn't happy with the setup, but Casey informs him that he just kicked out his power source. Ricky is surprised to see her. Casey would have come back sooner, but he's been busy with Reese. Ricky points out that they're just friends. Besides, he thought that Casey was gone for good. Casey wonders whether she should have stayed gone, since he's not exactly all alone and crying over her. Ricky doesn't think he should have to just sit around and wait for her. Thinking that this was a mistake, Casey decides to leave again. Telling him to have a good life without her, she vanishes. Reese asks Ricky what's happening between the two of them, but he can't talk about this right now. Reese doesn't care.

Rafe wants to offer some extra money to get the clothes, but Alison stops him. She wants to know why he's so adamant about this. Caleb congratulates Alison for her work on the place. Olivia promises that it will be a night they all remember. Alison would like to forget the whole thing. When Rafe attributes this to opening-night jitters, Caleb says that they always work for him. Rafe can't imagine him ever being nervous, but Caleb says that it happens when the stakes are high enough. When Rafe asks whether this is one of those nights, Caleb is noncommittal. Olivia is ready to change clothes, but Alison tells her that it's not quite time. Elizabeth returns with the news that her plan didn't work. Caleb asks whether there's a problem, but Rafe and Elizabeth try to put him off. Elizabeth regretfully tells Alison that she doesn't think the show is going to happen. "But it has to," Olivia says. Caleb suggests that the band play anyway. Elizabeth tells him to stay out of it. Suddenly, "Georges" announces his presence. He has the clothes! Caleb and Olivia are satisfied now that the show will go on. They're prepared to move forward with this, no matter who gets hurt.

Holding the ring, Christina complains that she doesn't want to stay home. She wants to go to the party. She puts the ring in her little purse and goes inside, where she announces that she wants to go to the party. Lucy doesn't like the idea, but Kevin and Ian don't think it will be a problem. Kevin offers to bring her back home after about an hour. Lucy gives in, which makes Christina very happy.

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